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  1. Got these two cool knobs was wondering what they go to
  2. Anyone needing a flathead offenhauser cam? Best offer gets it
  3. Anyone need this before i post it on ebay?
  4. Oh thats just awesome i have several jars of these
  5. Can for the life of me remember the name to these light sockets
  6. Looks like i struck gold lol. I just dont understand the flap on it...maybe it lets air in to creat the "cyclone" effect
  7. Obviously from the words on the side of tgis valve i know what it is but lol i dont know what it is.
  8. You guys are right. Its the spotsy traffic light finder. Once again think you guys. I got another one coming up lol its a cyclone valve oxyhydrogen. I obviously know what it is but cant find any information on it anywhere
  9. Anybody know what this is? Thanks in advanced
  10. Hi i have this light and know it 1916 era but cant figure out exactly what
  11. Looks like it may go to a military vehicle i think ita m21 or m28 military truck im not sure but might give you a starting point to search
  12. Its dust its been sitting in an old box for some time. Any clue what era or year this is from?