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  1. I hope one of our south of the border friends doesn’t get a hold of it & ruin it with a visor and all the doodads they slap on their cars.
  2. Posted on FB. No copyright shown so here you go. 1932 Packard Twin Six 905 Coupe Roadster with Clark Gable
  3. This car reminds me of the lipstick on a pig saying. With this car, if you put a supercharger on a butt ugly car, it's still butt ugly. Maybe since the "super"charger increased the hp by 25, it should only be called a medium or regular charger. It may be a rare car, but rare does NOT by any stretch of the imagination = desirable.
  4. No, they should have made all of them including the one below:
  5. FB posting w/no copyright mark, so I'm sharing. I like the interior, but your copilot had to help with reading the guages. Steering wheel looks like C1 Corvette. Speedo reminds me of 1954 full size Chevy. Grab bar was on 1962 Impala SS models. I see 1955 Pontiac in the rear quarter/tail light treatment. Must only drive it on cloudy days, otherwise your goose would be cooked. I wonder if the whole top is removable.
  6. About $10-12K running. Maybe $15K if roadworthy. IF the engine just needs a tuneup, the trans a good flushing, and the other items that need repair to make roadworthy, what? $5000 to do that stuff? I’d rather buy the pink Lincoln advertised here.
  7. 1936 Cadillac V16 Convertible. Found this posted on FB.
  8. Question for the restoration experts: Using this car as an example, but put any other in it's place in the approximate same condition, Is it feasible to just put everything back together & back on the car, make it roadworthy, maybe have a little fun with it & then flip it? A couple things to consider: MOST if not ALL the work is done by the buyer, and if the answer to my question is yes, then would a guy make a little money on it or at least break even except for labor?
  9. For us old timers with gastrointestinal issues, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use the 2 grunt method. Your pants may not be very happy with you if you do.😁
  10. Of all of the ones pictured here, I'll take the hemi.
  11. It is truly amazing how much response & interest a shifter can generate. I love it!
  12. It is truly amazing how much response & interest a shifter can generate. I love it!
  13. I think the guy who owns the Guild up in Canada built a replica/clone of one of these.
  14. The green car doesn't look near as big as the one I posted. Maybe it the angle, lighting, etc., but looking at both of them, the one I posted makes the green one look like an MG.
  15. Someone posted this on another thread. What is it? Any additional info on it? It looks giant size compared to the guy.
  16. That's because there are still so many of us out here who LIVED with & through this period in automotive history.
  17. Posted on FB. 1933 Mercedes type 380 cabriolet
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