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  1. Bone head me had a 1965 Griffith 400 I bought back in the early 80s for $500 dollars sold it to buy a Porsche 911 Should of kept the Griffith🤬
  2. Parts only been sitting at our shop for over 5 years customer brought car in for us to put in a motor in car showed up no motor so boss wants it gone . Has Manuel transmission Alpina wheels lots of excellent parts car is mostly complete minus engine has rust trunk is damp floors are soft. PARTS ONLY! No title. Car is located in Orange County NY near NJ border price is $3500.00 or best offer contact John at 862 354 3535 or text or leave voicemail as I do not always have my phone on me Thank you
  3. Was kidding sat for 30 plus years I’ve known about it for 10 I did pay for it
  4. Thanks for the reply near chocolatetown I knew that🤣 Been sanding wood for awhile and helping a friend sandblast a old Wayne 60 gas pump
  5. Thanks Pete k just needed a little assurance. Coil mounting was not my idea😁
  6. Going to be ordering some engine parts this week pan gasket head gasket and water pump rebuild kit for my 25 . Just want to be shure I get the right parts. Engine number is. A434 464 footwell tag A 385085 Any help is greatly appreciated. John
  7. Hiding in the bushes over 30 years now I have it It’s living a much better life now!
  8. I go to the Woody forum I know it’s been a rough summer but it’s a snooze fest over there Awesome site !!
  9. Where did you find this? Need to have a T made up of this ! So cool. John
  10. Jeeeze nobody’s posted here since last year!!?? Anybody got more great Woody pictures? Cleared brush in a neighbors backyard and found this🤣
  11. Hey SMB cool momma mirage I had the exact same one it was 5 years old when I bought it. Wish I still had it!
  12. Been sanding varnish off the 25 Dodge Suburban and replacing some of the rotted wood
  13. O just found the pictures of model T sitting since early 70s
  14. 26 t in a barn in PA last October was restored in the 60s run drives great! 1925 dodge 3/4 ton Suburban sat outside next to a carriage house covered for 31 years cleaned it up put 10 1/2 miles already
  15. What it looked like about 30 years ago notice sitting in same spot just less over over growth
  16. When I first saw it 10 years ago owner was still alive and did not want to sell.
  17. Hi Tom , sheet metal is in unbelievably great condition so just going to clean it and the paint is still shiny it does have scratches as far as the wood goes the tailgate section is a little rotted but not bad so Iam going to leave it for now. The left rear section of the roof is gone where the tarp rotted through years ago. What I plan on doing is removing the 4 rear roof supports and make a roof over the cab basically a Cantrell pickup. Everything I do to it will be reversible if I decide to make it a Suburban again. And I also will be daily driving it next summer! Will be doing a lot of re
  18. Its a 1925 dodge Brothers 3/4 ton truck with a Cantrell body but what gets me wondering is a plate on the passenger side of the body that says built by graham brothers doing a little research now but really going to do it this winter
  19. Here’s my Woody 1925 Dodge 3/4 ton back from the dead after sitting 31 years under a tarp up and running
  20. It’s been a couple of weeks now got the vacuum tank taken care of got a 5 gallon pail of 600 w steam cylinder lube did the trans and rear end cleand and adjusted the brakes. Went on a 4 1/2 mile drive runs drives shifts stops great! Tires are flat spotted. Now this is what I have planned for the truck.... going to remove the roof and the four rear up rights that hold it and keep them for future reference. Make new shorter uprights to the top of the rails and build a new roof over the cab to basically make it a Cantrell bodied pickup. Everything I will be doing will be easily reversible. I wan
  21. I am sorry to see your victory 6 like that. People are in a big hurry to go nowhere I always do the speed limit and still get passed and they end up a mile up from he road to get coffee. My friend has a 28 Whippet with turn signals 2 brake lights and a flashing LED and morons still don’t get! One of the reasons I stopped riding a motorcycle
  22. Ok now that first drive has worn off I plan on daily driving my 1925 truck next summer weather permitted after all the safety issues are addressed. So please let me hear some of your experiences good or bad. I live in a semi mountainous part of NY state and the way my truck is geared I don’t think I shall half a problem.
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