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  1. Dave Proctor's Reo is a 10 not a 12. Definitely not the same car. Dave's car was found and restored by Buck Rogers probably back in the late 60's-early 70's. When Dave got it he gave it a much better restoration. Ken
  2. The picture is of a M3 carb but the text says Model G??? What's going on.... Ken
  3. For my 31 CM6 I bought the clutch and brake pedal covers from Steele Rubber. They are an excellent reproduction. Maybe the same part for 32. Ken
  4. Bill Do you have a CM6 owners manual? Lots of good info in there. Ken
  5. KLF

    14 Premier

    This is a pretty lonely site so I thought I'd make a post. I've had my Premier now for about a year and a half. I'm really enjoying the big powerful car feel that it has. I've put about 700 miles on it and it just keeps getting better to drive. Did a 50 mile run for lunch today and it never missed a beat. The wire wheels are now cream instead of brown which really helps the look. Booked into the 800 mile Pathfinders Tour in June and a few more 300 mile tours over the summer. It's going to be a good year! Ken
  6. Try the Horseless Carriage Specialty Shoppe. They have made special wheel bolts for our Stanley at a very reasonable price. the quality was very good Ken
  7. Thanks Carl. Steve Hammatt and I are good friends. He's helped me move parts around before. If I can't get the tires from Florida to Bakersfield then I'll ask Steve to move them at Hershey time. I'd just like to have them for the summer touring season. Although I can manage with the.old tires if need be. Thanks for all the ideas Ken
  8. I have 6 new 35 x 5 tires, still wrapped, that need a ride to north of Seattle or anywhere on the west coast. I'll be attending the Bakersfield swap meet in 2 weeks if anyone from that area is going to be there. Will help pay expenses. Ken
  9. This accident took place in Vancouver, BC. At the time there was nothing but empty fields around it. Today it's right in the heart of town. No empty land anywhere. You have to wonder how this accident could have happened. Ken
  10. You are missing the starter push switch which bolts to the starter housing. The battery cable attaches to the switch. When you push the starter pedal in the car it will close the switch and connect with the pad you see on top of your starter. Here's a picture of my 34 Dodge. Chrysler used this system for a number of years. The switch is still available as it was used on commercial vehicles . I'll try and find the pt# for you Ken
  11. Kaiser is probably right for 478 but can you tell us what it measures on the backside that goes into the wheel? Ken
  12. What is the diameter of the lens and the body? Thanks Ken
  13. Hi Joe I've got a 3 blade cast aluminum fan with a built in hub. It's about 18 inch dia. The blades could easily be cut back if they're too long. I bought it years ago thinking it would work on my 12 Oakland but, you know...that wasn't the case. Here's some pictures. Maybe it will work for you Ken
  14. I discovered that the tie rod end on my 31 CM6 is the same as on my 34 Dodge. I've been collecting 34 Dodge parts for the last 40 years and I had some nos on the shelf! Thanks for asking . Ken