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  1. Although the text refers to rear wheel steering, the chassis photo isn't very convincing of that. But what do I know. I have seen a Dymaxion at a museum and it was quite interesting. I always liked Mr. Fuller's domes.
  2. They maybe were selling ethanol gas mislabeled to make more profit. Real gas doesn't do that.
  3. Where is your shop? I'm sure your skills are needed.
  4. Model T Ford transmission bands and Model A Ford car radiator shell lacing are attached with split rivets. The Ford suppliers might sell the rivits. Or try the hardware store.
  5. That light was way too quick to show red. Probably a trick source of revenue.
  6. Glad the cop wasn't behind with that red light incident!
  7. Really curious how you stopped the smoke problem?
  8. Does the delivery driver confirm your plight?
  9. Clean loose rust, treat with OSPHO, and paint.
  10. AHA! now I see. That might be of some help but wasn't what I was thinking.
  11. I had thought you said you used the Armmco tool made to set the lining to trim clearance.
  12. That has got to be a deal! Drive that one home.
  13. It sounds like you did have the magic tool and did as the book instructs. It can be done (if careful) without any special tools. One manual I have walks you through the whole procedure to adjust if the tool is not available, which I used, and now have excellent brakes for good stopping. I think my cylinders came from Kanter.
  14. A good machine shop would do the job as you thought it should have been done. the shops I have used make bushings/sleeves to order. It might cost more but I never have to go back. Send them somewhere else.
  15. So saving all that money forgoing technology, he should go the disc brake route if he can't get the original brakes to work.
  16. The Fulton prizim light finders are being reproduced. I bougt one for my car that has a outside sunvizor. If you have a car it will fit, use it, just save the box for later.
  17. Sounds about right, or maybe a bit of value. It looks like somebody really cared about it and its originality
  18. If you can not find an owners manual, you might find a DYKES manual. An educational book detailing many repair and specification aspects for most makes of then current automobiles. They may have been printed in multiple languages. They are found on ebay often.
  19. Take it to a shop, they are the experts with all the factory data. They will maKe the brakes work properly. The parts are mostly available. Second choice would be to go with disc conversion. Just use the Visa card either way. now it is done.
  20. Sounds interesting. I will add what I found. https://www.dickblick.com/products/molotow-liquid-chrome-marker/
  21. Since the answer has been given and with the mods already disclosed, I'll go off topic also. When I was a kid I bought a 57 Chevrolet 2 dr . it had a '59 corvette 283 with stock rated HP @ 305 .With mods it was dynoed @ 335 HP. It was blueprinted, clearanced, & had modified breathing somewhat + 3 speed trans. That car was a fun street racer especially when the beat driver found his 396 was beat by a 283 3speed car
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