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  1. Also....look on the engine side of the manifold for a port. You will need a small mirror to see back there.
  2. I got a complete wiring harness for my 1931 DB and am VERY pleased with it. I try to pass on good resources.
  3. You might call these folks at Rhode Island Wiring. They are VERY helpful.
  4. Do you have any idea if he has any 1956 Jaguar 150 stuff?
  5. I am convinced. I even see the hood ornament in the black and white shot in front of the guy's face. Just a different angle shot, that's all.
  6. Verify that the choke plate closes all of the way when you pull the knob.
  7. That is some shiny nickel. Looks like chrome.
  8. Looks like a 1930 Hupmobile Model C has the correct bezels.
  9. I find it hard to believe that it has not sold yet.
  10. If you get north of California, stop by our place for a visit in southern Oregon. It's about 6 hours north of San Francisco.
  11. Thanks guys. Pete told me about the possibility of making one, Surf City, but I think it might be cheaper to find one. Thanks George and I sent your number to Pete. Thank you both very much for the quick replies.
  12. Try here for Diran....
  13. Photos please. Dodge had 20" or 21" wheels in 1930 and 19" in 1931.
  14. I remember the fist date I ever had in my 1936 Dodge Brothers D2 Touring sedan when I was 17 years old. My girlfriend and I went out to a local lake one evening and I parked where we had a terrific view of the lake. We "talked" and "stuff" and sort of dozed off. We woke up a while later and the car was surrounded by water. I never thought a small lake would rise with the tide. Luckily, I was able to actually drive it out in reverse, but it was scary.
  15. The last car show I attended with my '31 DB was at a local diner. Not a show car, but it gave me a close place to park next to the diner! Luckily, the music was toned down.
  16. I love those company's toys and own a few.
  17. He needs the drum that the band surrounds and the band. That would be awesome if you have one available!