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  1. they all have numbers on them, this site will get you the info you need: http://www.taillightking.com they are definitely Pontiac
  2. now the $48 question is what is a fair value? thanks for all inputs
  3. thanks for the input I am pretty sure that if it was a 50's Ford unit, it would have different part numbering and likely wouldn't have the flip top oiler, let alone the numbers as stamped on the fittings but it did look similar to me as well because of the "vent", but the construction / quality / operation dates it 30's (at least in my mind/experience)
  4. another item from my dad's stash of loose parts At first I thought this was for the 34 Ford, but it doesn't match, perhaps the 4 cylinder version? or another year?
  5. this was something that stood out from the stash of automotive items that were in my childhood home's basement. My dad had a Super 8 34 Packard coupe and a 31 convertible sedan. Not sure if this is for one of them or none ... hence my post here as always, thanks in advance Jim
  6. I could possibly put eyes on this if needed, probably only an hour or so away ...
  7. Thanks! It looks like that is possible, looking at '31 Buick pictures, they seem similar . Will widen my scope of searching pictures to larger GM products of that time period.
  8. Thanks in advance. These are very substantial and have part numbers cast in them, 1404733 & 1404734, obviously right and left. My thought is that they are headlight stands/stanchions for a high end vehicle of that late '20s or early '30s time period. The multiple holes and supports throw me off though. Maybe they are windshield/dual cowl stanchion supports? The chrome has a dirty scale on it, not corrosion. I felt it best not to attempt to "clean" them up... My Googling of the part numbers doesn't bring anything up. Was hoping som
  9. SOLD Here are some pics, maybe someone can use them. 6.50-18 is the tire size of one tire, the other, a Goodyear, is 7.00-18. The locking rings used to be chrome, the black paint on the wheels appears to be original. The outer rims sunk in the ground and those portions have gone back to their roots, the wheel centers are in excellent condition I had several people ID these, this being a pretty complete reply: "Looking at reference catalogs, they show 1928-29 Chrysler Models 62 and 65 using 18 x 4", same years Models
  10. Way, way back I had a pair of nice wire wheels that I had searched for an ID within these esteemed members. The best guesses were Reo Royale or a large Chrysler. I was able to re-home those wheels somewhere in New England (can't recall exactly). Silly me, I ended up adopting another pair, this time with hubs that were modified to use for a trailer (seriously, you want 7-lug hubs?). Here are some pics, maybe someone can ID them more precisely through the hubs/brake drums. 6.50-18 is the tire size of one tire, the other, a Goodyear, is 7.00-18.
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