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  1. The ‘55 is sold and went to a great home to someone who will appreciate it. I’m sure it will remind him driving back in the 50’s. Avanti Bill is a great guy not only for the professional transport but hooking up his father in law with a Great car that will remind him of his high school years. Have fun guys!!
  2. Nice talking with you Bill, Looking forward to meeting you and your father in law.
  3. Joey is not doing well with health problems and I have lowered the price Considerably.
  4. Hi Bill, Sorry not this year. But I’m not all that far from Hershey.
  5. Kewl car. I'd hit on it if it were local.
  6. I am listing a 1955 Chevy for a Friend. He purchased this car about 9 years ago from the original family. It was restored prior to his ownership. The car is very nice. No rust California car. Lots of Documentation & Receipts from the original owner. Pictures speak for themselves. $23.5k Located in New Jersey
  7. Yes it is, Thanks for the advice, the original wheels are included. Wow, Good eye! The Line Locks are original to the car but were deleted and stored. All the line lock accessories are included.
  8. The is a friend of mine's 1970 Camara that he has had for years. Was purchased from the original owner, who was stationed in Vietnam. 24,800 Original Miles. There are a few touches including hood, wheels, valve covers. He has these original items. 1 Repaint in 2002. The bottom of the deck lid was Not repainted and is original. He is thinking his options on where to post it, there are a few good sites now. Figured the AACA forum should get the first shot at it. It has never been for sale since he has had it. The build sheet was found many years later, luckily, located above the gas tank. Located in Central, NJ Was $68,000 NOW $43,000
  9. Parts are off to Santa Barbara. Thanks Nut. Any inquiries contact 1941Buicknut
  10. Hi Elvis, Unfortunatley no interior pieces. Honestly, Looking aat your project, you will need a lot of the parts I have for the '41. Come and get it before the next guy looking for a deal!
  11. Hey Nut! At this point, I don't have a list. It is easier for me to just pick and pull and list on the auction site. The time to compile a list won't be feasable at this point. I had a good friend/customer over at the garage today. He purchased a firewall 'rubber gasket' and a perfect Lower license plate trim piece. I offered him to purchase it all. He said it would be a great deal but doesnt have the room or time for all of the parts. If you are semi local, come and get it all! If you like, you can private message me and I can give you my phone #. ? And give you a good idea what I have.