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  1. Hi Matt... I sold you the wire wheels for your wagon. I've been looking out for a horn ring for you and have a line on one, rechromed for $375 from a reputable MOPAR guy that actually lives near your area. Send me a pm and I'll give you his contact info. Hate to put another persons contact info out on the internet. I found it on a post so my guess is it won't be available for long. Regards, Gary
  2. here's a little tease on the 31 Plymouth convertible. It's buried in the front of a container and that's the best I can do. The first picture is a pair of welled fenders for it.
  3. Allan... Good eye!! Yes, the 31 roadster is rock solid. It was in the process of being restored when my friend bought it and put it away in the shed.
  4. Here's some pics of the 31 Plymouth roadster and parts after it came out of the shed.
  5. Hi, I have an engine. Pretty sure it's a 1928 Model 72
  6. I have a couple of extra 31 rumble lids in the parts. Tough item to get. I looked for one for my 31 Desoto roadster for several years.
  7. Got the roadster cleaned up today. It's a solid little car! Still have to put on the front bumper, tail light and rumble seat step plates. The woood appears to be in good condition. Here's some pics after todays cleanup.
  8. John, It looks like a rumble seat that someone was going to try and make a pickup out of. Fortunately I have the rumble seat coupe parts car to get the lower part. Also have a 31 roadster body shell. I'm not sure, but I'm hoping the upper body section above the rumble lid will interchange.
  9. Allan, Still trying to pry the 31 Plymouth convertible loose.
  10. Here's an early 28 Plymouth roadster coming out of 40 years in a shed sealed with plywood. Still has part of the original top fabric! In the same shed, I also acquired a 28 Plymouth sport coupe (for parts), a 30 Chrysler Model 70 roadster, a 31 Plymouth PA roadster and a 31 Chrysler CM dual sidemount sedan.
  11. Wow, I don't know what happened either. Will send again. Thanks for getting back with me. Just sent you another pm.
  12. Hi Matt, Desoto is completely different and will not interchange. 55 and 56 Chrysler and Imperial use the same horn ring. They do break easily and are pricey when you find them.
  13. Pretty sure I have them in ny inventory.
  14. Hi Taylormade.... Hopefully you received my pm. Thanks! Gary
  15. Thanks Jimmy... glad to see the head lights went on such a great looking car!