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  1. Finally got the hood back on, now we just need to get the Covid 19 issue cleared up so I can get my headlights back and I’ll be ready for a spin!
  2. I had Barry Briskman look at it right after I brought it home, Barry jumped all over the Phillips screws someone else had installed (I’ve changed them all out now) and he said “When you showed me the picture I wasn’t sure I liked the red grill, after seeing it in person it looks great, now get someone to pinstripe the car for you”
  3. I was missing the front bumper brackets on my 32 Chrysler CI along with the clips that hold them in place on the main bumper support. Here’s what I came up with to “get by” until I see what they’re really supposed to look like.
  4. Looking for a correct set of front bumper support brackets for a 1932 Chrysler CI. The bumper style is split, and takes a continuous spring steel mount, I have everything but the 2 correct brackets that the crescent moons bolt to.
  5. Bob is a great guy. I’ve done a few deals with Bob and have always felt good about them.
  6. A shout out to Bob Scafani! I was lucky enough to be able to buy this bumper from him last year, I had it rechromed and I tweaked the main spring mount in our press at work and the cleaned it up and painted it. Turned out pretty nice.
  7. Looking for a chrome Trico vacuum wiper motor mounting nut like the one in the photo. Thanks, JimmyS
  8. Looking for a Trico wiper vacuum motor nut like the one pictured. Thanks
  9. wow, okay I thought that they might be different. I need an RSB-204-1 or KSB-204-1 thanks!
  10. the Chrysler takes 2. I only have one correct one.
  11. Looking for a Trico wiper motor for my 1932 Chrysler. Trico p/n KSB-204-1 or RSB-204-1 on/off rod is approximately 7/8”-1” from the center of the motor. Motor pictured is a R.H. Side motor and the one I need is the L.H. Side. thanks JimmyS
  12. Yep, on the frame and the block (block is hard to read but it matches)
  13. I recently received the “build sheet” for my 1932 CI Coupe. Can anyone help decipher this, I believe the wood wheels are stock or it would say “wire” and amazingly I have the correct engine and body. I must say FCA Historical was very quick to get me this letter and information! thanks
  14. yep! First show this summer on Vashon Island.
  15. 35 years in the making 😆 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-LPVQSh2pPia8kIH4PnglaUGZOctwB5H/view