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  1. Isn't that the definition of a dealer also? Although you may be able to haggle some with them, I'm not quite sure. I have seen some dealers whose inventory looks to be the same over a period of time, so I wonder if they have a take it or leave it price attitude also. I asked if the guy will still have the attitude a month from now when it doesn't sell. It was a wisecrack because I think the price is too high & I wouldn't deal with him because of attitude & price. Kinda if you don't like it move along. For those of you who whine about flippers, is it the "love of the hobby" or the
  2. I wonder if he'll still be saying "If interested call the price is 23,000 FIRM. THIS MEANS NO LESS. NO TRADES AND YES THATS CASH and cash only. Contact me when you have cash and are ready to come out. I AM not answering a bunch of dumb questions if interested. Get your cash and come out and look at it yourself. I am not listening to I'll give you or will you take. You see the price and that's what it is." a month or more from now when it hasn't sold.
  3. Having issues with slow response when clicking back from a topic or ad. Anyone else having the same issue or is it my computers. I have 2 with 2 different operating systems.
  4. THE BEST place to start - your state DMV. Find out what they require & do as they say.
  5. I liked this part of your post the best. Well said, my friend!
  6. Don't really know what your point is here. If it's to impress with your alleged knowledge of modern car manufacturers, I see no point. The guy is asking about an old Camaro or Chevelle. I don't think he gives a crap about the U.S. content of modern, look alike no style cars whether from Japan, Germany or any other foreign country. He wants American Muscle as in 60's & early 70's cars. I'll STILL & ALWAYS WILL take the ZL1.
  7. May be true, but I'd rather be driving that ZL1 than the rice burner.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/792947391335555/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Afb3054b7-d2c7-459c-9d5c-b02a97af9ac5 1935 Chrysler c6 $75,000 Vehicles Listed 19 hours ago in Plant City, FL Message
  9. If the aircleaner is any indication, this is a 425hp car. Same aircleaner as the Z16 Chevelles. The 325 hp would have had a single snorkle.
  10. Nice looking in the photos. Don't let the valve covers fool you. There were no 425hp 409's in '65. It's either a transplant or a 340hp with 425hp decals. That air cleaner is also for the 425hp, I think.
  11. I get a kick out of sellers who put 1 or 2 photos in their ad, a 20 word description, and expect the car to sell. Kinda like the dealers that put a phone number in the ad instead of price - “call for price.” Both must figure their sales expertise is so great that if they can just talk with 1 interested party, they can sell it. He says he has a collection. I wonder what’s behind door number 2.
  12. You can not, MUST not call this a Wil-lis. You MUST call it a Willeez. If not, you will be beaten severely about the head and shoulders with a 4 speed shifter handle. BTW, I'd give both of them & my non-shifting arm for this car.
  13. Judging by what people want for a car they don't have a clue about, I'll bet Matt's off by $15-20K in his estimate. However, Ed asked for a realistic price & Matt's was probably correct.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fieldandbarnfinds/?multi_permalinks=2777086345749529 This Senior Packard on 139” wheelbase needs a total restoration and has 2 jump seats. The 320 Super 8 engine does turn and the car does have a title. It’s Priced to sell $6,000. Cell 440-221-3900
  15. Peter, Didn't see where we could give you a "like" for that post. So here's a big - for it, & for a good job.
  16. What do you expect for $19500? I bet you'd get a lot of looks & a lot of what is its.
  17. https://fortcollins.craigslist.org/cto/d/wellington-pierce-arrow-1933-edl-model/7303537530.html Pierce Arrow 1933 EDL Model 836 - $49,000 (Wellington) image 1 of 12 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMa
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