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  1. @Pete Phillips Thanks, Pete, I'll check that out. @TexasJohn55 I have a PDF of the shop manual for my Buick that I reference often. I've searched the manual multiple times for a detailed description of the accelerator switch, but I only find reference to it in regards to instructions on starting the car. Even the carburetor section doesn't mention it, but maybe with Pete's input I can make some progress.
  2. @Wilf Sedanet I bought a '48 Roadmaster this past summer and the accelerator switch had been bypassed to a push button installed underneath the dash. I would like to change it back to the original accelerator pedal start, if possible, but I can't figure out how it originally worked and what components were involved even as I trace my way from the accelerator linkage up to the carb. Maybe some components were removed from my car. If you get a chance sometime, would you please take pictures of the relevant components and post them here? It would be much appreciated!
  3. Nice find, Barbu! I've seen those old cars sitting in front of various Truly Nolens (I'm in Phoenix), but I never thought they'd actually sell them since they've been sitting out there for decades. How did you happen to approach them and buy the car?
  4. Ok, figured it out. First used a hammer and then when the pin was flush, I used a hammer and a bolt to pound it through.
  5. One of the hood handle frames on my '48 Roadmaster is cracked (surprise, surprise) so I bought a new frame to replace it. However, the handle is attached to the frame at the pivot point with a pin. Does anyone know how to remove that pin? Is there a certain tool that you need to remove it? Which would be better equipped to swap out the frame: a mechanic or body shop? I've attached some pictures for reference. There's the frame and then a picture with a set of handles. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the assembly together showing the pin (only what it looks like when it's o
  6. I'm looking for a lens for the rear courtesy lights located on the back seat base of a 1948 Buick Roadmaster. Attached is a photo of the installed light.
  7. Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I've found and purchased what I needed.
  8. Thanks, @Dynaflash8. It's the center piece that's really leaking bad on my car, so if I end up getting just the center piece somewhere else, I may get back to you on the front and back sections. Do you have pics?
  9. Looking for an exhaust/intake manifold for a 320 engine for my 1948 Roadmaster.
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