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  1. I forgot to it a rumble seat car? The reason I ask is that the business coupe or trunk model would not have had a roll down rear window. Only the rumble seat cars had that feature.
  2. Got a photo of the inner body situation that you are dealing with?
  3. Unless the original window track and brackets are still in there.
  4. Is the glass larger than the opening? If it is, you will have to have it cut down in order to install it with a weatherstripping seal. Or I suppose you could mount the glass flush on the inside of the body with waterproof putty and some type of brackets to hold it in place.
  5. I see the horizontal, stainless strips on the trunk, the license plate placement and the bumper guards match this 1946 Ford....
  6. Two door or four door? Try Wildcat Auto in Sandy, Oregon or French Lake Auto Parts.
  7. Is it about finished? Are there any more things to do on it? It looks GREAT! All I see needed is wipers.
  8. keiser31

    Headlight switch

    Is there a knob on the dashboard that has an "L" on it? Does the knob match the other knobs?
  9. keiser31

    Headlight switch

    Is there a CLUM switch located at the base of the steering column? If so, the lever on the steering wheel is more than likely the control for the lights.
  10. I LOVE this truck! Check out the canvas splash aprons....
  11. Most of the sections below the home page. Look for your car make listed.
  12. Click on the envelope at the upper right to send or receive private messages.
  13. That Wills St. Claire is a gorgeous car.
  14. I think it's earlier than the Durant as the car in question has flat fenders.
  15. Cool car! Is it still located in Michigan?
  16. If all else fails, try your nearest truck stop. They have the experience needed to mount nearly ANY tire.
  17. Try this place for some help, certain to introduce yourself before asking questions.
  18. I have used the broken glass method. You drag the glass backwards, lightly, using the edge against the wood/paint and the paint flies right off. Just be careful not to scrape too deeply or you will end up with flat spots.
  19. NICE! Can't wait to see it.
  20. You can see them here....the way I see them, the rod is just a simple "S" shape. The tube that attaches to the wiper arm is the difficult thing to find or make. My drawing is just an idea of what it should look like....