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  1. Serial number tag on back of frame
  2. Clutch and brake levers
  3. Here’s the 1907 Model S frame. It’s the same as the Turtle Back Roadsters in my previous post. Not much of the car left...
  4. Here’s an 1907 Model S
  5. A couple photos of an “08” Model S
  6. Just doing a quick search on the web it appears there may be one 08 Model S but nothing on the 07. I know of an 07 frame but not of any complete cars. 69 automobiles manufactured sure is a longshot of any survivors...
  7. Anyone know how many 1907 08 Model S Buicks have survived? Not much on the web on these brass era Buicks. thanks!
  8. Thanks Ed, I made a note in the auction as to the years the trans fit in the Pierce Arrow.
  9. The rear half and fenders look like 1918 - 1922. A better picture of the front fender bill would narrow the years even further. Definitely worth saving, Maxwell parts are slowly getting harder to find.
  10. Ebay Auction: 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 Warner Gear Hi Flex T82-1 Trans
  12. I will try that site. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Still trying to figure out what these top bow fit...(at least I was told they were top bows?)