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  1. It appears as tho the driveshaft is missing,it may have been under a trailer in the old days. It may also mean that the transmission was gutted so the gears weren't turning to add resistance to the trailer while it was being towed. If that is the case that will affect value negatively. It also appears to have had a lot of brazing on one side of the center housing which isn't a good sign. If you put it in the "parts for sale" section I suggest you put in your general location so guys will know how far they have to go to pick it up.
  2. There have been articles on the Hillbilly's vehicle over the years and it is definitely a cut down Olds touring car. The model is out of the memory bank but it did have the 4cyl engine I believe with the three port head,similar to the bigger Chevrolet FA or FB,not the 490. Olds offered a V-8 from 1916 to 1923 but the Hillbilly's car didn't have one if memory serves.
  3. I have one of these oddballs that is 26" and I never knew what brand it was. After seeing your post I dug mine out and looked it over pretty carefully. There are words in the bit of pitting it has and with a magnifier it looks like THE STANDARD WELDING CO. and possibly the size 36x4. STANWELD for short. Earlier Stanweld rims had a two-piece lockring systen very very similar to Firestone. Where Firestone used a Z-shaped lockring with the bead ring over it,Stanweld had an L shaped one. I'm guessing my rim and yours were replacements for Firestones and Kelseys looking at the ridges on the inside. Short-timers evidently,maybe they weren't safe to use after rusting a bit.
  4. It looks like those lenses have a dip in the top and would be for this style Stutz lights only. I would say a headlight lense dealer would want at least $150 for one of these lenses as many Stutz's are full classics and expensive. My suggestion would be to clean them up a bit,price them in the $225 to 275 range including boxing and shipping. If they sell,take them into a FedEx office or UPS store and let them box and ship them. It will cost you some bucks but you will come out of there with some good bucks in your pocket.
  5. The little sign up on the roof peak says " SUITS US",I guess it probably does.
  6. All I have is this wall unit,a bar with mirrors and a light,none of the actual alignment hardware. It would be neat in an old retro shop but it's not going to work in mine now. Both ends have HUNTER embossed in them and there are cubbies with doors to stow cans of oil,grease guns and so forth. The paint is a bit faded but no bad rust issues. It's pretty big being 54" tall and 128" long. Like to get $375 and it will need to be picked up in Cheyenne Wyoming. In a couple weeks is Cheyenne Frontier Days,the biggest outdoor rodeo that hundreds of thousands of people come to,see who in your club,work,church,gym,etc is coming and see if they could pick it up for you. PM me if interested.
  7. sagefinds

    Wood mold

    Pierce Arrow had some cast aluminum body sections and maybe Franklin.
  8. You might contact the headlight dealers in Hemmings and see if they could be of help.
  9. On the face it does look like 8.00 x 16 but in your lower picture of the other side it looks like 6.00 x 16 which is probably correct. The tire is too small to be 8.00 by 16. it looks like the hole pattern is 5 on 5 1/2,maybe it's just a '35 Ford wheel.
  10. That is the spitting image of a 1912 Cadillac cowl light including the bracket but should be stamped Made for Cadillac by Gray and Davis on top.
  11. Yup. I looked in the Car Spotters Guide and would say you're exactly right. Thanks much.
  12. These are each about 24" long,they have those three recesses which should give a clue. Appreciate any help.
  13. The knobs are numbered 1 2 3 &4 and they are just different than the normal ignition and light switch. Also it looks like a key slot although some internals for it seem to be missing. Appreciate any help.
  14. Are you still looking for this axle and do you have a picture of the one you need?
  15. I guess that was early "cruise control" huh?
  16. The Gray and Davis #15 taillight is correct for most,if not all,1911 Cadillacs. Generally the head and cowl lights all said "Made for Cadillac by Gray & Davis" but I'm not sure the oil taillights did. These are pretty scarce and hard to come by in good shape like this one.
  17. It's a beautiful old Packard but I can't say exact year.
  18. I think it's 57 Pontiac rear bumper end.
  19. That be the critter. Had me fooled for a long time. Thanks very much.
  20. Larry, That is definitely a Firestone rim that goes on a wheel,but it's not a wheel. You might want to clarify. Generally a Firestone rim will go on a Kelsey wheel but a Kelsey rim will not go on a Firestone wheel. Kelsey rims have a one piece lockring with tabs on the ends that stick through the rim and a latch swings around and holds those tabs. As far as lockrings go,it's pretty safe. I've messed around with teens Cadillacs for about the last 40 years so I've had some experience with these rims and it seems like none are common to find but 26" the least common of all. 25" and 27" are a bit more prevalent. Can you use a split rim at all? They will usually interchange with the demountable,detachable rim you have pictured. One time when I needed 27" Kelseys and couldn't find any anywhere I had 23" split,rolled up and a piece welded in to get them. Hope you have an easier time. Good luck.
  21. That little door to check air pressure in the tire is usually a Chrysler Product thing but may be something else. That center kind of says Graham for some reason. It's 28 1/4" wide at it's widest and about 24" tall. Appreciate any help.
  22. I have a pair of these front fenders and runningboards that I believe are White,could be as early as yours. If you research and think they might work I can get some pics of the other one. Also have this rear axle,appears to be similar to yours but very rusty and pitted. I took the cover off and the gears look good. It came from a sale back in Ohio many years ago.I didn't want it but was in the pile I bought. And the wheels were there but in another pile I didn't get,hard telling if they are still around somewhere or not. The end of the axle is square,I presume yours are too. I had the engine and trans but they went to Colorado many years ago and their location now is unknown.The reason transmissions get turned around is if they are in second or low they are an overdrive. I corresponded with someone from blastermike about Liberty truck parts awhile back but I never was able to get ahold of the gentleman that had them and fear the worst. Holler if interested.
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