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  1. Does anyone know what is the correct metering rod gauge for a Carter W-1 (391-S)? Thank you.
  2. Hello all,Anyone close to Mar-K Enterprises in Oklahoma City? I have a set of 7 bed strips 116" long that I need transported to 33066 or 33314 (Fastenal) in FL... Freight charges by the company are astronomical @ $328.00 due to the length... I am not given any other freight options...They could easily fit inside a 4" cardboard tube if needed, but I don't think it is necessary... If someone could pick up from there (for a fee) and take to Greyhound or Fastenal it could have them for next to nothing here... Can anyone help? Thank you.
  3. Do you have any Autolite AN-7 plugs?
  4. Does anyone know if the Lectric Limited 6 volt battery butler is available? The Ceteor unit is available from Belgium but at a crazy price of 700 Euros plus freight... I really don't understand the price difference from a 12 volt unit, which probably averages $120.00 to a 6 volt unit at €700.00??? How different it is really internally and what special components does it have inside to justify that price? It doesn't make much sense... That being said, I wonder how tough would be to modify a 12 volt unit to 6 volts...
  5. Hello there, I am looking for a 1939 0r 1940 Chevrolet (1.5 ton) truck with or without a bed but with a good engine, transmission and complete sheet metal, specially up front... Thank you.
  6. Thanks Carl, I will reach out to him...
  7. I will be disassembling the rear brakes on my 1939 1.5 ton truck shortly and will surely need to get the shoes relined... Can anyone recommend a quality shop that won't take 2 weeks to do the job and can handle either bonded or riveted shoes? Can anyone also confirm the thickness (6.91 mm) needed for these? Thank you.
  8. Any luck with the Dyna-Flyte 880 Distributor plate? Thank you...
  9. Hello Bloo, Thank you very much for the help here... I have actually been able to slide out the female parts of the connector out... The base, which I would have expected to be some type of fiber board feels more like chemically treated cardboard... One is a little iffy and might have to re-coat with something (epoxy?) to help maintain its integrity so that I can reuse it... Yet to see if the contacts are crimped or soldered... I have never seen replacement bulb contacts of that size. It should be interesting to locate if I cannot reuse.. The male contacts are corroded into the male port
  10. Hello There,I was just able to obtain a pair of correct headlamps for my 1939 1.5 ton pick up truck and would like to bring them back to original configuration... At first glance it seems that it will be very difficult to rewire the original round (3 pole) connectors inside... The female side with the springs seems almost impossible to take apart... Has anyone tried this, or does anyone know of a place where you can send your reflector and sockets for a rewire? Thank you.
  11. Hello Mike, I will give you a ring tomorrow... Can also send you photos to your phone. Thank you.
  12. I have a pair of 1938 headlamp Buckets... One is complete and the second missing the lens. Very good rust free condition. $300.00 plus shipping. Will have more details and photos tomorrow.
  13. Hello Dave, Can you post photos of your carburetors? Thank you...
  14. Hello Curti, what are you getting for your new Purolator filters?
  15. Hello Paul, Yes, that looks identical to the Napa filter... Please see photo.
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