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  1. My 35 120 sedan was grey when new. It too is a Canadian car, sold new in Edmonton. The previous owner repainted it Silver about 25 years ago. I would have kept the grey if I had painted it. It's a very nice car to drive. Lots of power and great hydraulic brakes. They were excellent value for the money. Ken
  2. My first close up exposure to brass cars was in the early 1970's. Bert Beaton was a collector that had 8-10 cars including a 1911 40hp White. The White was only a chassis but had started out as a 7 passenger touring. It had been used a a stage in the Cariboo region of BC. In the 50's Fred Louck had discovered the complete chassis and brought it down to Abbotsford where he lived. Bert and Fred worked on it for a while and eventually Bert ended up with it. Mechanically it was good but there was no body or fenders. Bert made up the speedster body. The wheels were missing. A set of 28" wheels we p
  3. I had the same issue with the tank in my 34 Dodge Coupe. I replaced it with a repro from Tanks Inc. It's made for the hot rod guys but works for original cars too. It's not identical. If I remember correctly the fuel gauge unit is in a slightly different spot. That didn't cause a problem for me. The filler neck though is 2 pieces with a hose in between. It takes a custom aluminum screw on gas cap that's not vented. Doesn't look quite right. There's a vent in the top of the tank. I ran a hose from this vent up and out of the way. This got my Dodge back on the road. When I get the $$ I will have
  4. I took these 2 B&W pictures of the Silver Brothers Pierce Arrows. The roadster is 1915 and I believe the Pierce in the trailer is the 1917. After the garage collapsed the cars were taken to Carson Trucklines warehouse where these pics were taken. George Woods eventually inherited the 15. Alex Thompson inherited the 17. Both cars were eventually restored and remain in a collection in BC today. The colour picture is the restored 17. Ken
  5. Harry Parr lived in Cloverdale. I don't know where he found this L29 Cord that he restored. I do remember it was missing the rumble seat lid and he couldn't find one. Eventually he had to make it. I had a ride in that rumble seat when I was 13 or so. I remember being amazed at how quiet it was. No rear end noise! Don't know where the car is today. That's my Dad's 27 Auburn next to it. Ken
  6. That's great George. You were there and know more than anybody else about the story of this fantastic car. Ken
  7. I found a picture of Paul Bolam's 12 Napier T48. Ken By the way I took this picture when I was 13 years old. The hobby never lets go!
  8. @KLF...Thanks for the invite! I was planning on dropping by for a visit last week. With all the smoke I decided to change my plans. I hear you may have an old Mopar or two maybe. I'm certainly interested in all your cars. Well I do have some early 30's Mopar in the shop. Come by on a dry day and we can get them out too. I seem to be home a lot this year..... Ken
  9. Here's my 1935 Packard 120. It's pretty good looking in my books! Ken
  10. I believe the Chrysler Windsor records were all lost in a fire years ago. Ken
  11. One of our pioneer collectors out here was Paul Bolam. His main interest was in the brass era cars. One day back in the early 70's he was driving down a back lane and saw some car parts that looked pretty early. What he had discovered was the remains of a 1912 Napier T30 6 cyl . The car was totally dismantled but most of the parts were there. He restored what he had and made what was missing. These pictures were taken of it on the 1987 tour. He also found another 12 Napier T48 6 cyl touring that was a similar story.He restored it as well. I don't have any pictures of it. I believe one car
  12. Here's a picture of the 12 McLaughlin roadster taken in 1987 on tour. Vern Wellburn owned it at that time.
  13. I took this picture of Newel Taylor and his 1912 Indian when we were on our Antique Tour in 1987. The bike was very original and in order to be in compliance with our helmet laws, Newel wore an original leather helmet. He usually stole the show when he had the bike out. He drove it for the full weekend tour. We were touring the Fraser Valley that year. Ken
  14. The Mitchell was a 1912 roadster the Vern sold to Earl Tucker. The car is now in Australia and still being actively used. Vern also had a 1912 McLaughlin Buick roadster. That's in Dave Proctor's collection now. Also Vern had an 11?? Hupmobile roadster. That car is still in Vancouver. These cars may all have come from the Foster collection I'm not 100% sure. I've got pictures of them on film. I'll try to track them down and post them. Ken
  15. My 1912 Oakland 40 was discovered in Atlin BC in the mid 50's. It had been used to power a saw in the mine up there. The back of the body was gone. It was brought down to the Vancouver area and kicked around for a few years. All the drive train was there but completely worn out. In the late 1970's it was for sale again for $1200. I badly wanted a brass car. Not realizing what I was getting into I bought it. With help I rebuilt all the mechanical pieces while at the same time advertising for 12 Oakland parts in the HCCA Gazette and in Hemmings. I got very lucky. Ray Grayber in California had th
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