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  1. I met David North as a guest at the Toronado meet several years ago. Interesting stories.
  2. Im not a big fan of these year Tbirds but that interior is a stunner. Wow!
  3. So were limited civilian vehicles sold in 43 and 44 as well? I’ve not seen anything from 43-45 unless it was military. I just bought a 42 Olds 66 series project that god knows when it might get done but they aren’t laying around much anymore.
  4. Im calling bs on one of 50. Buckets were relatively rare and you could pick console or non console w buckets, but ive had three sets of buckets. So unless i cornered the market on Toro seats, I dont think thats a known stat.
  5. Pretty sure I won’t be in this stratosphere anytime soon but as an outside observer, I’d be tickled to own or drive this car. To each his own but I don’t understand any issues with who did the work whether it be 1932 or 2010. A guy or group of guys took drawings on a piece of paper and used their skill to shape panels into art. None were mass produced in a stamping as far as I know so my hunch is old timers would have been thrilled to build customs with more modern equipment if possible instead of a mallet.
  6. Just for reference, I went out to CA to look at a very similar year Olds with the V8 a couple years ago. Very nicely restored top to bottom and the asking price was 18K. Unfortunately it hadn’t been well maintained after all the work was done. Great eye candy but I’m no Ed and we couldn’t get it started. Probably explains why it was for sale so long. If they didn’t do the motor correctly, grab ur ass. That 12K would be a drop in a very deep bucket as the parts are almost unobtainium.
  7. No f ing way! I think I just had breakfast again, thanks for the warning...
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