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  1. Clearly a 1931 Imperial CG as evidenced by the flat windshield, sidemount tire hold downs, flat headlamp lens, spacers between upper and lower bumper bars. The horns and customized hood are add ons.
  2. Thanks Larry. (I notice that Keiser responds to almost every post). wow
  3. Seen in an old garage, completely unknown to me. If it helps, I think the former owner worked for a natural gas company
  4. dep5

    Reo's in Indiana

    This neglected 1931 era Reo? was just seen on Universal Salvage's website https://www.universalsalvageco.com and it is in Evansville Indiana. I also ran across a For Sale ad for a 1929 Reo on facebook Market place. I'm sure there is story behind why there are two Reo's in Evansville. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2428694607352895/ I am only sharing as a courtesy. If you don't have access to Facebook then you are lucky.
  5. Trying to identify probable application of an all brass windshield frame. I understand that these were accessory items and they were custom fit, but how common is it? "The Champion", by Champion Windshield Mfg Company. Outside width approx 40" Outside tubing dia 3/4" width of glass 38-1/4" Outside height approx 29" height of glass, top 16" height of glass, bottom 11" Thanks for the help
  6. dep5

    tail lite

    Some people spend all their time on the internet and respond to every post. Google is a great tool.
  7. Obviously my post hurt your feelings. Sorry I left a bad taste in your mouth.
  8. Not directly related to tolls, but who else thinks the PA turnpike mile markers positioned every tenth of a mile is proof that someone's brother-in-law owns a sign company. Personally, I think it one of the dumbest ideas to come down the pike.
  9. This pair of fenders in good condition with light surface rust came from Colorado and have been hanging on the wall for over 20 years. Seat pan is included in the price of $400 for the pair. Will not separate and cannot not ship. Fenders must be picked up near Tipton, IN. What you see is what you get. Not interested in peanut gallery comments, no other parts, don't ask. If interested send Private Message as I don't check in often. Thanks, Dan
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