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  1. Any chance you would be driving to Hershey in Oct? Id be right along your way in IL.
  2. Joern, I will see if I have any others in my inventory but here is what I found first NOS. I think looking at your codes it’s from 1968 so you may not want it if you are date coding a restoration.
  3. Just asking but where is the date code or how is it determined? I probably have a regulator but may not be that specific.
  4. I thought the GS were buckets. It looks like it has every conceivable option.
  5. What a stunner. Only demerit is when GM moved the phototube to the fender from the dash. Really detracts from the lines. That car looks brand new.
  6. Does it need to be year stamped correct or just an Olds 6?
  7. Shoot me an email direct to remind me. I may have them in my stash.
  8. I will try the drive thing and put it up till spring. If it still sucks to drive I'll suck it up.
  9. diamondback has 700R15 or 710R15 3.25" Auburns at 279 each. $1200 a set is crazy but I guess the repop companies got us but the nuts.
  10. Is there a specific model or a radial made to look bias? Or just go with radial and be done with it? Thanks
  11. So its so far over 58K and has not hit reserve, basically zero photos except for paperwork showing what a car like that would look like on the msrp, and almost zero info except for anyone interested to come and look. Sounds to me the guy is interviewing for a buyer, not really selling or is proving to the wife "well honey, I put it on ebay and got nowhere" and really doesnt want to sell. Id absolutely call his bluff if this is your holy grail and be fully knowledgeable on the things to look for if its still in your cost range. Im guessing he wants north of 75 as is. JMHO
  12. Any opinions on the Cokers that look bias but are radials? Other than stupid money for a set? Im thinking radials just dont look right but know radials ride much smoother.