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  1. Still (always) looking for the deep Chrysler Six hubcaps
  2. I have a restored 1934 rear bumper that I have no use for. I’m asking $800 obo. Chrome work was over $1000 on this bumper, I have the receipt. Thanks
  3. Holes for mounting to frame about 42-1/2” apart. Overall bumper width about 65”
  4. This bumper was on my 32 Chrysler, it fit perfectly but did not belong on the car. The bumper that belongs on my car is actually four chrome strips that are shaped like leaf springs. The ends of these mounts and the ends of the proper 32 Chrysler bumper mounts are identical. The bolts and cupped washers are also identical. If you can identify this I would be great full. I would like to sell it to someone that really needs it instead of having it kick around in my shop. Thanks
  5. And..... I have a guy in Canada building me a new hood ornament, the 6cyl ones seem to be a lot harder to come by than the 8’s. I happened to see one on eBay recently, I knew it needed work but it seemed like a project that I could handle. Who knows when I will get the new one and I needed something 😆 someone had removed the original ring and installed a homemade one, it was bigger than what the car takes so I dug into the scrap bin to find some stock to make an new one. I still have to silver solder the lugs on.
  6. Haven’t had a whole bunch of spare time lately, several outside projects with the nice weather and I guess I’m somewhat “essential” so I’m still working. I have a beater set of headlights in at Queen City Plating in Seattle but no idea when they will come back. I decided to purchase a decent (they proved to be better than he let on) set of headlights from dpcdfan, Gary is a super guy to deal with. I set the headlights on just to get a glimpse....
  7. Finally got the hood back on, now we just need to get the Covid 19 issue cleared up so I can get my headlights back and I’ll be ready for a spin!
  8. I had Barry Briskman look at it right after I brought it home, Barry jumped all over the Phillips screws someone else had installed (I’ve changed them all out now) and he said “When you showed me the picture I wasn’t sure I liked the red grill, after seeing it in person it looks great, now get someone to pinstripe the car for you”
  9. I was missing the front bumper brackets on my 32 Chrysler CI along with the clips that hold them in place on the main bumper support. Here’s what I came up with to “get by” until I see what they’re really supposed to look like.
  10. Looking for a correct set of front bumper support brackets for a 1932 Chrysler CI. The bumper style is split, and takes a continuous spring steel mount, I have everything but the 2 correct brackets that the crescent moons bolt to.
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