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  1. Yes indeed. Great Photos. In addition to visiting there, One should put the annual Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village on their bucket list as well. Was Sept. 7-8th this year. I spent an entire day in just the museum and did not get to see it all.
  2. Very nice 1921 Holmes 4dr sedan. Pictures on the Facebook page below show the engine with a valve cover off, 3 valves per cylinder, 2 exhaust and one large intake actuated by rollers. Exhaust manifold appears very “header like" as well. Certainly advanced engineering for its day. Photo courtesy Roger Moffats FB page.
  3. nzcarnerd, rustyjazz1938 and ericmac, Thanks for identifying the 1921 Holmes touring car. I had never seen or heard of one before. The engine is obviously air cooled with overhead valves and quite advanced looking for 1921. Bob
  4. Saw this interesting car at the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village last weekend, Unfortunately, the information sheet on the windshield totally washed out in the photo. It is not a Franklin.
  5. MRCVS, you have been advised in this thread and previous deleted thread to take it to the Hershey Car Corral. Since you are somewhat local to Hershey, I would do whatever it takes to get it there. Rent a trailer. I too had a pre war car that was a tough sell, tried Craigslist etc. nothing. Entering it in the local car show car corral sold the car. Lots of exposure and potential buyers at a car corral. Nonetheless, it must be priced to sell.
  6. Dodge Brothers 4 cyl. engine. Not sure of the year.
  7. The old Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is worth a visit as well.
  8. If one does not use their electric conversion car for their daily driver, one could install solar cells on the garage or carport roof and have it charging for the next drive. The cost of solar cells has come down. I’m thinking the cost to build an array capable to charge the Porsche conversion would be within reason. One would have to have enough cells connected in series to exceed the voltage of the batteries for charging.
  9. The climate has always changed. Changing from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” make it a win win situation. Either cooling or warming to fit the popular narrative works.
  10. I am not seeing any fees for posting on my local Craigslist. Just to test, I reposted an old ad then deleted it. Nothing came up regarding a fee. All right, I am seeing the $5 now. It appears to be only in the Cars+Truck category. No fee in the Motorcycles category yet. And yes, I am seeing fewer vehicles come up in a search.
  11. That is exactly how 15,000,000 Model T Fords left the factory. Foot brake band is in the transmission. Hand brake operated internal shoes acting on the rear drums.
  12. I made up a cable for the Stewart 160 speedometer in my ’26 T with components from Texas Industrial Electric. They were very helpful in determining which parts I needed. They build vintage speedometer and tachometer cables as well.
  13. Found this online, apparently out of La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  14. rustyjazz1938, Thank you very much! That’s it spot on. Wow, 1914 Studebaker SC-4. Now I know what the lamp hood and proper amp gauge should look like. Motorcycle did cross my mind, however it is a rather large and heavy casting and the speedometer is 4” in diameter. Have it mounted on a hardwood base and hung on the wall of my shop for wall art.
  15. I purchased this instrument panel at a swap meet. I am guessing it is from the early to mid teens based on the model of Stewart Warner speedometer. It looks like the ammeter has been replaced at some point. Has anyone seen one similar to or like this?