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  1. My first date was in my Dad's 1966 Chrysler 300 two door hardtop. It was red with a black vinyl roof and a black interior. I LOVED that car. My first date in my OWN car was in my 1968 Plymouth Road Runner coupe. I had gotten it the day of my date and my Dad actually let me take it out on the date with no insurance, yet! I did very well and did NOT get into trouble THAT night with the car. Days later....well....that is a whole bunch of other stories, mostly about street racing in it. Wish I still had that one....
  2. That front hub cap has a letter on it. It will be an old English style "P" or a "C".
  3. You are NOT alone. I pretty much gave up on going to the local Medford Cruise and shows simply because of the loud, obnoxious music they just HAVE to blast at us. I HATE it! must PAY to participate. Gimme the old days when you showed your car for a free lunch and spectators that didn't need to be entertained with loud music in order to have fun. Call me an old fogey if you like.
  4. Looks more like a 1930-31 Model A Ford by the dashboard and gas tank in the cowl.
  5. It does look like a Plymouth engine. The radiator is Doge Brothers. Here is the 1929 Plymouth engine....
  6. 1927 Chrysler dudlebug tractor. 5193891310 Not original by any means. It is a cut-down Dodge Brothers.
  7. Yes. Chrysler DID have a 1927 four cylinder. The 1927 Model 50 is a four cylinder.
  8. 1957 Buick. Hard to tell what colors it is. This is a different trim model, but the same year.
  9. Cool! I try to get the kids interested in the old cars and give rides in my '31 coupe whenever I can. They LOVE that.
  10. looks like a 1936 Chevrolet to me....
  11. Yeah, by the look of the larger wheels,. you are probably correct.
  12. 1910 or so Stoddard Dayton Raceabout converted to a fire apparatus vehicle.
  13. FOR SALE: 1968-69 Dodge A100 truck front doors with glass. One is missing a hinge and one is missing an exterior door handle. No rust. $100.00 each.
  14. The FEDCO plate on the dashboard says EW402D which says it is a 1926 E-80 built in August of 1926.
  15. And this one for $18,000. Looks to be yours....
  16. This 1927 E-80 sold for $50,000 or so it says....
  17. Looks to be a 1926 Chrysler Imperial E-80. Total production of 1926 E-80s was 9,114 units built. It is NOT the limo. The limo has a glass partition between the driver's compartment and the rear passenger compartment. The one you show is just the 7 passenger sedan.