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  1. 46 minutes ago, rhurst said:

    I'm located in Louisiana just outside New Orleans.  The car is a 1923 Hudson Sedan. It appears to be only one wheel and two spokes.


    Perhaps someone here has a good wheel for you. If it is only one, chances are you may find another to replace it.

  2. Back to the original question....what is a Braun? It would be the owner of a castle where Vlad the Impaler lived. I am related to the Braun family and I learned of this recently. Braun castle is a beautiful place. It is also the name on my Grandfather's lumber business in Detroit. He sold lumber to the car manufacturers in Michigan. You can see the BRAUN name across the street from these Chryslers....I am a Braun....

    Braun Lumber Chrysler Corp..JPG

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  3. 2 hours ago, chistech said:

    Thanks everyone. It’s really shocking to me. I know the day of the show, there was a lot of people around it and I can’t recall any other judges looking at it but I guess they did. I was told it’s rare to be nominated without having a Sr. Award and not very often on a car’s first showing so it seems my craziness for authenticity has paid off. 

         I do have a photographer coming to take pictures of the car for the National award samples and have sent off the picture Tony De Seta took of the car, which he photo-shopped everything out of the picture, me and even the windshield card included, to the Sherwin Williams person in charge of their calendar. I was also asked to contact another gentleman who is involved with video productions as he wants to do some sort of story on the car. Turns out he’s supposed to be very involved in antique cars and knows how rare the 32’ Olds roadster is. I got his phone number yesterday and will call him tomorrow. This is a bunch of stuff happening really fast. Don’t know what will come of it all but we’ll enjoy the ride while it does. 


    NOTE: just had someone send me info on an auction of a 31’ Olds roadster! It’s close by and tempting if it goes cheap enough. Just don’t tell Michelle!


    HEY! The foot's gone!!!

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Mikefit said:

    No   the one I need is like an old pill bottle it screws on just like you would screw a light bulb will try to post pictures  not to good at doing to that will try.   Thanks. Mike

    If you want to send the photos to me, I may be able to post them for you.