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  1. The two items might have been the beginning of a T speedster
  2. Double sided porcelain sign from a 30's Ford dealership in fantastic condition. Has an adjustable height stand. Measures 33" X 22-5/8" $6,000. can deliver to Hershey
  3. Plain plumber's dope is made for use with water. You have to make sure the dope is good for petroleum. read the label
  4. 28-29 fordors and cabriolets had a different cowl than all the other body styles, as I said. This cowl led to the change in 30. Check it out next time you see one at a show.
  5. Definitely a 28-29 Ford 4 dr. The cowl is different than a coupe or 2dr
  6. Easier to read https://www.lyonauction.com/auctions/auction/new-jersey
  7. The repro Ford hubcaps actually say"Bool". The B looks like an F
  8. The black painted headlights are just an easier way to restore rusty headlights, not correct for any car. If your car was really made in January 28 it should be on the title as a high 4 digit or a low 5 digit. I had n engine with a 13xxx serial and it was from February. People love 4 digit numbered engines.
  9. If it's 4 digit it's a premium
  10. 57 or 58 but not 59 which had a larger tail light. A shot of the front fender would be nice to see if it had dual headlights
  11. That pair of fenders is 39-40 Dodge or Plymouth truck. In 41 and through to 47 the headlights went up on the crown instead of the valley between the fender and grille. They were also on the "VC" military truck all through the war
  12. The radiator behind the plaque looks repro. The originals have slight dips on the fins at every tube.
  13. Definitely 38 Ford truck. Sorry this is the best I can do for a pic
  14. Looks like those wheels are bent up and the axle is bent down
  15. Gives a new meaning to "Ram" truck
  16. Thi is 740 N Broad St in Woodbury. It looks like your dealership. There's a permit in the window from 8/17 saying it's going to be a Distillery but no work is being done.
  17. Possibly a 49 Plymouth for the other one
  18. my guess for the one is 64 Mercury
  19. I knew it was you. Bob. Nice picture. I had a friend whose dad worked there as a salesman for a while-- Bob Wilfong
  20. I had that problem with the cork in my Model A. I thought the Bratton float was neoprene, not nitrophyl but it's the way to go.
  21. Was the name Scott Wood Motors? If not, what was it?
  22. I think 10 leafs are right for any sedan but some people prefer a lighter spring. 7 or 8 for a roadster or phaeton
  23. The grille is 32 Ford commercial