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  1. KLF

    Early Rolls Royce cowl lights

    What is the diameter of the lens and the body? Thanks Ken
  2. KLF

    Stuck in overdrive

    Is your cable stuck?? Maybe disconnect it at the trans and try to move it. Ken
  3. Hi Joe I've got a 3 blade cast aluminum fan with a built in hub. It's about 18 inch dia. The blades could easily be cut back if they're too long. I bought it years ago thinking it would work on my 12 Oakland but, you know...that wasn't the case. Here's some pictures. Maybe it will work for you Ken
  4. I discovered that the tie rod end on my 31 CM6 is the same as on my 34 Dodge. I've been collecting 34 Dodge parts for the last 40 years and I had some nos on the shelf! Thanks for asking . Ken
  5. Does anybody know of a source or a the part#? Thanks Ken
  6. The 14 Lewis lived in the Vancouver BC area about 30 years ago. One of our club members brought it in from the USA. He tried to tour it but it wouldn't stay cool. The rad was too small. I believe he eventually put an additional rad under the car. Shortly after he sold it back into the states. Seems like a long time ago now! Ken
  7. KLF

    Trying to identify Schebler carb

    I have to agree with Marty on this. I also have a 1912 Oakland only mine is the model 40 touring. I've always (33years now!) run the model L carb as that is what it came with from the factory. It runs great! Idles beautifully, lots of power pulling and it goes as fast as I'm comfortable with. In addition my Oakland is the easiest hand cranked car to start I've seen. I've got over 20000 miles touring this car over the years and the last thing I'd ever change is my Schebler carb!! Ken
  8. My original 34 Dodge generator works fine. I've had the car since 2000 and never had an issue with charging. Have you had your generator rebuilt? My car has 89000 miles on it. Made it that far with original equipment. Ken
  9. I'm needing the left inside door handle. I expect it's the same as used on other Chrysler products of the era. The picture is of the right side one that I have. Thanks Ken
  10. Good going Nelson. It will be a wonderful car when done. I have a CM6 roadster that I bought this summer. Don't have any extra of the parts you need but I'll watch out for them. Ken
  11. KLF


    The overdrive part is what makes this question a bit different. I run a 38 Chrysler o/d trans in my car. I too wonder what oil to use. I've been using standard gear oil. I think it is 75-140. The o/d works fine in the summer but doesn't always want to release in the winter when it's colder out. I expect this oil is too heavy. Otherwise it shifts great and sounds great. Ken
  12. KLF

    Buying a new car or truck in Canada?

    The speedo isn't an issue. You can switch from KM to miles through the magic of the truck computer. there's a button on my GMC steering wheel for that. Ken
  13. KLF

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    We're waiting for the pictures!! Sounds like a wonderful tour. Ken
  14. KLF

    brake drums for 30's cars

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. Ken
  15. Thanks Keiser. I forgot to say they are 5 stud wire wheels. I'll give Bob a call.