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  1. A great car for less than the price of a Toyota beater. These cars ride and handle well, good fuel mileage. I had several 63-67 as daily drivers. They rusted a lot here in Ohio.
  2. It's only a 20 Amp meter , probably before 1940 Post a photo of the back and any markings
  3. The velour door panels and seat back isn't close to original. To bad , rest of car is very nice, still a great price if it checks out as good as it looks.
  4. What's the voltage of the bulb, might give a clue. Looks like a light for a seat in movie theater, 30's -40's
  5. Total 2015 miles , or they drove it 2015 miles? Automatic transmission? , as far as I know it wasn't avaiable until 1951 I see a clutch pedal Heading says Commodore , but it's a Super Six A lot of questions to ask Nice looking car , would help to install hubcaps and skirts to sell
  6. Thanks , I did get it in my files , but for some reason I couldn't get it post here. I've had multiple Windows problems since last update.
  7. Here's one for sale on this forum. For some reason I can't copy the photos?
  8. it's difficult to concentrate on the dash. Movie star?
  9. Trans fluid , engine oil , antifreeze hydraulic oil, whatever fluid comes in 55 gallon drums
  10. Take a look at Studebaker in a motors manual. strictly a wag from memory.
  11. I've sold car parts for 58 years. I see mostly scrap. From your photos , only the carbs MIGHT have some value. Carb cores sell for about $25 , if you can find the guy that needs the one you have. I think you will be blessed if you find a buyer for the whole lot. So much labor involved , and so much space needed. It will be tough to sell that building until it's emptied, even difficult to use the way it is. Figure an hour of your time for EACH piece if you try to sell it piece meal , that's what I've averaged through the years. Very low wages. You've got to really enjo
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