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  1. No, 36 Plymouth buckets and Dodge buckets are different. Although they are the same diameter and use the same lens and internal parts, the Plymouth mounts at the bottom and the Dodge mounts from the side. As I recall, there is a screw at the bottom of the buckets which hold everything in place. This screw would be in different positions on the two buckets since they mount differently. I'm also pretty sure the Plymouth bucket has a bigger depression where the stand mounts to the headlight. Another smaller difference is the Plymouth uses a very thin outer stainless trim ring while the Dodge stainless ring is wider.
  2. Hi Rick, Here's a picture of the sidemount clamps. The bottom one is an original and the upper, which is slightly larger do to the casting process, is on top.
  3. I have 2 units. Here's pictures of each.
  4. That appears to be a 40 Dodge hubcap. May have a couple in my parts inventory.
  5. Thanks Marv, I'll measure and get back to you. Regards, Gary
  6. I'll check and get back with you. On the pics you sent the 33 air cleaner looks like one I got with the CD8 parts. Do you have yours and if so can you take some measurements? Here's some pics of mine.
  7. Rick, I'll get you some measurements. Gary
  8. Hi Jimmy, I have a couple. Please send me a pm and I'll get you some pics. Thanks, Gary
  9. Got this unusual water pump from an estate. Have absolutely no idea what it fits. Hopefully someone out there can ID this pump. Thanks for everyones help as always!!
  10. Do you have any pics? I do have some vacuum freewheeling transmissions and parts.
  11. Hi Rick, Were you talking about the 6 pieces across the middle or the two at the top and bottom? The 3rd one from the right in the center is original, the rest are reproduction castings in brass.These castings were done about 30 years ago amd were for several cars the gentleman owned. Including a 28 Chrysler Model 72, a 31 desoto roadster(which I currently own), 31 Chrysler Model CD8 and CM 6, 32 Chrysler CP8 and 33 Dodge.
  12. Hi Jimmy, Sorry, I've already sold this one. I'll check to see if I have any others.
  13. Hi John, What is the length from top to bottom and how many do you need? As I recall, the ones I have are a little smaller than the CD8 ones. Probably correct for other 31's including CM, and Dodge with double bar bumpers.
  14. I cleaned out the estate of a longtime Chrysler restorer and an original member of the WPC Club. In the process got quite a few original 31 Chrysler CD8 mechanical and trim parts as well as reproduction castings done many years ago. Everything from engine and transmission parts to a 31 deluxe frame with 17" wheels. Have way to many pictures to post here, but I can send along aklong additional pics to interested buyers.