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So this guy says its original and not hacked up

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It’s not really even “original” as in different. 


Rat rod cliches:

- bubble gum welds: check

- repro ad/sign used as a patch: check

- drivable only on warm dry days: check

- fake “patina”: check

- wide open exhaust, exiting next to your ears and spewing fumes into the passenger compartment: check

- painted or welded spider webs: wait, no spider webs?  I guess it IS different. 

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3 hours ago, roysboystoys said:

I read the ad as an Original creation, which it is. Amazing amount of work. Will take an amazing amount of work to " complete" it.

It should sell for parts prices?

Might be better if he took those awful wheels off.

Well, the way I read it, it is “completed”.  That’s a new paint job, made to look like an old weathered paint job.  If that’s not a waste of money not sure what is, but some people seem to like it.  

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