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  1. I'm pretty sure the 46/47 was the end of the 16" wheel and they went to a 15" in 1948. I should have a wheel.
  2. Hi Ted, Cleaned out a building with 7 early cars and alot of Plymouth parts. Two of the cars were 28 Plymouths, a roadster and a sport coupe. There was a set of early wire wheels, not sure if they're Desoto or Plymouth. Also several new wire wheel caps. I'll try and get you some pics of the wheels.
  3. Hi Lee, Sent you an email as requested with a couple pics. Would appreciate hearing back either way. Thanks!
  4. I have both the 23" and 25" water distribution tubes
  5. Hi Reg,... that's a 33 Desoto gauge cluster. 34, which is Airflow only, is round and there is no print on the glass.
  6. Hi Matt, just curious. Were you able to purchase the horn ring for Melanie's wagon?
  7. Hi Rick, I didn't get anything like that in this parts load, but it seems like I have a 30 Desoto fender with this unit on it in my storage yard. I'll go over there and check this week. I have tons of Chrysler product California rust free sheet metal from 1928 on up. Regards, Gary
  8. You're correct. Last year of Desoto Airflow production, and only 250 coupes compared to 4750 sedans.
  9. Hi Bob, 37 Dodge D5 takes the ribbed style inner trim rings, not the type shown in the picture. 1937 Plymouths and Dodges only had 3 slots in the wheels, so even though the trim rings look identical to the 38 thru 41 trim rings, they won't work if you have the correct 37 wheels on your car, as the 38 thru 41 trim rings have 4 mounting tabs, not 3. I have a set of correct trim rings with 3 mounting tabs on my 37 Dodge D5 limo.
  10. Need a little help from our Forum members to ID this early taillight. It was manufactured by The Saxon Mfg Company, Toledo, Ohio and it's in nice original condition. Also has 1235 stamped on the bucket which I'm assuming is the model number. My understanding is that the Saxon Mfg. Company made tail lights for a varietry of cars of the era. As always, any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Need a little help from our Forum members to ID this 1920s era Auto Lite switch. It's in great condition and moves freely. It's has XA-2 emblossed on the back, which I'm assuming is the parts number. As always, any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi, I have headlight and tail light parts for your car. Here's my contact info.
  13. Definitely a 36 Desoto Airflow. Looks like a great parts car. Here's a few pics of my 36.
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