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  1. It appears this car is being chauffeur driven,undoubtedly prominent people,they could have had any front axle they wanted put under it. Maybe someone convinced them it would have a softer ride.
  2. Those headlights and that oval radiator neck sure say Overland.
  3. There are all kinds of spun brass ones,these are stainless and have M's stamped into the bottom of both. Lenses are curved. Rims are 3 1/2" in dia,length of body and rim is 3 1/4". I guess they could also be fender lights. Appreciate any help in the identification.
  4. I hear what you're saying Walt,but I think the guy that has the car with a duplicate,maybe took the thing off,straightened it,sanded,primed,sanded,painted,sanded and painted it again would recognize it without measurements. Anyway I'm still hoping.
  5. Looks like 1930,maybe 31 V-8 Cadillac. Scour the surrounding area for that roadster body it may have come of.
  6. They mount like Dodge Bros but the memory bank is a little foggy on the rest.
  7. They both have the 8 and the 14 with the same casting number under it in the same place. The only difference is the 108 and 209. I compared these with 56 heads and these are bigger and have to be from a bigger,later motor. Thanks for your input.
  8. They are virtually identical except for the numbers in the upper left corner. They came out of the estate of an Olds nut and when compared with a pair of 56 heads I have they are very similar but with bigger ports. Appreciate any help.
  9. Ron, I have a pair of heads that look Oldsmobile but bigger ports than a 56 Olds has,must be 57 or later. They appear to be NOS with no valves or rockers. One has one broken exh stud,the other has two. They are out of an estate of a fellow that loved Oldsmobiles,I'm guessing he was trying to see if they would bolt up to one of his 324's. If interested,maybe PM me with your email address and I'll take some pictures. Steve
  10. You might try Doug Born in Windsor Colorado,in some circles he is known as " Hi Dollar Dougee" but he has a lot of good stuff. 970-686-2926. He doesn't always answer on Sunday but will next week.
  11. Can they be a little bigger than that?
  12. I would say chrome on that one now because of the harder surfacing and it looks like chrome. In 1924 I think chrome was at least starting to come into favor. The 1928 Cadillac headlights were nickeled,1929 were chromed if memory serves. I've been down to Doug Klink's shop and museum just down in Northern Colorado,in fact I bought one of those big chrome? or nickel? balls from him,thought I couldn't live without one,if I see him again I'll ask him. I think mine is nickel. It's brass over heavy steel,pretty weighty and awkward to move around.
  13. The day you set aside to shine the chrome on that thing is a day you're not going to get much else done.
  14. Thanks West,That's all I've gotten so far on this thing.
  15. That must be a late 30's Pontiac Silver Streak further down on the street.
  16. I have three 33x5 tires and one 6.00x23. Two of the 33's should be usable,an early Diamond Cord the tread is starting to come off but the cords don't look cracked. Maybe in a pinch with some patches on the outside it could be used. The 6.00 has some checking but should hold up,when you were done with it,someone with an early Ford TT truck could probably use it. It's unlikely I will need these,would take $45 each for the three and throw in the Diamond Cord if you wanted it. I don't know where you're located,it may not be worth shipping these at all.
  17. On the front of the engine was a piston pump to pump the water onto the fire. That chrome ball was an air cushion shockabsorber that softened the punch because of the extreme pressure the pump put out.
  18. Neat. The headlights look like 36 Chevy truck but are not Cad. I think I have a tire or two,will look tomorrow.
  19. It's obviously meant to go with a tread cover of some sort. Measures about 28 1/2" in diameter,center hole is 16' across. My guess is it would show the spokes of an 18" wheel,maybe 19". It's not badly rusted but has more wrinkles than I do, for the guy that has more time than money,it may be worth saving. The stainless strip is held on with small threaded screws,not just some cheap clips. Appreciate any help.
  20. There was an American LaFrance in a private preschool playground here for awhile. It ended up in a junkyard here and I traded the guy out of it. Drug it home and later sold it to Lou Wyman of the Wyman Living History Museum in Craig Colorado. Last I knew it was still down over the hill from the museum in a line of stuff. I don't recall if it was a 6 or 4 and would need plenty of work to get going. Lou and I were going to do some other trading but I haven't been able to get ahold of him lately. I don't have the number of the museum but you might look it up and try it.
  21. sagefinds


    Overland also had one they called the Country Club roadster that was very similar.
  22. It's a pretty big one covering the front frame horns,any ideas? There was an old price on it in liquid paint marker that has been scrubbed off but nothing about application. Appreciate any help.
  23. Being American Standard I think it's for coating the unthreaded,tapered nipples between boiler sections,maybe freeze plugs in engines,any other ideas?
  24. I think it's a Budd-Michelin wheel for many mediun sized cars with 5 lugs including the Nash Special Six.
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