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  1. Thanks for the quick replies when I needed it! I'm printing out that for future reference too. Joe G.
  2. Does anyone know what width rear leaf springs are supposed to be? 2"? 1 3/4"? or something else? Thanks in advance....Joe G.
  3. While researching casting numbers a while back, I ran into something that may be relevant. In at least one (1953?, 1955?) of the Cadillac Master Parts Books, it was noted that there were 2 different part numbers for each entire head assembly. The earlier number was to be replaced by the later but only in pairs. Later parts books only show the later number. I believe the earlier version was prone to cracking. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire engines were warranty or recall replacements. ....Joe
  4. Thank you much Bill for taking the time to answer! Your specific answer about the same car, same vintage, and personal experience is what I was hoping for....... Joe
  5. That's one of the key questions I was hoping to get answered; If the 1950 rim is compatible with a modern tubeless design tire for sealing air, seating the bead etc. I hate to drop hundreds of dollars on tires that don't work. I'm wondering if others have had success with going tubeless on 1950 Champion Rims, and if radials worked out too. Joe
  6. It's time to replace the rotten tires on my '50 Champion. Presently it's got tube type bias plies. Has anybody had experiences good or bad using tubeless tires? Radial tires? or both? Thanks in advance.....Joe G
  7. I'm leaning towards 1949, which is very similar to and often mistaken for the 1950 thru 1952 style. The reason is the '49 is slightly narrower across the top of the wing to wing (as measured on the top) and the tailfeather that meets the hood center trim strip has a slight taper. The '53 looks very close to the 50-52 style. It's got a different part number but I don't know what's different; possibly hood curve radius. Got a measurement across wings and base length? I may have a '50-52 sample around here someplace....not sure.
  8. The casting numbers on these 4o's and 50's Cadillac hood ornaments, V's, Crests, etc usually are not the part numbers. Why, I don't know. But they don't align with the numbers in the Master Parts book in this time span. Nobody seems to have the translation available for view either except the few vendors that charge outrageous prices because they know what they've got...but you don't. Knowledge is money!.....Joe
  9. Being it is what it is, it gives the NASH guys HEARTBURN and the CHEVY guys BOREDOM. If your price was cut by 50%, there may be some interest. If it had a 60's AMC 343 or 390 in it you'd have a winner or at least some interest. Or if the 350 had a ''37-"41 CHEVY coupe wrapped around it, an even better chance. Good Luck at that price!
  10. I put it on Ebay item 161242043762. I'm hoping someone can use it. I'm a Cadillac guy. At auction I bought a "lot" of Cadillac stuff with this "red-headed stepchild" thrown in because I needed the other items. If you have ANY interest, hit the ebay auction or PM me with an offer. In other words, I didn't get it for NOTHING, but I don't need it and I'm not needing it to fund my retirement either! Joe
  11. Thank you for the help fellas! I appreciate you all taking the time to share your knowledge and experience! Joe
  12. The part number on the casting is 876903. There also is a DG on the casting. I guess the number's not much good without a parts book.
  13. There is a place at the top that appears to accept a cap or cover or another piece, that possible could hold a reflector? this appears to be 2 out of three pieces of the "Big picture". I'll try to get a picture showing the top center better; it's not finished to as high of a shine as the sides. I'll try the other pictures I've got...I may have to take some more.
  14. I have a NOS tailite trim and glass that I believe is probably a Mopar application, as it has a square cluster of initials "D P C D" which I'm guessing means Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler-Desoto. On the casting it says "Sedans Left" and has a number 876903 DG. The letters on the glass are hard to read, but I think say ILCO 2243 and CB (or C8)6212. These parts originated from a building that was a Chrysler dealer in the thirties thru 50's for another clue. If I can find out what it's for, maybe I can get it back in circulation for someone who needs it. Thanks for the help! Joe G
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