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  1. Was the excise tax paid on these brackets? Peckat lawsuit with history
  2. 1934 Plymouth PE-PF are same, also1934 Dodge DR, DS, and 1934 Chrysler CA-CB. I have parted out several 1934 Plymouths. $40 ppd PayPal works for me. check your private messages Thanks, Dan
  3. Wanted to Buy, PM if you have one for sale. Thanks
  4. A photo of the broken part might help. I searched my 1937 Hollander automotive parts Interchange book and it lists 1922-28 Big six but gives no interchange for the complete rear axle assembly. Under the interchange for differential, model 33,35, Big Six-35 & Royal 8-37, and early 37A are listed together along with various trucks and DuPont. A note says there is no data available for the case. This must be a pretty heavy duty differential. Search the internet for the Chandler Cleveland Motor Club. Someone will help. Maybe someone can bring one to Hershey and arrange to get it shipped in a container along with parts purchased by other European hobbyists.
  5. Some countries have records of imported automobiles. For example, I was able to obtain information on every 1931 Chrysler Imperial imported into Sweden. WWII bombings might have destroyed such records in Italy, if indeed they existed. Several years ago Dr. Molari (RIP) sent me a photo of a 31 CD roadster in Italy and I'll try to find it. For you, it is worth a try to explore government records. Good luck
  6. Like this one? Photographer: Sam Hood, 1935, outside the Art Gallery in Sydney.
  7. How is your failure to attract a buyer related to your statement?
  8. I too am tired of the constant attacks and frequent posts by folks who prefer keyboards to shop time.
  9. The man gave his phone number, if I were interested then wild horses wouldn't stop me.
  10. There now, do you feel better by badmouthing our California friend? I see such cheap shots as juvenile.
  11. Lets see some photos please.
  12. Seems like you would ask this question in a Chrysler related section