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  1. I have lots of 64 394 engines in various conditions. I think i have a 61 SF engine for rebuild and a couple 63s as well.
  2. Forgot to add photos of the truck.
  3. So I assume the wood was restored first and then the black?
  4. I liked him as a kid watching SNL when the folks thought I was asleep. Forgot he worked on Get Smart.
  5. I didnt know they had 4 speeds then. Thought they all had 3 speeds.
  6. The wood finish is starting to peal. I’m not sure if I will change tires. They still look decent but the truck will just be driven around small town locally. Actually, there is a brass plate that states the warranty is invalid if 22mph is exceeded. Not sure how they would have enforced that!
  7. It’s a 1919 Olds truck. The rim and hub are supposed to be black but are loud yellow. The guy who restored the truck just really liked yellow. A couple of the tubes need replaced as they only hold air for a few days so I figured if I need to disassemble for the tubes, might as well redo the wheels correctly.
  8. Not sure the best way to clean these up. I see how to take them off and disassemble and can stain and seal the spokes. But what’s best for the metal in terms of painting? Do the rim and locks individually and put together or put together then paint so as not to scratch up the threads and such?
  9. Looking for a Johnson Model D 40 carb. I think the patent date cast into the brass is 1913. This is for the late teens Olds V8. Thanks.
  10. Where are you located? When I get home I will check my tire size on my 37 Olds. Been kicking around swapping to radials. Black or ww?
  11. So as a knucklehead novice with the late teen- twenties stuff, what does it take to pull leaf springs out, apart, lube with, reassemble? Dangerous process or fairly easy?