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  1. Trunk , hood , roof paint all looks funky in the photos. If it needs repaint, it's way over priced. Nice to see one that's not a rust victim.
  2. After much discussion on several forums , seems this matches gauges for 1924-25 Packard. The housing shape could have been used by others? Possibly test equipment gauge. But I believe Supercharger boost gauge is most likely? Responds to applied vacuum. Rare? unusual gauge, haven't found a reference to another like it. I want $56 plus shipping SOLD USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a private message Thanks Roy
  3. 1961 Comet owners manual -like new City: Wellington State: Ohio Price: 15 32 page , 1960 printing, near new condition $15 plus media shipping Send zip in Private message Thanks Roy
  4. City: Wellington State: Ohio Price: $12 each
  5. Thanks for the observation . I edited my last post. Seems likely now.?
  6. I can't remember or find any reference to supercharger for Packard. This was my first thought , but 30 pounds boost is highly unlikely. Thanks Edit , I should have quit looking at so many gauges on google. They are almost all 30 pounds pressure, This is 10 pounds at the 3/4 range as Stude17 observed. Could very well be Supercharger. A friend suggested Aviation , he said Packard supplied engines for Aero planes? The housing could have been supplied to other makers?
  7. I posted in the Packard forum , we'll see what develops. Thanks
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