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  1. Not offensive at all. A legitimate question. Why is it important? I don’t see the significance of it for the value of the car. I see it advertised often but don’t make the connection.
  2. So that is a stock interior right? I can’t imagine with that low miles it would need an interior or that would be chosen if it did. Elvis HAD to have owned this.
  3. I suspect the car has several mechanical needs to be sorted that a quick trip to Autozone isn’t going to solve. Flipper doesn’t want to get any deeper and cut his losses.
  4. What a sale tactic! A trailer with pretty extensive damage, no ramps to unload and 33 yo tires. Whats not to like?
  5. Yep, the Dead get my vote for best band.
  6. Interesting note in his obit is he had a nice car collection but didn’t drive. Just preferred sitting in them.
  7. I finally talked my dad into going to the last one in 19. He wants to go again bad but just had major surgery last week. He’s thought about going and I’m thinking um, that’s probably a really bad idea. 🙄
  8. Any better photos available? Any missing parts? Lastly, any ballpark cost to ship to IL with your cousin? Regards Pat
  9. I like the crown royal shifter bag. Isnt that Eds preferred flavor? He should buy this, its almost prewar.
  10. 61-63 full covers have those pita spring clips. You can pry them away just enough to air them up and promptly pinch your fingers when done. But they look good.
  11. I met David North as a guest at the Toronado meet several years ago. Interesting stories.
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