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  1. May fit other years but I’m not an expert. Front right hand nos fender part tag 1241312. Will deliver to Hershey meet if prepaid, otherwise probably ungodly cost to ship without damaging. Excellent condition for being 70 yr old. $225
  2. Steve, I decided to take it out on my lawn and buzzed the hell out of it! BTW, I got a spot on the field this year so I cant wait to be in the heart of it. Yahoo.
  3. Just as I suspected. Following the super duper ebay motor specialists profound knowledge and insistence that I am wrong and have no clue how the rules work, and their team of English comp graduates fully grasp the situation, it didnt work at the magical under 12 hrs requirement that really isnt the requirement anyway. Of course now when I call the offices are closed. So I get to wait until Im at work to see how long it takes on hold to get probably nothing done. So while I did post as an edit the reserve and offering to remove it, I wonder how this will play out. Technically the car will not sell if it doesnt hit reserve. A point the fresh young ebay teammates cant understand. So to try and make a deal outside of ebay is against the rules that we are supposed to play by. Wonder if I can argue against paying any insertion fees due to their incompetence? Stay tuned....
  4. Yeah, ive tried numerous numbers on my own and the gals suggestion. Erased it altogether, entered 0, tried $1, tried $5100 and $5101. None worked. The issue i believe is a software problem. Thats why I called in. I told them I had to confirm umpteen questions to verify my identity but cant beg, borrow or steal to get them to click a button to do what they say I should be able to do myself, but all agree is not happening. Next time I think I will start it low, not pay extra, and then skip out if it doesnt hit my number. Certainly eBay seems to be encouraging that behavior.
  5. Now I know why we are doomed as a country. I realize every older person typically thinks this of the younger ie millennial generation, but its becoming a reality. So I put my 77 Pace car up for auction and have a reserve on it. Bids have gotten pretty close so I decide to let it roll and lift the reserve to get it sold. Go to my listing and it wont allow me to update it and remove the reserve. After numerous maddening attempts, I cave and call support. Get ahold of a younger guy on the west coast, explain the issue and I can tell he thinks Im a moron cause any dope can do this. He walks me thru what Ive already done and triumphantly says its fixed... until I click on the ad and tell him no, it still has the reserve. Jack around with this another 20 min and he says, oh I see the problem. You have bidders so you cant change it. Now I walk him thru the posted ebay rules, you know, the ones these people are specialized in. Clearly states reserves can be removed if A: the bids do not reach the reserve! No kidding!. and B: if its not less than 12 hrs in the auction. So I point out both these criteria have been met as there is almost 2 days left. Huh. So then the story is ebay motors is an extra special section of the ebay family and I should call them tomorrow to discuss this problem as this is WAY above his paygrade. Although, his really good advise to me is I should have saved the extra money I had to fork out to get a reserve and just have started the auction at that amount. Brilliant! I told him I assumed he had never been to an actual auction before as reserves are meant to protect a seller but can and are lifted if the seller decides to take a lesser amount. Silence on the other end. I was thinking this was hitting him like Edison and the phonograph but came back to reality when he said " but if you start it at the higher price, you can avoid all this". Spinal Tap came to mind as these go to eleven. I ask to move up the food chain and get ahold of Mensa #2. Spend another 20 min explaining this and this guy finds an ebay motor rep still around to fix the problem. This young lady is very well spoken and seems to grasp the situation. Now were cookin with gas! After several hold I need to consult moments, she comes back and says I didnt scroll down far enough in the rules. There it states ebay motors allows you to remove a reserve with LESS than 12 hrs on a sale. This she states is clear evidence why it is not working and I should wait until the last 12 hrs when bidders may or may not be paying attention to cancel the reserve. I ask her to reread what she just pointed out and she does. And she presses her point. Thats when I say, "but if you read it in English, it states you CAN change it. Not specifically with less than 12 hrs to go only. Thats why I am wanting to change it now, while bidders have a chance to mull over a higher bid." Silence on the other end. But these go to eleven. So how this online behemoth is still in operation with the newest crop of savvy college educated go getters is beyond me. Now that Ive wasted a solid 90 min, I feel much better.
  6. Final price drop to $5K. Forgot to add, the doors close exceptionally well. These vintage GM 2 doors typically need closed hard or even slammed to catch. This car needs just a firm push to latch. Folks that have these types of cars know what i mean.
  7. Any interior photos or rear angle? As a kid my friends dad had i think a 63 but cant remember for sure how much difference there was.
  8. That’s a steal on your end, take it before the guy thinks it through.
  9. Location? Id be interested if I am close to pick it up.
  10. These may have been common across the GM divisions but not sure. I lost the chrome knob that sits under the dash to pull the release cable. I found this one as an example but the cable in the car is square and bigger than the rectangle insert on this one so it wont work. Anybody got one?