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  1. dep5

    1912 olds limited

    1911 Oldsmobile Huntington, IN July 1947
  2. dep5

    Vintage Tools for completing the tool bag wanted

    What markings are on the wrenches? Curious about the jack, were there specific markings on it?
  3. 1932 Chrysler Custom Imperial CL dual windshield phaeton by LeBaron. Lost car, last seen in rough neighborhood, NYC
  4. 1931 Chrysler Custom Imperial CG Town Car Paris, 1934
  5. 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG chassis with custom body-Romania? I need to dig out my copies of Overseas Graphic and do a better scan
  6. dep5

    Big find in the south of France

    I wonder if Karl Kleves is watching the video
  7. 1933 Custom Imperial 8 CL* Convertible Roadster by LeBaron
  8. dep5

    Fire at the Los Angeles Auto Show!

    Other than hi-jacking a thread, What does this have to do with the original post?
  9. I'm confused. Accept (in?) or except (out?)?
  10. dep5

    Ebay Sellers on This Site

    The OP chooses not to reveal his location but wants others to do so. LOL
  11. ID help on car? Picture postcard showing a the neighborhood at 2-13 Railroad Street (renamed Buckeye St) in uptown Kokomo, Indiana circa 1910 -1913 . .card by Galian View Company, Galion Ohio .
  12. Makes me wonder if the person offering the car is actually the owner. I'd be leery
  13. dep5

    Hydraulic brake tubing

    Makes me think a thoughtful person would ignore your past and future posts. To be charitable, maybe this was meant as an April Fools comment and you got the day mixed up with Black Friday.
  14. Offering a nice serial number plate for a 1918 (yrs built overlap 1918-19-20) Service Motor Truck, No 5681, model 220 1 ton (Data is copied from 1923 edition Branham Automobile Reference) $115 ppd paid and insured in USA PM if you are a buyer