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Buick pictures you may or may not like

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42 minutes ago, Larry Schramm said:

I am going to guess that it is a 1958 Buick Caballero station wagon, or what is left of it. 


Are you offering what ever is left to anyone that needs parts? 




Yes, that's what's left of the "parts car".

It was just a body shell on a bent frame, with a bunch of related parts piled inside.

And yes, I listed several items in the For Sale section.

Floors, rockers and roof are all gone to other project cars.

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7 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:

I don't think so; it's now down to a few large pieces and a nearly bare frame.


I'll bet you have that space it took up filled already though...

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On 11/20/2019 at 1:05 AM, Elpad said:





So, this would be, not a RoadMaster, but a LakeMaster ?


.... and if rented out for fishing excursions,

- would it be a Lake - Master - Baiter ?


Or on the Narragansett as a landing craft,

maybe a Master - Bay-terre

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This is Buick Switch Engine #818 from Buick City, Flint, Michigan. The image is from a January 1976 Kodachrome slide.

It shows this particular Buick Switch Engine locomotive painted to honor the Bicentennial of the USA (1976) and also includes

the Buick "Free Spirit" moniker used on some models during the 1975 and 1976 model years. It was also temporarily renumbered "1776".


There is an interesting Buick Factory memorial website that includes a history of these locomotives used at Buick City. (is the web author a member of this forum?)

View it here.

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