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  1. I agree with the 1909 Buick Model 10 Bottom of the "door" openings are exact.
  2. It's been very slow to open, but seems to work properly once it loads. I'm going to clear history, cookies & cache to see if that helps.
  3. Congratulations on getting to DONE, Doug! Just in time for a nice cruising weekend!
  4. Roberta, seller might want to consider Bring-a-Trailer or a Hemmings Auction.
  5. Gary, Are you thinking of Noah Stutzman? Stutzman Buggy Shaft & Wheel Works 33650 C. R. 12 Baltic OH 43804 ZIP Code: 43804 Larry Schramm will have the phone number.
  6. Barry Kluczyk, a professional freelance photographer, took all the new images for the HCC article. He did a great job! The detailed "work-in-process" images are my photos.
  7. I've also been purchasing from CARS for years with good results. Their business hours are 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Mon-Fri.
  8. I am listing this for a local BCA member. Please contact JoAnn at the number listed below if interested. The car is located southeast of Flint, MI. 1936 Buick Roadmaster Series 80C Convertible Phaeton Green w/black, beige top Rare Full Classic, Nice Driver, low miles $62,500 BCA#44764 JoAnn (586) 726-one-one-one-one Calls Only please
  9. Thanks John. I haven't seen the magazine yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing the article and photos!
  10. Welcome to these forums and congratulations on a wonderful purchase!
  11. I've got 3 of the rims, but I don't have any caps. These take the shank style nuts, not the angle lug nuts. I'll take $120 plus shipping for all 3.
  12. I quit selling on eBay when they started taking a cut of the shipping charges. This latest "Mis-managed Pay" baloney has eliminated ANY thoughts of ever selling on that platform. I'll keep using individual forums and bring a big pile to Hershey. I've looked for alternative auction sites. Might have to try Bonanza.com, ebth.com or webstore.com
  13. And ANOTHER green Cadillac!
  14. Yep, you're right. Thought i had it...
  15. Could be 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix (rear)
  16. Walt, How long has it been since you visited? This is the Cadillac-LaSalle Museum The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum The Franklin Automobile Collection Model A Ford Museum The architecture of each new facility is unique. The original Red Barn buildings are still in use, but the buildings are not all the same now.
  17. I live north of Detroit; it's about a 3 hour drive to Hickory Corners and the Gilmore. I didn't visit the museum until about 10 years ago. These days, I usually visit the site at least 3 times every year. We are planning to attend the Congress of Motorcars, A Celebration of Brass, the Cadillac Fall Festival and the Red Barn Spectacular events this year. We think it is an absolute jewel!
  18. Quick checks I would do: Check the electrical connections between the engine, the frame & battery. Loosen every connection, clean & re-tighten them. Check for damage to the rotor or the distributor cap. Make sure there is good contact between the rotor and the center button terminal in the distributor cap.
  19. Careful, Doug... Whenever I free up that much space, I fill it with more cars and tools...
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