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  1. 1928 Velie....you can nearly see the four vertical fins in the radiator....
  2. Looks like Velie is correct for the car in the background. 1928.
  3. 1934 fender is different....
  4. Looks like 1933 as the 1934 fender has a dip (skirt) behind the wheel opening.
  5. Hudson. I see it goes from 1948-1953 when i Google it.
  6. I see the Chevrolet "bowtie" on the taillight lens.
  7. Ohhhh boy, did my Dad have a huge influence on me when it came to cars? YES! In my very early days, my Dad nurtured my attraction to cars. Got me lots of toy cars & trucks, a cool pedal car, and let me help him while he worked on the family cars. He took my brother and me to the Greenfield Village Old Car Festival every October starting at a very young age. He worked for Chrysler Export-Import Division in Detroit. He took us to all of the new Chrysler car unveiling each year and we got promotional models. Some of which I still have in my display case. He took us to the Indianapolis 500 tim
  8. Anyone else notice that the door handle on the car in question is located BELOW the beltline like it is on the roadster?
  9. It DOES have Buick headlamps.
  10. Here is a 1922 Marmon....similar. The fender light was an aftermarket accessory light to show up when the car was parked.
  11. The car in question does not have the crest reveals on the leading fender edges.
  12. I have a few that need identifying, too....
  13. Ask for a certain angle photo of the parts. If the seller cannot provide that particular photo, move on and forget about the parts as it IS a scam.
  14. Chrysler's design incorproated a "blue ribbon" around the edge which is similar to the item in question. The Chrysler lamp bezel imitated the radiator badge design....
  15. Look like all Model A Fords.
  16. 1946 to very early 1949 Plymouth. The 1942 is different. THIS is a 1942....
  17. There IS a tie bar. Look closely to see badges attached to it.
  18. Just to inform....the cowl light bezels are off of a Buick.
  19. Same as 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 and 1931 Chrysler CM6.
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