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  1. Seems like you would ask this question in a Chrysler related section
  2. I have several door remote spring assortments I've collected over the years but as usual, none like what I need. PM if you have. Thanks
  3. If you have no real interest, or nothing good to add, WHY RUN YOUR MOUTH? I think some people just post to see their post numbers increase.
  4. Here are a few external differences. Model CP has shorter front fenders and hood (notice space between hood and 1st louver), external spare tire clamp on top of wheel, smaller cowl lights, CP front door may be shorter length, smaller hubcaps, smaller wheels and tires, shorter bumper face bar height and the CP has crescent shaped bumper medallions whereas the CH medallions are more triangular in shape . The CH gazelle has feathers underneath wings. The CP radiator shell wears a Chrysler badge whereas the CH says Imperial. The crankhole locations are different. Inside, the CP dash has no clock, CP door and window handles not as fancy as CH. 1932 Chrysler 8, model CP, 5-passenger sedan, body by Budd. Photo from Chrysler Archives incorrectly labeled as a CH 1932 Chrysler Imperial 8, model CH, 5-passenger sedan, body by Budd, Photographer unknown (from ebay)
  5. This is an original Parts supersedence List D-126511 for the advanced MoPar collector's library, superseding earlier editions, this is the latest one as of February 1949 and is in very good condition. The cover has limited creasing, light shelf wear with few stains. The green cover soft spine is intact and in good condition. All of the 363+ pages appear intact and in nice condition with no writing or grease smudges. I scanned a sample page, it didn't lie flat, therefore the discoloration. After you get finished wit it, it will always hold its resale value. Price is $90 PPD in the USA, Serious buyer PM if interested
  6. Original authentic metal trunk by Claude Needham (Los Angeles, California) in very good rust free condition for large Classic Car such as 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 Cadillac, Chrysler Custom Imperial, Duesenberg, Lincoln, Mercer, Packard, Peerless, Pierce Arrow, Stutz, 20" deep x 40" wide, what you see is what you get, weighs about 75 lbs, $900 OBO Located in Tipton, Indiana PM if serious buyer.
  7. I just revisited this by pulling a 1934 Dodge DR rear brake drum (for sale $40+ride) off the shelf and while the bolt pattern is the same, there is no provision in the 34 Dodge DR brake drum to locate the center pilot hole in the wheel. The wheel does fit 1934 Plymouth PE front and rear wheel hubs.
  8. Here is another
  9. I wonder how many more people would post parts for sale if there was a way to disable comments.
  10. Here are some Federal Mogul numbers from the 1941 Federal Mogul Jobber's Catalog No. 41A Looks like they all are 9300 series numbers. They also appear in the 1962 Catalog Rod bearings (16 halves) 180917/513817 FM 9300CS Main #1: 185876/516349, qty 1 FM 9301CS Main #2,4,6,8: 185875/516352, qty 4 FM 9303CSI Main #3, 7: 185872/516350, qty 2 FM 9303CS Main #5: 185874/516351, qty 1 FM 9302CS Main #9 185873/185873, qty1 FM 9304CS Thrust washer: 174053/516745, qty 1
  11. You said you had a replacement engine in your car. What transmission do you have ? Casting numbers?