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  1. Hello, Trying to come up with a breakdown of all the parts for the truck and passenger car fender parking lamp for the 1940 year... So far I have the following: 1- Assembly GM 916998 2- Lens, clear GM 924854 3- Gasket GM 922758 4- Door/Bezel GM 5930230 5- Screw GM 923315 6- Wiring harness GM ? 7- Socket/holder GM ? 8- Gasket to fender GM 3650817 9- Bulb (#63) GM 142303 As I understand, these lamps were made by Guide Motor Lamp Manufacturing Co. only, but I don't have access to any of their catalogs or know any of the internal part numbers... If anyone can chime in, or know what other year models share any of the components (such as the holder/socket it would be appreciated...
  2. Hello Bloo, Where did you purchase the components to wire the sockets, such as fiber discs, springs, etc?
  3. Hello Mathew, Thank you very much for looking it up... Any idea if 1393395 kit (L/R) applies to a 1938 Century?
  4. Would anyone know the GM part # for a tie rod end kit? I have 1393395, but I am not sure it is correct for a Century... All I have are aftermarket #'s as TS71-L and TS71-R... Thank you.
  5. Same as Buicks, Buicks, I cannot find the TorqueTube nor the TorqueTube Index...
  6. Hello Don, I just received a note from Bob Carruba... He set me straight in terms of what kit to purchase for a 1938 series 60, and what the kit contains... You only need TBK343-L... I was mistaken and jumped the gun on my previous post....:( The leaks are indeed a real pain! This is something I have to remedy asap, even though the amount of oil is small... I will do a search for Neil Morse and see if I can follow his instructions... Thank you for the lead.
  7. I was under the impression that cork was better than rubber if handled properly... I just have a problem with the rubber made overseas that turns to mush, especially here in the heat... What I found from Bob's Automobilia was TBK343-L and TBS 368. That is one expensive piece of rubber plus the one gasket if you ask me... The installation process is another matter that I have to gloss over. If you have any tips, I sure welcome them. I do not want to do this twice, since it is not an easy task to detach the driveline from under the car...
  8. Hello again, Can anyone recommend the best seal kit for the torque tube ball that includes all paper gaskets and cork seal? Yes, I would prefer cork over new rubber... Thank you.
  9. Hello, I am looking for the following items for a 1939 Chevrolet (1.5 ton/VC) Utility Truck... 1- GM 599352 Light switch knob with rod... 2- GM 1915427 Ignition Coil 3- GM 914255 Headlamp Retainer 4-Carter 11B-16 or Pump jet passage plug 5- Carter 11B-25 Check Valve passage Plug 6- GM 600692 front Torque tube Bushing (Brass) 7- GM 347813 Dowel Pin 8- GM 373344 Trunnion Bearing 9- GM 365316 Trunnion Bearing Lock 10- GM 609948 U-joint Repair Kit Complete I have attached some photos... If anyone can help with these it would be greatly appreciated... Thank you.
  10. Hello there, thank you very much for information and the extra parts pages... Very useful!
  11. Does anyone know what is the correct metering rod gauge for a Carter W-1 (391-S)? Thank you.
  12. Hello all,Anyone close to Mar-K Enterprises in Oklahoma City? I have a set of 7 bed strips 116" long that I need transported to 33066 or 33314 (Fastenal) in FL... Freight charges by the company are astronomical @ $328.00 due to the length... I am not given any other freight options...They could easily fit inside a 4" cardboard tube if needed, but I don't think it is necessary... If someone could pick up from there (for a fee) and take to Greyhound or Fastenal it could have them for next to nothing here... Can anyone help? Thank you.
  13. Do you have any Autolite AN-7 plugs?
  14. Does anyone know if the Lectric Limited 6 volt battery butler is available? The Ceteor unit is available from Belgium but at a crazy price of 700 Euros plus freight... I really don't understand the price difference from a 12 volt unit, which probably averages $120.00 to a 6 volt unit at €700.00??? How different it is really internally and what special components does it have inside to justify that price? It doesn't make much sense... That being said, I wonder how tough would be to modify a 12 volt unit to 6 volts...
  15. Hello there, I am looking for a 1939 0r 1940 Chevrolet (1.5 ton) truck with or without a bed but with a good engine, transmission and complete sheet metal, specially up front... Thank you.
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