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  1. Yep, on the frame and the block (block is hard to read but it matches)
  2. I recently received the “build sheet” for my 1932 CI Coupe. Can anyone help decipher this, I believe the wood wheels are stock or it would say “wire” and amazingly I have the correct engine and body. I must say FCA Historical was very quick to get me this letter and information! thanks
  3. yep! First show this summer on Vashon Island.
  4. 35 years in the making 😆 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-LPVQSh2pPia8kIH4PnglaUGZOctwB5H/view
  5. Looking for a rumble seat step pad and bumper mount bracket for my 32 Chrysler. thanks
  6. Looking for a bottom rumble seat step for my 1932 Chrysler. thanks
  7. I would consider sending it out to get done. I sent mine to Karla Maxwell in California. She did a great job!
  8. Well, here we go! Finally we have front shocks installed! Shocks and dog bones from California and then rebuilt at Apple Hydraulics, and lower mounts made from help here! Thanks guys.
  9. I love the wood wheels on my 32 Chrysler, but I love them because you very rarely see them on a 32, most 32’s had wire. And because they’re minty.... my late father dumped the money into them not me.
  10. I found this old cutout in a drawer in my grandpa’s shop, I don’t think it was ever used, looks NOS. It has 3 terminals, I believe the fused terminal goes to the generator (seems odd?) H to the battery? And S to? The cutout on my 32 Chrysler only has one to generator and one to the ammeter (battery) any thoughts?