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  1. My 1914 Premier Z2 is a T head. 415 cu.in. 2 valves per cylinder Ken
  2. I just purchased this book last week. His daughter, Melanie, has a few new copies left. You can contact her at haroldnjo@cox.net $33 for priority or $29 media mail It's a good book that I'm still reading through. Learning lots! Ken
  3. Thanks for the info Dave. I finally found a local instrument guy who soldered up the leaks. He says the metal is poor and it may leak again. No warranty. So far it's held up. I'll have to wait until the spring now to put some more miles on it. Ken
  4. I checked with Detroit Spring and they had the drawings to make all the springs. Takes 2-3 weeks. Just over $300 each plus shipping. ESPO Springs couldn't help on this. Before I ordered new springs I did remove some leafs. On the fronts I took out 2 leafs. The rears were an odd situation. The car was sitting very high on the right side. I took out 2 leafs there and nothing on the left. Now the car sits level again. I was worried this would adversely effect the handling but after a run today it seems to handle fine and ride a lot better. I'll leave it this way and put some more miles on it before I decide if it's the way to go. Ken
  5. I spent my whole working career in the fastener business in Vancouver BC. In 1976 I went to Alaska to try and get an order for bolts for the Alaska Pipeline construction. After talking to one of the buyers for quite a while he finally said that what he really needed was a good Canadian screw!! Naturally something else came to my mind. I thought I was being asked to supply a "perk" before he'd give me an order. It was the wild, wild west up there at that time. I finally realized that he was talking about the Robertson drive screws. It was a good sales trip as I came home with an order for about $100,000 worth of bolts. No perk was required. Ken
  6. Not sure what a technical review is?? Owners manual maybe? Can't help on the speedo cable. Sorry Ken
  7. The first picture is me in 1974. I had borrowed my friends 1911 White 40hp for a car run. After that I had to have a brass car! The second pic is me working on my 34 Dodge convert. in about 1976. I had just got it. the 3rd pic is the Dodge in 1985 on the set of the movie Natti Gann. Still have the Dodge and it looks the same! The 4th pic is my 12 Oakland 40 that I restored from junk from 1976 to1987. We were on tour in about 2007. The last picture is from this summer. I'm standing in front of my 1914 Premier 6cyl. Big, powerful car. A real hoot to drive. Still have all those cars and maybe a few more! Ken
  8. In the first picture, I'm the tall, good looking young guy in the middle! I'll post a few more current ones later Ken
  9. I thought that may be the case too except the sedans also had 7 leaf springs. My plan is to take the springs out, remove the extra leafs and see what I'm left with. If they were just sagging then maybe I can get them re-arched. I did that years ago to another car I restored. Last resort will be new springs as Keiser31 has suggested. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Ken
  10. Thanks for the info. Your catalog verifies that I should have 7 leafs. I wonder how it ever got so many. Looks like a good winter project to pull the springs and remove the extra leafs. Ken
  11. I bought my roadster last year in restored condition. I'm finding the ride very rough. When I checked out the springs I found the fronts had 10 leafs and the rear had 9. According to the owners manual all models came with 7 leafs all around! What's going on!! I'm wondering if anyone can verify how many leafs should be there. I'm not sure the manual applies to all body styles. Anybody got a CM6 roadster that could check out their springs for me? Thanks Ken
  12. Hi Kelvin The Krit looks great. You should bring out here for our tour next year. You're still welcome!! Ken
  13. Not sure if the oil gauge is the same for the 6 cyl but I need a good one for my CM6. Here's a picture I'll be attending Hershey. Flying out early Monday. Ken