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  1. I rebuilt mine last year. The gears were in good shape. As above, the output pitman bushings were shot as well as the seal. A trip to the local bearing store found the bushings and seal. Also to repeat above, go read the adjustments part of the shop manual. Very specific on how to make the adjustments. I put STP in the gear box. The gears move at very slow rpms and you want something that will stick and add lubricant to everything.
  2. Rick, Don't be afraid to take it apart and at least have a look see for yourself. You can always send it off to someone as a last resort. I recently rebuilt my 36 Buick box, knowing nothing about it but had some very good adjustment information in the service manual. Probably not a whole lot of difference in yours and mine. My major problem with the output shaft wobble which was due to worn bushings which were easily located and pressed in and out my a local machine shop, and a seal easily found. Other than that all other parts just needed cleaning and adjustments gone thru.
  3. When I refurbished the window tracks in my 36 Buick I found this OHenry candy bar wrapper in the far corner of the front door. OHenry, Finest Milk Chocolate, 5 cents. The location was such due to the wood frame construction it had to have been put in there when the car was being built.
  4. Check out the 36 Buick. There is an $800 grill appears to be in great shape. What is the non original hood emblem from?
  5. I would try Steele Rubber. Steelerubber.com 800-544-8665 Tom
  6. I just rebuilt the steering box in my 36-40 and filed it with STP Since the gears in the box turn very slowly and only used when making turns, etc., I wanted something that would always cling to the gears and not settle off. Read about using it somewhere online. Made sense to me. Tom
  7. Not familiar with the 39, but I had to remove my 36 steering wheel when I recently rebuilt the steering box. I used a cheap multi purpose steering wheel puller purchased years ago. It has slots in in for bolt placement and a number of different bolts depending on the thread size Don't know why any common steering wheel puller would not work on yours. Here's one from Harbor Freight https://www.harborfreight.com/bolt-type-wheel-puller-set-62620.html?cid=paid_google|*PLA+-+All+Products+-+Higher+Sales+Items|New+Products+-+(2)+Price+%2410-30|62620&utm_source=google&utm_me
  8. Thanks for the information and discussion. I am pretty sure the taller cleaner was installed with the bent radiator support rod. Note picture of mine. The bent rod provided clearance so the tall cleaner would not rub and make for ease of removal. I installed the short/fat cleaner on the carb just to see how it looked. Would be interesting to find out where the short cleaner was used. It is an oil bath as noted by the sticker and under the top plate is a felt cover to oil for dust removal. Noting how complete my recent purchase of the 36 engine is, I can only assume it was the original
  9. I know there were different type air cleaners on the 1936 Buicks depending on engine size, heavy duty, etc. But were there different ones for the 36-40 series motors. The one on the left picture came off my 36-40 and used the bent radiator support rod for clearance. The one on the right is lower and fatter and would not need the bent support rod for clearance. It came off my recent 36-40 complete engine purchase. Picture of it being unloaded. Thanks, Tom
  10. Thanks. Looks like someone bent mine the wrong way if indeed it was supposed to be mounted to valve cover. Might have been after market and just bolted where they thought appropriate.
  11. I think I am going to answer my own question and just realized it is the heater hoses bracket I assume.
  12. I just purchased a 1936 Buick engine as a spare for my car. It was taken out of the car about 16 years ago and been stored since. The owner has worked on the body off and on ever since making a street rod out of it. He has a long way to go, The engine is all complete and the speedometer registered 37,000 miles. The engine turns and I took out the plugs to oil cylinders. Even the plug wire holders under the wire cover were there. Spark plugs looked relatively clean. Note photos. My question is what is the double end bracket that is bolted to the spark plug wire cover used
  13. There is a 419s carb with working starter switch for sale on the Buick Buy/Sale forum now.
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