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  1. Don't despair. It will get there. Sometimes you just have to take a break and stand back from it for a short time to sort it out. Hang in there, buddy! I wish I was down there to help you.
  2. keiser31

    Two cars

    The Chevrolet is a 1925.
  3. I have seen cheaper items out there. You just gotta keep looking.
  4. You can get the correct radiator shell and grille here....
  5. Yes. it is a 1932 Dodge Brothers sedan with a '32 Plymouth PB grille. The giveaways are the doors and the reveal/crest above the windshield. The headlamps are '32 DB also.
  6. That link does not show up. Do you have a price in mind?
  7. Try Olcar Bearing Company.... Olcar Bearing Co Contact info PHONE (910) 693-3324 ADDRESS 135 James Creek Rd Southern Pines NC 28387-6833
  8. I don't think the license plate bracket goes to that curved arm.
  9. The curved bracket fits some Chrysler products from 1929-32 as well as (I believe) Durant about 1930-31. Here is my '31 Dodge Brothers item....
  10. Just be VERY careful of the fiber disc with the tabs on it and the other fiber disc inside.
  11. One more. Me showing off (melting the tires) in my 1968 Plymouth Road Runner....(not on the street)....
  12. Me in my 1967 Dodge A100 compact pickup....I guess I kinda took off on this thread. Sorry.
  13. Me driving my friend's 1930 Plymouth roadster with my Mom and Shamu the whale as passengers for a parade in San Diego....
  14. Me and my 1957 MGA roadster in Charlevoix, Michigan....visiting from California....HATED that license plate!
  15. Me in the passenger seat of my $200.00 1942 Ford GPW....
  16. Me with my 1930 DeSoto K sedan. Got it for $200.00....shoulda kept that one.
  17. Me with my 1970 Plymouth GTX 440/4 speed in La Mesa, $200.00 steal....
  18. Looks like a 1930 DeSoto dome light. The scrollwork matches the escutcheon plates.
  19. That one looks to be restorable.
  20. I would imagine it was some sort of medicine not Dodge Brothers car related.
  21. Me and my friend, Kevin posing for a teen magazine shot for an article on my 1931 Dodge coupe.
  22. Me as my Dad and I towed my first 1931 Dodge to San Diego from Detroit.