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  1. Thanks Centurion. The photo I posted, I saw on Ebay. I have seen this photo and others before but have always wondered what happened to the cars after the show?
  2. Does anyone know where this 1958 Buick is or the story behind it? Lots of "Special" treatments to it. Bucket seats, red plaid interior, red accents in the side moldings and the list goes on.... Interesting !
  3. Thanks Spinneyhill and Dei, I am checking all of the ground connections this evening for paint or other debris. I am also picking up the generator and VR from the shop. I do in fact have two ground straps to the firewall. One from each head. I will let you know what I find out. Thx
  4. Hello, For a few months I have been having issues with my 58 Buick charging system. The generator shows no charge after starting the car but will charge after I shut the motor off and place a jumper wire across the BAT and ARM terminals on the voltage regulator (VR) , essentially "polarizing" the generator. That will last for the next few starts of the car and them I am back to the jumper wire. I just replaced the VR with a new AC Delco and the problem is still there. I also checked the generator output with a volt meter to be sure it was not the amp gauge acting up, and I get 12.6v w
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