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  1. Helped out my 80+ year old friend today. He needed to remove a flat tire from one of his all original CarterCars so he could have a guy fix it....easy, peasy. He was afraid he would have to remove the whole wheel with hub and all. I educated him.
  2. Do you need the one that has the three tabs or two tabs on the bottom?
  3. I was just thinking that my Plymouth/DeSoto ad printing block would be in the same category as the Hupp item.
  4. Try here if you need the parts....
  5. Try here....
  6. I tried for a better shot or two, but the yard is so overgrown, even I could not get closer.
  7. The babbit on mine is part of the connecting rod, so they would definitely have to be completely re-configured or machined in order to use inserts.
  8. My honey's cousin came by today and he asked if I wanted to go peer over a fence next to his Mom's house and see what the car was back there. It is only around the corner, so I went and checked it out. Turns out it's a Studebaker Starlight coupe. There are extra parts as you can see plus other cars buried. Cannot tell what they are, yet. Here's the coupe....
  9. Jack and Doug stopped by to pick up Victorialynn's 1957 Ford retractable hardtop today. That Jack is one hard working dude!
  10. I know my 1931 Dodge Brothers coupe have babbit bearings and I am fairly certain the Chrysler CM6 does, too.
  11. I have seen people use a potato to remove a broken bulb. It actually works!
  12. It's always good to know that there are upgrades/replacement stuff to be done to these cars if REALLY needed.
  13. Looks like some of those tire covers with nubs for traction in mud and snow.
  14. Go here if you need re-silvering on the reflectors.... UVIRA at (541) 474-5050.
  15. Then there is THIS one....hahahahahahahahahahaha....
  16. Try here....
  17. Try Olcar Bearing....(for the bearing, at least).... Olcar Bearing Co (910) 693-3324 135 James Creek Rd Southern Pines NC 28387-6833
  18. Wowie! Fabulous car and work done on it.
  19. Saw this on the freeway to town this afternoon. I have always loved those little cars.
  20. If I remember my '36 DB correctly, I believe the right "L" knob is for the dash lights and the left "L" knob with the clear element in it is for headlights and shows lit for bright lights.