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  1. Thanks Ed, I made a note in the auction as to the years the trans fit in the Pierce Arrow.
  2. The rear half and fenders look like 1918 - 1922. A better picture of the front fender bill would narrow the years even further. Definitely worth saving, Maxwell parts are slowly getting harder to find.
  3. Ebay Auction: 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 Warner Gear Hi Flex T82-1 Trans
  5. I will try that site. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Still trying to figure out what these top bow fit...(at least I was told they were top bows?)
  7. In need of an engine made by the Diamond Engine Works Co of Minneapolis, MN. This is a large 70 horse power 4 cyl engine made around 1910-1912 for the American Gas Tractor. Diamond also built these engines for powering saw mills, pumping stations, electric plants, hoists, shovels and dredges. A smaller version of these engines were sold for use in large hauling trucks. The engine looks a lot like a Holt 75 crawler engine except the intake and exhaust are on opposite sides. It is likely that some of these engines were re-badged by other companies or the Diamond Iron Works tag could be missing altogether. Any information or leads appreciated Thanx, Wallace 702.644.1945
  8. Alan, what parts are you in need of? I have brake shoes and rear axle housing.
  9. Looking for a right front fender for 1910 AA Maxwell. thnx!
  10. Looking for top bow sockets for model 4 Willys Overland (1920 - 1922) Leads appreciated. Thnx!
  11. Rear shackle supports are Columbia or Pope Hartford 1910-12 era. Radiator and hood look Columbia. Hubcap appears to read: ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO. around the circumference. It looks just like the Columbia hub cap on the hub cap collectors web site. I was reading where Columbia was using their Electric Vehicle hub caps even on their gas cars up to becoming the Columbia Motor Car Company around 1909-1910. Previous to that they were the Columbia Electric Vehicle Company. So I would say 1910-12 Columbia.
  12. The rear shackle supports are forged round and bent into a loop to hold the shackles... kinda unusual. What cars used round shackle supports? I noticed the license plate: District of Columbia 26