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  1. budd28

    23-45 starter question

    Thanks everyone I found the issue after looking it was a ground problem. Problem solved now back on the road
  2. budd28

    23-45 starter question

    I drove my car on Friday, and now when I engage the starter I get nothing. It also has the plunger all the way out . Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Budd
  3. I just purchased a 23-45 touring and I'm looking for the top hold down clamps for the rear of the car, hub cap wrench, and a service manual. If anyone has these items or a source it would be greatly appreciated thanks Budd Lacy
  4. budd28

    Eastern Divisional Tour

    Bob will there be a registration form in Philly? I'd like to make the tour, and being a limited number of cars I'd like to make sure I register early. Thanks Budd Lacy
  5. budd28

    ODMA Fall Tour

    This was a very nice tour I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves. The reason this tour was started was to have another activity for the ODMA members to get together, and to get the cars out one more time before the winter. Hopefully another region will step up and do the tour the following year. Very simple to do and I would be glad to help anyone plan the event.
  6. budd28

    Richmond Divisional Tour

    I'm glad everybody enjoyed themselves I try to judge by smiles, and there were plenty. When I plan a run I try to use roads less traveled they are perfect for antique cars. By the way Terry I heard y'all were going to make a side stop in Ashland to Refunkit did you find what you were looking for
  7. budd28

    Third generation members

    Third generation here been a member of the Richmond Region since 1987. Life member of the AACA since 2006.
  8. budd28

    AACA Mileage Program

    If I read this right it's $25 for one car, but as many people on this forum have this addiction I have more than one vehicle I enjoy driving. So my other question is would you pay another $25 for other cars?
  9. budd28

    AACA Mileage Program

    I have a question about the AACA mileage program. Does that only include AACA national tours, or is it open to local tours as well. I'm curious as I'm the President of the Richmond Region, and I plan a one day run once a month to keep the club active. And I was wondering if the mileage program was available for these runs as well. Just trying to offer something else to the membership.
  10. budd28

    28 Chev sheet metal wanted

    try contacting Bruce Bugay in Va 804-752-6036
  11. budd28

    Reliability Tour

    Well I'm glad everybody had a good time on the tour Morris and Alice make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed. I was there in spirit because I had to work all week, but I talked to Alice 2-3 times a day. And Terry I liked your suggestion on doing some joint ventures betwwen the Richmond Region and the Tidewater hopefully we can make something happen.
  12. budd28

    1927 chevrolet....part search.

    It's a hot air pipe it goes around to the down tube on the exhaust manifold try contacting Bruce Bugay he deals in early Chevy parts 804-752-6036
  13. budd28

    1930 Model "A" My Gramp gave me

    John if you have a test light make sure you have fire on both sides of the coil you should have it with switch on and off if no fire when swith is on you might won't to check the armored cable going into back of distributor if you have a pop out switch they give all kinds of grief.
  14. budd28

    What a gift!

    Dannym the Piedmont region is the Charlottesville chapter a great bunch of people up there I'm just a little east in the Richmond Region
  15. budd28

    Do It Yourself?

    I restored a model t coupe 4 years ago and I did everything on the car except the engine and transmission. I learned a lot from a gentleman named Ted Glenn(he has since passed). If I'd get stuck he'd help me out ,and show me how to do something. He didn't no the word can't I told him one time I can't do something, and he said why can't you. You have 2 hands, 2 eyes, and a brain you can do anything.