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  1. There was a recent post on the Aaca fb page 2 cars for sale a 37 dodge 4 door and a 38 Chrysler convertible sedan I know the 2 cars and the man that owns them as well
  2. I would be interested in anything regarding the firetruck or anything else related to the vehicle thank you Budd Lacy
  3. I'm interested in your carb what would the shipping cost to 23059
  4. can you send me photos of your guages
  5. I recently picked up a 1931 Chevrolet fire truck and have been looking for a transmission diagram does anyone know where I can locate one thanks Budd
  6. While working on my 23-45 Buick touring I removed the stewart warner speedometer and cable. My question is who is a reputable shop to repair the head unit, or if anybody has one for sale. Also my cable happens to be broken at the transmission. It's the last link before going into the transmission, would also need one of those or a shop that can repair what I have. Thanks Budd Lacy
  7. Thanks everyone I found the issue after looking it was a ground problem. Problem solved now back on the road
  8. I drove my car on Friday, and now when I engage the starter I get nothing. It also has the plunger all the way out . Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Budd
  9. I just purchased a 23-45 touring and I'm looking for the top hold down clamps for the rear of the car, hub cap wrench, and a service manual. If anyone has these items or a source it would be greatly appreciated thanks Budd Lacy
  10. Bob will there be a registration form in Philly? I'd like to make the tour, and being a limited number of cars I'd like to make sure I register early. Thanks Budd Lacy
  11. This was a very nice tour I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves. The reason this tour was started was to have another activity for the ODMA members to get together, and to get the cars out one more time before the winter. Hopefully another region will step up and do the tour the following year. Very simple to do and I would be glad to help anyone plan the event.
  12. I'm glad everybody enjoyed themselves I try to judge by smiles, and there were plenty. When I plan a run I try to use roads less traveled they are perfect for antique cars. By the way Terry I heard y'all were going to make a side stop in Ashland to Refunkit did you find what you were looking for
  13. Third generation here been a member of the Richmond Region since 1987. Life member of the AACA since 2006.
  14. If I read this right it's $25 for one car, but as many people on this forum have this addiction I have more than one vehicle I enjoy driving. So my other question is would you pay another $25 for other cars?
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