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  1. 1933 Plymouth PD Deluxe has glass over the entire instrument cluster and the PC has separate circular gauges with glass just covering the face of each individual gauge, not the entire cluster.
  2. I have a 1920s Waltham 8 Day Oval Electric Clock. Thought for sure it was correct for late 1920s Packard, but I've been informed that Packard used Jaeger clocks and that they weren't run by electric. Any ideas amongst our knowledgeable AACA members as to what thgis clock fits? Thanks in advance for your expertise!
  3. 37 Plymouth didn't use side trim mouldings.
  4. Out of curiosity, how much was the head gasket? I have a CD8 as well. If you'd like you can PM me the info. Thanks!!
  5. Hi Matt. I'll check my NOS inventory. I may have one. Glad the ire wheels worked out for you. The car looks great with them on it.
  6. Jimmy, I sent you a PM. Your Desoto dash piece is correct for 38 Desotos. Regards Gary
  7. I have one cap for the 16" artillery wheel.
  8. The 1941 Buick sold for $900.
  9. Spent the weekend at the auction since I live close by. Interesting that it was promoted as mostly a no reserve auction, but the cars trucks and tractors all had "opening bids" which was in essence a reserve. In almost all cases the person doing the auction would not entertain anything less than the opening bid he quoted and the majority of the vehicles failed to sell. They then had a "silent auction" where potential buyers could put in a bid for the cars that didn't sell during the auction.
  10. Have one nice cap. If interested please send me a PM.
  11. I have a Battery Box cover which I believe is correct for General Motors cars, but not sure of which years and makes. Hopefully someone out there can ID the years and models this was used on. As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  12. This came out of an estate I cleaned out. Appears to possibly be correct for Ford V8 60, but wanted to make sure as I'm not a Ford guy. Thanks in advance for help in correctly identifying this.
  13. Hi Tom... I have a NOS tail light ring if that's what you're after. Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested. Regards, Gary
  14. Got this unusual early King-Seeley oil gauge from an estate of a long time collector. Looks to be late 1920s-early 1930s. Box says part #3717 and the gauge face says 3674 at the top. As always, any help greatly appreciated!