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  1. roysboystoys

    1946 chevy pickup

    Hartford NJ
  2. roysboystoys

    Steering column complete 1937 Ford For Sale

    At the top left of the ad it says " One-Shot" Click on it and you will get his profile page. There is a place that highlights " message" , click on it and you can send him an inquiry. Great guy to deal with
  3. roysboystoys

    ID DeSoto?

    Anyone know the model of Desoto
  4. roysboystoys

    Model of Dodge?

    Can you ID the car
  5. roysboystoys

    Hudson Big Boy Project Truck

    Yes , but the eight can be fitted , bolt in . Need the eight cylinder radiator
  6. roysboystoys

    Speedo glass ID help

    I would guess Chrysler products Look around on this site Classic Instruments store I can't post a link using Edge
  7. roysboystoys

    Whippet truck?

    Maybe the body was removed from original chassis and just remounted to different chassis when photo was taken?
  8. roysboystoys

    unknown oil canister Ford Buick Dodge?

    Looks " universal", designed to clamp to intake manifold with ubolts Many aftermarket manufactures , most engines before 1950's came with out oil filters and were added.
  9. roysboystoys

    403 Peugeot

    Contact Lieutenant Columbo
  10. roysboystoys

    Old Switch & Old Regulator NOS Delco Remy

    I'll guess. The " Switch" looks like an actuator for a door or trunk release? The " Regulator" looks like part of what is referred to as a " Voltage" or " generator" regulator. I worked at an Ignition shop in the 60's and parts were repaired instead of replaced. Sorry , can't help with the number ID
  11. roysboystoys

    Several Fog Lights, Identification Needed

    K-S King Seelly ? They are all after market, the brackets ad to the value. Singles are harder to sell then pairs
  12. roysboystoys

    1956 Cadillac Set of Wheel Covers SOLD

    Nice job on the ad and photos. Buyer knows exactly what he gets. If no sale here , try HAMB , hot item for early customs.
  13. roysboystoys

    1949-50-51- FORD HEADS AND INTAKE

    Those will fit a large priority flat rate box , $18.65 each to ship at any post office
  14. roysboystoys

    Parts catalogs 1939-65

    $50 for all ?