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  1. I'll say 35 Ford under the roof. The 36 had a different spare tire cover,allowing for the wide-5 wheel
  2. 37 or 38 Chevy. They both had that crease going from the cowl to the door
  3. It appears it is for ARC lights, like carbon arc searchlights which would require DC. I think it would be easier to just get a charger for the Milburn car
  4. The 67s and 68s are almost indistinguishable but the side marker makes it a 68
  5. The sedan has suicide doors so it has to be a 34 not a 35. 35 and 36 3 window coupes had the same body but the wide 5 wheels make them a 36
  6. They still had them in the trucks till 39
  7. The front fenders come down further in front of the wheels on a 34 which I think this is.
  8. The 37 has a much different grille and a split windshield
  9. The truck is a 35. It's hard to tell by the grille which is narrower on the 35 but the hood sides are the proof in the pudding. On the 35 the Ford emblem is in the center of the louvers while the 36 has it in front of the louvers
  10. possible 39 GM tail light which was up on the body
  11. I think 66 was the last year for headlights behind glass
  12. I think 33-34 are the same but slightly different from the 32 in that the grille leans back. The bottom projects out' this is a 34
  13. How did the tree make out?
  14. There is a very slight difference between the 41 and the 46. The 41 having a slightly longer parking light as in the one pictured here. The one posted by Joe Padavano is a 46
  15. 36 Ford tire iron and brake adjuster
  16. Very odd. I don't know what purpose it serves except to lock something up
  17. Many deuce Fords, being hot rodded had those or similar lights added
  18. Not too big of a congregation, methinks
  19. I think I saw it on the back of a police car on Adam 12 but I can't place it. Full size Mopar early 70s
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