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  1. I like the part of the detailed engine bay. Stevie Wonder job? Half asking price would be fair.
  2. Seems odd to not post a single interior photo. Car shows cc, pa, comfortron ac. Trunk liner is correct. Bend in grille can be straightened easy enough. Quick sale at 8Kish. 14K level would need a spotless interior as pretty much nothing is reproduced. I do see the optional headrests thru the window.
  3. Thats not Dubonnet. Its Auburn Bronze. Id like to see photos of what looks like a 75ish t top HO Cutlass in the backround.
  4. Worst case scenario. Ballpark estimate to rebuild a 48 v12? Is there a go to place that has engineered any improvements for these motors for reliability? Thanks
  5. Just asking but what’s expensive ballpark on a rebuild? Are ones being rebuilt say in the last 20 years being done with better materials or such to correct engineering issues to make them more bulletproof?
  6. Are there any weak spots to look for engine wise on the V12? Parts availability? Thanks
  7. I think it’s neat but not nearly 8K neat. A good friend in hs in 87 bought a K car new. Very similar and anemic. Great for delivering pizza. Not so good for picking up girls.
  8. 99% sure not Olds unless they already customized the interior. I vote Caddy too.
  9. I’m in if it happens! Done with eBay.
  10. What’s the difference between a 48 club coupe and a continental coupe? Trim package? Thanks
  11. Joes right. If you hear the motor turning thats good. Stick your head under the seat and hit the switch. You'll see the motor spinning and where that coupling is supposed to be.
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