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  1. If you have spark and fuel then you need to check for compression, as well as if the spark gets to the fuel at the correct time. It will run if all these are properly set.
  2. Back when your car was new people hired a chauffeur, young and strong with a knowledge of the motor car. Maybe you can find a strong friend that would like to be yours. If the engine has been newly rebuilt it should get easier to crank after it gets some use.
  3. Give the pertinent dimensions. Maybe it is aftermarket or came with a re-body kit. It may be wanted by someone.
  4. I doubt explanation is mandated. Or make up something interesting.
  5. Points and condenser should still backfire thru the exhaust most often, not the carb. Too lean mixture and sticking intake valves like to pop out the carb.
  6. I wonder if anyone knows of a state that does not grandfather the laws in this regard?
  7. I have used a small dab of clear silicone caulk when installing the cap. It only needs to be in one spot and keeps things from moving.
  8. That is the machine invented to weave cloth, kind of like an early IBM with punch cards. I think the shine is due to the type of thread being woven.
  9. Some just don't like any change, like when the wife buys a different brand of TP.
  10. I didn't read all the posts yet but will. I thought I would post a YouTube drive through of these towns such as Phoenix.
  11. Did the engine turn freely with the crank before all this happened? Maybe the engine was seized up if not.
  12. It is not obvious that it is a linkage problem, let's start there. Check the linkage first as that might be it. Bad bearings and other things in the transmission can cause this also.
  13. Maybe move what you want to your shop and then call the auctioneer! It will disappear in a day or two.
  14. Call an auctioneer! Turn your back and soon it will be gone. Or you could haul a bit of the better stuff here. https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/showthread.php?t=286602
  15. I use them in both,. even if there are differences they work ok. I have a TO-30 and a '36 Chevrolet. They work in my Continental engine in a yarder I was given too.
  16. My tractor is the old grey mare. Working on it, and with it a bit now and then. In the same family handed down from new. left side photo was just after a re-paint a few years back.
  17. It probably was sold down in the South.
  18. If you could set the jars on their sides and take a photo we could see more than the lids of many jars.
  19. I think shellac was used originally. I used gas tank slushing compound on a cork float in a gas tank. It has held up over 10 years now.
  20. Who did the engine rebuild? I ask because I am needing the same. Thanks.
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