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  1. AzBob

    Speedometer Cables for thirties cars

    I made up a cable for the Stewart 160 speedometer in my ’26 T with components from Texas Industrial Electric. They were very helpful in determining which parts I needed. They build vintage speedometer and tachometer cables as well.
  2. Found this online, apparently out of La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  3. rustyjazz1938, Thank you very much! That’s it spot on. Wow, 1914 Studebaker SC-4. Now I know what the lamp hood and proper amp gauge should look like. Motorcycle did cross my mind, however it is a rather large and heavy casting and the speedometer is 4” in diameter. Have it mounted on a hardwood base and hung on the wall of my shop for wall art.
  4. I purchased this instrument panel at a swap meet. I am guessing it is from the early to mid teens based on the model of Stewart Warner speedometer. It looks like the ammeter has been replaced at some point. Has anyone seen one similar to or like this?
  5. AzBob

    Brighter headlights on our old machines

    I conducted a totally non scientific test with two tail lights. On one, the inside was painted gloss white spray paint, the other painted with aluminum spray paint. Two observers were asked which was brighter when the brake was applied. The winner was the aluminum paint. Just my experience.
  6. Bigvic, here is a picture of the over running clutch. The only thing I did was clean it with solvent, let air dry and then packed a little lube in through the cover plate gap. The over running clutch should be free to rotate in one direction. If memory serves me correctly, there should be a spring in the housing behind the pinion. This was retained by a cover and snap ring. Hope this helps. Bob
  7. AzBob

    Buick Buckeye Jack (1920's)

    Sale Pending. Sold 2-17-17
  8. Buckeye Buick jack for sale. Works in both directions. $50. plus shipping. SOLD 2-17-17 Bob
  9. Selling spare heat riser assembly No. 146. Butterfly valve missing. Casting is good. $60. Shipping included. SOLD
  10. AzBob

    Ignition Coil

    I swapped out the original coil on my '26 with a 6 volt "Tractor Supply" coil. I believe it has some built in resistance. No external resistance used. Worked great. Engine started right up and even drew less current than the original coil. There was no observable effect on the points as well.
  11. Pair of S&M "Auxiliary lites" for sale in good condition. 6.25" diameter and 4" deep. Vintage likely 1920's -'30's. $40. plus shipping. 928-420-2764
  12. AzBob

    28 glass

    Not sure as to year of safety glass as well, However the VV refers to the Fisher Ventilating windshield.
  13. If you go to the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors regional meets, you can easily find them from $20. I purchased several at the Fountain Hill regional in AZ and didn't pay any more than $40. Even bought two that were of the rear view mirror type. Of course, some were not working and most were in need of cleaning and or new balance wheel staffs.
  14. AzBob

    New Gas Tank for 1926 Buick Coupe

    Larry, I am not running a pickup tube screen at this time. Mine was poor shape so I simply desoldered it from the tube. This enabled me to thoroughly clean the pickup tube. I installed one of those glass inline filters with cleanable / replaceable screen elements just below the inlet to the vacuum tank. Have maintained the screens in the sediment bowl and carburetor inlet.
  15. AzBob

    Relocating Oil Filter

    With 30 psi, I see no issues with the pump pushing oil back up to the top of the engine. Not enough height involved to matter. I will occasionally feel the the oil lines after the engine has warmed up to verify I have good oil flow. The filter outlet line should be nearly the same temperature as the inlet line. That would be my speculation as well. A convenient location not used by any other accessories.