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  1. Edin, the tool looks pretty self evident but is there a specific technique I should employ? I dont have a spare rim so I dont want to dick it up. It looks like I hook one of the three a little in from the beveled end with the clasp. Plan is to slowly crank on the tool until it just slides into the rubber bead area and then slowly release it to align and turn the lock.
  2. Yes its 25" across. If that tool will do the job I'll take it. How do want to procede?
  3. Yes I wasnt sure what the widowmaker was but an old timer in town said this isnt that type. I will measure the inner rim in the morning. If it is for your size tool Charley I'll take it.
  4. Thats certainly the tool im lookjng for. Its on my 1919 Olds truck. Im not sure how these were suppedly done roadside. Real ball breaker.
  5. Looks like I need a split rim jack. eBay only or does anyone got one to sell. 35 inch wheel
  6. Any tips or tools to use on getting the tube and tire back on the split rim to lock in place? Clearly I’m not strong enough to do this with a tire iron.
  7. Not a computer guy so I cant post it but it comes up right away on a search. I think it sold for 6Kish then. I should have risked divorce.
  8. I asked if he'd separate but not gonna happen. He said he had the camper restored for 10K and I dont think hed take the 5K max I think its worth as a novelty. I did a search and another came up from mid 2000s on about a 73 LTD and the whole package was offered at 2500. Camper end didnt look too shabby either. By chance does anybody know the whereabouts of the 1970 Toro front end camper that sold on ebay about 10 years ago? I think it went down towards the Carolinas way. Ive not seen or heard of it since.
  9. I believe most of these companies are using Covid as an excuse not to be helpful. I’m in a pissing match with a buyer on eBay that feels the nos 50+ year old part is not nos enough. Calling eBay they will not answer but direct to a chat room help center. So they ask ?s and it takes a while to type an answer. Meanwhile they are sending a text of “since u are not answering, this conversation will end soon”. So then u just hit send to hold them and type incomplete sentences to keep from being cut off. I asked how is it they can sit there and “work” by collecting my info over 30 minutes of bs texting back and forth when speaking they could get this info in a 1/3 of the time. Response is CA Covid rules prohibit this. I asked is the virus communicable over the internet or just over the phone. No answer. Morons
  10. I’m fairly convinced the big name reproduction tire companies are there for cosmetics only not actual high speed long term function. Works fine for under 40 mph or trailering the car to shows but not so good for regular daily use. Thought I’d get better use at 250 plus a tire. Who knew.
  11. Somebody knows how or where to resole shoes? May I have sum more porridge sir?
  12. The parking lights in the front bumper remind me of Woodlites. Huge car.
  13. Is that the brand name? Just aircraft stripper?
  14. How cool would that be as a parts getter? Ill take my beating now.