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  1. Looks more like a polar bear in a snowstorm.
  2. The only kind I see in the Hudsons of that era are teardrop shaped, ivory colored knobs....
  3. Aftermarket piece for lots of cars. Probably made in the 1950s.
  4. Looks like a custom piece to me.
  5. Try Wildcat Auto in Sandy, Oregon or French Lake Auto Parts.
  6. It probably looked like this at one time....I see remnants of black and white paint.
  7. Try here....
  8. Different cars. Look at the front fenders.
  9. Here is a colorized version that someone on it to enlarge slightly.
  10. Looks like a 1965-66 Dodge Monaco wagon to me....
  11. Been following your progress and it brings back all of the memories of when I first started my 1st 1931 Dodge Brothers coupe. Fun stuff.
  12. Not to complain, but these are not "period" images.
  13. I don't think Dodge ever used that particular symbol on their hubcaps, although it is a Dodge symbol. That is why I think it is aftermarket and not Dodge.
  14. They sure do look like canvas to me....I see snaps across the top and in the front....
  15. Looks like a 1940's Dodge symbol, but to me it looks sort of aftermarket. Modeled after this....