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  1. Fremont is a patent of DuPont Chemicals. Damn spellcheck. What I meant to say was Freon was a trademark of DuPont Chemical. Not all refrigerants are called Freon. Industry refers to refrigerants as r-12 , r-22, r-134a, etc.
  2. There are many books out there for sign collectors, but I have been a member of an internet group for approx. 16 years called: Petrolania.com It has many knowledgeable members who generally are willing to help and educate. But still it can be easy to "Get Burnt".
  3. Here is my Model A display case I made up using the judging standards. All tools are original and correct for late 31. I added some accessories but all are original. The oak case with finger jointed corners was made by a very skilled craftsman friend.
  4. I'm presently in the middle of my second prewar restoration and what find most valuable is a set of oxy/acetelene torches and a portable media blast unit. Also have a person on speed dial for larger parts baking in oven then blasting. Lots of old rusty parts to make new again!
  5. Oddly enough it looks like 1929 Hudson/Essex door handles and window risers.
  6. My lovely Bride & I were married 48 years ago July. The 1922 Dodge Touring belonged to my good friend and mentor Harlan Collins. We also had 3 Model A Fords in the procession.
  7. You might try this Gentleman. I met him and his roadster last summer at a car show in Maine. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/facing-off-with-the-flivver-1922-gray-roadster?refer=hccweekly&utm_source=hccweekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-05-13
  8. My best find was a pair of NOS king pins for my 1929 Essex That I had been searching for, for 35 years. Found them on ebay, purchased from 1937hd45!!!
  9. A. Ballard 35R hit the nail on the head. Bill Bell was a Simplex owner and spent the last 10 - 15 years of his life putting together a Simplex Registry. He was a Mechanical Engineer with a tremendous passion for detail and accuracy. Bill spent literally hundreds of hours scouring vehicle registration books, social registers and any and all other sources tracing the history of any chassis built by the Simplex factory. I don't remember the exact number but I know he had factual data for far better than 50% of the cars built. To answer Glenn Woods original question, Dave Staddt now has the registry in his possession since Bill Bells passing. There are several other copies out there as well. Hope this info helps.
  10. That beautiful Essex Roadster belongs to Mike McDonald. Had the pleasure of riding in that rumble seat several years ago at an HET regional meet.
  11. I have used the outfit in Erie Pa. I can attest to their excellent quality and workmanship, but as you already know, not cheap.
  12. Thank you for the replies. The only thing bothering me is the front door is not suicide opening? Will bring to Hershey next week and maybe someone will recognize.
  13. I have 2 car doors from around the late 20's, one front, one rear. Both doors are 31" wide by 44&1/2" high. The actual glass opening in each is the same, 25&3/4"w by 15&5/8"h.They are skinned in aluminum, have 3 hinges on each door and have a part number etched into their header(15778). They also have a recess cut into the top of each door frame for a closer to fold into. See pics. Much too nice not to find a home for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chris
  14. You may be thinking of Dobbins Auto Parts, in Adams Center N.Y. which was auctioned last spring. Not too many decent cars left but there were a few.
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