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  1. The aluminum box I have has some really old black paint on it. Sure looks like it was originally all black.
  2. I will see what I can find. I also have a request for a rim for a Studebaker
  3. Really looking for information so I can do what is right by this project I am starting. This is a LONG wheelbase 1924. I dont think there are any out there that I can actually get info from, but MAYBE someone in this forum has records or pictures, even better know where one is that I can get details of?
  4. WOW! Actually it is not my boat, I just saved the engine from a poor rebuild. I will attache a few photos tomorrow.. I am just heading to a CCCA board meeting.. I see a few differences on your engine. More later!
  5. More organized now. Getting closer, but because of enormity of all this, I contracted with an online auction company to take over. Many tiesm now on pallets. Much more inside on tables.
  6. I have set up with an online auction company to sell off the last of Roy and Jeff Harper's parts, tools and equipment. I am curious about a LOT of the stuff collected for years, but these three engines are interesting. Actually so are some of the others! But since he gathered up three, there must have been a reason for it. All the cars were sold, but some without engines. Could some of what is here be needed for one of the cars?
  7. Hi Carl good to see you chime in there. Well I've already talked to Ted Rains. Paul could be another possibility. Good to see you out there reading what's going on in the world!
  8. Yes, 1936 is a completley different engine. That engine continued to 1948. Biggest external difference is the 36 has no side mount castings in the block. The 346 was also used in military applications including ground support, compressors and generators and of course, the Stuart and the Chaffee twin Cadillac powered tanks.
  9. Thank You Roger. yes I know the part numbers are not the same. I am a bit surprised that they are close enough that they could be installed in either of these engine series. They can be put it, set up, all back together, but I think impossible for the engine to run. AND the cams I have dont have any numbers on them that would help identify one from the other. Was thinking MAYBE someone intimately familiar with these would be on the forum.. HA! not much of a chance, but I have to try!
  10. I have part numbers from a someone offering help. 1928 to 1931 OEM #1085019 and 1932 to 1935 OEM #1081312. I have a cam out of one of my spare (341B) 1929 engines and the cam out of a 1935 355. Looking at these cams side by side, although they could be installed in either engine, the lobe centers are vastly different. This is what is puzzling because the 35 Cad was running but with NO power at all and is a rebuilt engine. The engine was rebuilt some years ago, but the car lacking power has not been driven much because of the low power situation. Now I am helping the owner resolve the mystery. I have a cam grinder waiting to see these cams and dive into his records.
  11. Anyone know if the camshaft is different? Anyone have cam specifications? 1928 to 1935 Cadillac V8 engines were of the same engine family, much like a Chevy 265 to 400 share the same basic design. But what parts can be used in these early engines that are the same? Cam and crank timing different?
  12. WELL FOLKS, I guess since it is sold and now with a very happy new caretaker, I should mark it sold-- BUT, How do I do that? I cant figure out out!
  13. Well the 1932 Cadillac that started all this got loaded into the transport and it's on its way to the east coast. If I could figure out how to add a picture to this comment I do so of it being put on the truck. Maybe when I'm out in the shop tomorrow I'll give it another try. But for now the Cadillac has left the building.
  14. That right there should tell you what they think about your cars! when you kick the bucket you can bet that they're going to be letting them go real fast and buy some stupid stuff. May as well put the cars up for sale now and tell us what you got! HA!
  15. I have to agree with Ed. The roadsters may be more sporty, but I too am over 6 ft tall and personally prefer the sport phaeton. But the bottom line is, what the numbers are and the original build sheet that go with that set of numbers. Because Cadillac records are very well preserved and available, you've got to go by the numbers and prove that it's a real car so that you don't get into trouble when it's time to part with it.
  16. I think you'll be getting a lot of responses to this message. Most of them are going to ask where the car is and if it's for sale! But I think that there is a lot fewer people out there that are doing restorations or taking on a project like this. that is unless they're pockets are full and they're willing to send the car to a known restoration shop where the car can be put together and done and quality fine enough that it can be presented at some of the biggest Concours d'Elegance events. In other words someone with deep pockets and a big ego that wants to see their car up on the podium. Guys like me who just love the cars and want to see them active and driven have no chance to experience ownership or hands-on at this level of classic car ownership.
  17. Yes! This happens far to frequently at auctions! You hand over your car to the "experts" who insist on taking it along to the podium. You would think they would get help from folks that really know these cars and not claiming to be a "know it all"
  18. YES! I know there are MANY private collections that are exactly that.. PRIVATE... Very few folks are privileged to see them and even then NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. A bit unfortunate, but still the rules must be followed when invited to visit. BUT I must also say, too bad that this is a real situation where the "owner" does not share some of the fantastic automobiles in their collection, and even worse, many are not driven or at least privately regularly exercised. I do know of a few that have private roads or large exercise areas where every car is driven on a regular schedule. But many more are static display only.
  19. Yeah best I don't comment. But I must say it's not bright white it was a creamy white. And apple green was an original color. That lime green thing look like some hideous thing from the '70s that reminded me of an old shag carpet I used to have. So I as I say I best not comment.
  20. BTW-- YES, the sales book is a 1929 issue. First year of the 341 models.
  21. Yes, The 29 was Waltons car and it got plenty of mention in books. Colors were not what the build sheet said. Paint was coming of in big chinks and during the restoration work, I found a red shop rag and bondo used to cover a big rust hole in the gas tank apron. Also had a poorly repaired engine block that had oil seeping through. Probably a couple reasons why Buddy steered you to the other car. Original build sheet gave us the colors. But because the Sports Phaeton was also to be done, the colors for the Phaeton were used on the roadster. At the time we decided to do it this way and because there was a Fleetwood body cabriolet pictured in the 1928/9 Cadillac factory sales books. Just before the car was sold, I repainted the wheels to green to soften the color combination. "Problem" with colors on a Cadillac is the original record is available. With Packard or others, no records so it is open to do what you want. Believe me, I have had the cooler be an issue when on the show field. "They never made them this color" was a very loud statement by a judge at one event. I showed him the book and on the cover where it states "500 color combinations, 50 body styles" -- His reply was, "this car in the picture has a different hood! You car has the wrong hood!" --- SO, my replay was, the car pictures is a FLEETWOOD BODY, this roadster you are looking at is a FISHER body. That was the day I decided to become a judge and also later do judge training! Here is a photo of the page in the book I used.
  22. Ed, I have a 1929 Sport Phaeton that I hope to start the restoration on this winter. I did a complete restoration on a 1929 Roadster 341B several years ago. Actually got some help from you for that one. Would like to have my car be a 1930 only to have a mechanical fuel pump rather than the Stewart vacuum and I like the Fleetwood body slightly more than my Fisher. Here is a picture of the 29 roadster I restored several years ago.
  23. YES! -- SAME Fisher body, but longer wheelbase chassis for the V16. And of course the V16 car is a very fresh restoration.. Guesses anyone as to what it will sell for?
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