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  1. You answered your own question, I believe. If some have them and some do not have them, they were an option.
  2. Here....
  3. Try here....
  4. You might ask this gentleman where to get them....
  5. THAT'S what I was looking for after I was informed it wasn't a T. I thought Buicks had that curved firewall. Thanks for the photo.
  6.'re right. Looking closer at it I can see that I was way off. I am going to go sit in the corner now.
  7. ^That film car is a Model T Ford.
  8. Yes, Pontiac did supply some chassis for hearses....
  9. Someone has way too much time on their hands....
  10. Maybe a 1929 Pontiac with a much newer bumper....
  11. I see it has the "FUNERAL" sign mounting pegs on the dashboard passenger side top.
  12. The wheels are missing more than likely due to flat tires. Have you ever tried to roll a vehicle THAT size around on flat tires?
  13. Yep....casket rollers on the rear floor.
  14. It's a Henny hearse by the look of the horn button. It also looks to be a 1936 Oldsmobile.
  15. Excellent that you got them out! Onward....
  16. Hard to tell the mindset about disc versus wire spokes versus wood spokes. I imagine the discs rode rough whereas the wood or wire spokes may give a slightly softer ride. Maybe folks thought discs were more solid of a wheel than the other styles. Pure speculation on my part.
  17. Ha....I didn't even notice the hood length differences. I need more coffee....
  18. Maybe a 1929 Chevrolet. The taillight is mounted in a different place on this one, but I think it is usually mounted on the spare tire rack. Maybe with the accessory trunk, they decided to move the mounting. The car in your photo looks like a four door sedan.