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MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick


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23 minutes ago, NC-car-guy said:

Creepy but I have a feeling it means something more than buick..


I think I should post this on “caption this“ to see what it brings. I’m thinking “which way do we go?”

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6 hours ago, Elpad said:

I think I should post this on “caption this“ to see what it brings. I’m thinking “which way do we go?”

Reverse image search on Google yielded this:

About the work

La Patera (The Raft), 2002

Lithography on paper
29 9/10 × 40 in



Armando Mariño produces richly expressive paintings, sculptures, and installations that merges abstraction and representation, the everyday and the surreal, and nature and culture. Among his sculptures, for example, is a house upraised atop a forest of human legs. His paintings also feature fantastical imagery, including a girl sprouting mushrooms from her body. The colors in his paintings are hyper-bright, recalling the saturated hues of our digital culture. Decidedly of his time, Mariño often seeks the spark for his work online. As he has explained: “I just Google an image and save it until I’m ready to use it...It’s the way that the picture talks to you...but also...the way you can add something. There’s something else that comes only from the hands of the painter.”

Show artist insights

Armando Mariño



From Wikipedia

The Raft[edit]

The Raft sculpture was acquired by 21c Museum, Kentucky, USA in January 2011. It features a wheel-less 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe. The car is supported by a multitude of Cuban legs, depicting the hardships and arduous journeys undertaken by Cubans to leave the Island. It can be seen to represent the resourcefulness and strength of the Cuban people as a symbol of hope, marching forward towards a better life.

This is the second rendition of the sculpture. The first was displayed at the Havana Biennial, Cuba in 2003. The sculpture was unable to be taken out of Cuba after the exhibition and was eventually destroyed.



I assume the original was the 55 Buick....

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