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1929 Model J Duesenberg

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I have information about a 1929 Model J Duesenberg for sale. It's not being advertised that I know of. How does one discreetly find a buyer for a car of this caliber & would asking for a 1% finder's fee be unreasonable? I just found out about it, so I do not have photos. They would probably be very difficult to get also.


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Not to be snide, but what value are you adding for your 1%?

Price of the car is $975K, so finder's fee would be $9750. I don't think that's too outrageous considering the buyer has no competition like he/she would at an auction, the car & opportunity to buy it are dumped in the buyer's lap, & if it were bought at an auction with 10% buyer's premium it would be 10 times my 1%. Finally, if a buyer can afford a million dollars for the car, they can surely afford the finder's fee.

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Again, I'm wondering what the 1% is for? The seller needs to make a single phone call and most of the eligible market will know the car is available. If you are managing the buyers on behalf of the seller to minimize annoyance then he should pay the 1%.

If the seller is asking full retail then an auction is the only route to go unless it's a very special car.

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Guest Silverghost

George has not provided us with any photos & indicates that Photos may be difficult to get ?

He has not stated the style of coachwork, coachbuilder, or if it has original coachwork ?

He has not stated if the car has been restored, when it was restored, or if it is in fact running ?

He has not provided the "J" Chassis & engine number ?


He has NOT stated if he is officially representing the Duesenberg car's owner ?

I suspect he is NOT !

What information does he

in fact expect to supply for his 1% "Finder's Fee" ?

If such an auto exists & is in fact for sale word will spread quickly without anyone giving George a so-called "Finder's Fee" !

At this point we do not know if this car does in fact exist- or is in fact for sale ?

Most all Duesenberg Model "J" autos have been accounted for; and are being tracked by Randy Ema, Chris Summers, the ACD Historian and Duesenberg club members & collectors !

I know where there are hundreds of cars that COULD or MIGHT be for sale~~~

Duesenberg "J" s included !

Should I also get a 1% 'Finder's Fee" for this information ?~~~

NO WAY !!!

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I must agree with George (OP) AND the comments of Silverghost...

I will add that since most Dussies are known... A photo or chassis info would reveal which car it is.... Instantly George will perhaps be cut out of his 1%

Could be the owner does not want the publicity generated by an auction... And of course the hassle of getting the car to a decent auction venue and all the hoopla connected with that.

And then there is the actual change of hands of the money..... Does the seller need to keep quiet about the sale? An ex-partner with a hand out? Or other???

We have no clue....

But very true that a phone number is not worth 9 grand... Happens to me all the time. I will not pay for a phone number... If I get full details, make the deal, then we talk about the referral service.

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I think that's a 300K - 400K car.


I would love to have that car but it's not going to bring a million dollars.

1. Open rear quarter limo with high roof line is at the back of the pack for body style desirability.

2. Older restoration with incorrect interior and questionable paint color.

3. Sitting for many years puts it's mechanical state in doubt. If you can get a J engine rebuilt for 50k you are lucky.

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At that price- Duesey's must have depreciated by at least 50% in the last 10 years.

Don't forget the value of a dollar in that equation either, the dollar has dropped by about half in that time also.

Bargains everywhere!

Early open quarter limos have never brought that much. Maybe 500 at the height of the market for a nice one. Although the chassis are identical, there are huge variations in price based on a number of factors:

1. Coachwork

2. Early vs. Late

3. condition

4. originality of engine/body/chassis.

5. Pedigree

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