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  1. You said you had a replacement engine in your car. What transmission do you have ? Casting numbers?
  2. Here are photos taken from three different Chrysler engines. The paint code previously provided produces this color.
  3. The engine color on a 1932 Chrysler CI-six roadster, coupe and sedan is gray-blue-green. Other 1931-33 Chryslers used the same color. We took generator bracket from seven 1932 CH Imperial engines and compared them. Each was a different shade. I think this mostly means that 70 years ago color was mixed in batches by eye. The formula that follows consists of three parts. The left side of the sheet is the hand tinted formula. The right hand upper side of the sheet has one computer generated match for DAR and the lower right half has the code for Concept. We have used and shared this formula with good feedback.
  4. This chart is sourced from Chrysler Service Bulletin 575-CH dated Nov 15, 1934. Note the step bore wheel cylinders beginning in 1934. If memory serves me correctly, the shoes were all the same length with step bores.
  5. I too, tire of all the sock puppets and keyboard experts that feel compelled to chime in on every post.
  6. Pretty soon you will have to pay some these sock puppets to haul it away.
  7. Buy what you like. Some of these frequent flyers provide comedic relief from cabin fever.
  8. Tom can revulcanize your existing mounts. Source Vendor : TomHannaford Then and Now Automotive 447 Washington Street Weymouth , Mass. 02188 781-335-8860 8:00a - 5:00p. EST Mon- Fri
  9. USA built ROTARY
  10. I dislike hikjacking other's posts but here is what appears to be another Speedster.
  11. This is an original Parts List D-13864 for 1946 to 1951 Dodge Flat Fender Power Wagon Trucks, superseding earlier editions, this is the latest one as of July 1951 and is in very good condition. The cover has limited creasing, light shelf wear with no stains. The spine is intact and in good condition. All of the pages appear intact and in nice condition with no writing or grease smudges. Price is $125 PPD, Serious buyer PM if interested This book is filled with very detailed drawings for the various models covered and their original part numbers. These illustrations make part identification easy! This book covers all the parts for the Flat Fender Power Wagon Trucks made from 1946 to 1951. This book measures 8.5" x 11" x 0.5". This is an original manual not a reprint! The manual number for this book is: D-13864. This book is a must have for fixing and maintaining your vintage Dodge truck. Use this book to find which parts interchange with your truck, or find parts through NOS dealers! (Credit to this paragraph goes to ebay 100% feedback Powerwagon seller "townwagon") Generally, Dodge provided completely separate parts manuals between the Power-Wagons and 2-wheel-drive trucks for the years 1945-1957. This is especially true of the bound manuals. I have never seen a bound manual that covered both Power-Wagon and 2-wheel-drive for these years. Some of the loose leaf binder manuals contain a separate section devoted exclusively to the Power-Wagon. In any case, the separate Power-Wagon section would be identical to the bound Power-Wagon specific versions. D-13864 - MoPar Dodge Power-Wagon Parts List For Series WDX, B1PW, B2PW, B3PW- 7/51 - (those models shown), (Soft-Bound Manual) (Credit to this paragraph to Clint Dixon )
  12. Original authentic metal trunk by Claude Needham (Los Angeles, California) in very good rust free condition for large Classic Car such as 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 Cadillac, Chrysler Custom Imperial, Duesenberg, Lincoln, Mercer, Packard, Peerless, Pierce Arrow, Stutz, 20" deep x 40" wide, what you see is what you get, weighs about 75 lbs, $1200. Located in Tipton, Indiana PM if serious buyer.
  13. I've owned this 4ft double sided sign since the middle 1960's and it has been inside ever since. Obviously it needs to be professionally cleaned to bring it to its full glory and luster. $4,000 . . PM if you are a serious buyer.
  14. This is a manual gear change machine so I assume there should be some loose gears that come with it; if so, don't let them get away. The serial number??may be found on the right side of the machine, in the bed, near the ways.