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  1. I believe there is a 12 cyl Austin that is in New Zealand now. Sold out of California 10-15 years ago Ken
  2. On the bottom picture that's Bert Beaton on the far right and John Welch in the white sweater in front of him. Ken
  3. That picture is too small to really be of much help. You need the measurements I mentioned and where the mounting pin or hole is. Ken
  4. Parts are very difficult to find for these cars, especially any unique convert items. That being said the convert. body is the same for the Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth in 34. Fenders, dash, bumpers and hood are different for all 3. I've had my 34 Dodge convert for 45 years and I haven't run across any convert parts in that time. Luckily, my car is complete. Ken
  5. The dash instruments look correct to me. y seat is upholstered a bit differently. Don't know if the Cab. was different than the roadster. No opinion on the window winders. I don't have windows! The engine looks correct. You never know it might clean up pretty good and make a good driver. The cabriolet would be pretty nice right now. It's 32F here in Vancouver. Too cool and wet to get the roadster out for a while. Here's a few more pics of mine. Ken
  6. The hubcaps appear to be the same as my 31 CM6 roadster. Terrible pictures but a very nice car. I sure enjoy driving mine. Ken
  7. 1963 Buick Skylark with the 215 cu in aluminum V8. I've had a couple in the past. Lots of fun. Here's my last one Ken
  8. Bob I collected a number of these when I needed them for my Premier. I might have what you need. I need to know how long on the inside you need and how wide on the inside in about the middle. Also the part that attaches to the body bracket can be in a number of positions. Does the photo show that location is where you need it?? It took me 4 or 5 tries to get ones that would work for me... Ken
  9. Here's a pic of my 34 Dodge conv. coupe. It's a Canadian car, model DT. I've owned it since 1979! The first pictures are when it was used in the movie Natty Gann in 1984. The last pictures show how it looks today... I kept saying I'd restore it when I retired. That was 12 years ago. I think there's still time if I quit playing with the other cars in the shop. I drove this car for about 15 years just the way it looks. Still one of my favorites. It started out life in maroon with black fenders and midnite blue leather upholstry. Ken
  10. This 1923 Franklin with California top was another of Bert Beaton's cars. I don't know its early history, but it came from Chase, B.C. Bert and Irene drove it a lot in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s it ended up as part of the B.C. Transportation Museum collection. When that collection was dispersed, the car was returned to the town of Chase, B.C. where it is still on display i I don't know much more about the Franklin however here's a few more pictures. I did drive it on occasion. It was all original and a good runner. The picture taken in 1965 shows Dave P's. 15 Franklin out with Bert's Franklin. The 15 was discovered by Paul Bolam a few years earlier. It's a 6 cyl 7 passenger. Ken
  11. My 14 Premier has only the right hand reset wheel. It also only goes as far as 9999 miles before it clocks over to zero not like this one in this thread. Ken
  12. The new radiator core has made a huge difference. Previously even in this temperature I would overheat after 5-6 miles. The old core was so plugged that I was pumping water out the overflow instead of cooling the engine! Not anymore. Ken
  13. Chris I had our big 6 cyl 14 Premier out for a 50 mile road test Sunday. I prefer our Vancouver weather to yours though. It was 6C, cold enough for me. By the way I bet I used a lot more gas than you did..... Ken
  14. The 34 Plymouth convt. is a very good and desirable car. I believe the body was the same for 33 and 34 and was also the same for the Dodge and Chrysler 6 cyl cars. The front seat and rumble seat should be the same as well. Tail lites and buckets would be the same as the sedan. I have a 34 Dodge convt but don't have any extra of the parts you need. I've found that 34 parts are difficult to find but your car is certainly worth the effort. Good luck Ken
  15. The actual 1906 Zust that was on the race has been restored and in in private ownership on Vancouver Island. I've seen this car a number of times. It is a wonderful car and a great piece of history. Ken
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