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  1. roysboystoys

    Air kit

    Really bad photos, but that is a later version of a 1930's tire inflator , probably marketed for tractors. Inflate a flat out in the field
  2. I agree . It could be to spread brake caliper pistons , or several used to lift a cylinder head. It looks factory made , but it is a modified valve lifter. The edges are ground to a sharp taper to wedge under something.
  3. They got the styling right , hard to do on a BIG car
  4. Yes , one was a Commodore and the other was a Super , with a film over it to match the color of the Commodore.
  5. What is it? Post photos of vehicles or parts you wish to identify. What is it - Rules One item to identify per post. (Do NOT combine items in a post -----------------This Subject line needs more than "What is it?" BE DESCRIPTIVE. Refrain from off-topic conversations. ie. Answer the question. Posts and replies that do not follow these simple rules will be deleted without comment.
  6. Long wheel base truck " Big Boy" with a short wheel base box
  7. That center piece looks added? Here is similar 2005 wire wheel cap
  8. 53 Dodge ? rough job on the belt line.
  9. Someone run the license plate number to see how it was registered?
  10. I know nothing about radios , wag , AM / FM control?
  11. Well thought out photos , nice back ground. Like it should be for a high dollar car.
  12. Take it apart and clean the grille part on a wire wheel. Paint the horn in semi gloss, if it works you might get $25
  13. Ask on the " Ford Barn" The Swap Meet - The Ford Barn
  14. I guess you have to pay 34K to get a clean trunk and spare For Sale: 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special -"all original, Grand National Winner"- Longview, TX - Not Mine - "Not Mine" Automobiles For Sale - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org)
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