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  1. Leads me to be curious. Why is this posted in the Restoration section of the forum. Doesn't look like it needs anything, but a driver.
  2. That beast has shown up on this forum before.
  3. I told my honey about the Slant Six Club and she asked, "What do they do, sit around and console each other?" Actually, they are fairly bullet proof little engines.
  4. I am certain you meant to say, "1929 Studebaker President". There was no "Chrysler President".
  5. 1959 Chevrolet V8 truck....this is the six.
  6. You may just want to contact Howard Dennis. He built a little 1917 Army truck from a Maxwell....
  7. Did you see my last answer on the H.A.M.B.?
  8. They didn't. The original subject got waysided.
  9. I believe so, but I am not a Hudson guy. You might ask in the "Hudson" section of this forum.
  10. Expect shaking from that engine. That is why they call it "Floating Power" so the engine will shake and is insulated from shaking the rest of the car with rubber mounts. Every 1930 and 1931 Plymouth four I have driven was a shaker.
  11. Did you bench bleed the master cylinder first? Sometimes, that is a must.
  12. Internal are inside the drum and pushing toward the outside as your do. External wrap around the drum on the outside and push inward as in the older 1920s stuff.
  13. Maybe the same as the 1936 DB. The opposite process as this....
  14. Whoever did it took a VERY scarce car and turned it into a look-a-like that looks like ANY other hot rod. I don't mind a lot of hot rodders, but this car should not have been turned into a cookie cutter car.
  15. Try Olcar Bearing Company Olcar Bearing Co. PHONE (910) 693-3324 135 James Creek Rd Southern Pines NC 28387-6833
  16. Yes....I could have listed MANY that I have always wanted, but I posted my DREAM car. The Chrysler Turbine car has always been in my mind since my neighbor drove one. He was a Chrysler engineer and was in the development department in Highland Park, Michigan. He was a test driver for the Turbine car. I used to get up early each morning just to hear him start it up. I still have this kind of a rare book that his daughter gave me.
  17. This is POSSIBLY SIMILAR to what you need, I believe....