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  1. I had a Neville wheel a while ago. It was a fine piece of engineering....
  2. I believe they are simply painted.
  3. Check out this thread about them....
  4. Uvira in Oregon. Uvira, Inc. 310 Pleasant Valley Rd. Merlin, OR 97532 Telephone: +1.541.956.6880 Fax: +1.541.476.9096
  5. Possibly 1913 or 1914 Packard.... here is a 1913.
  6. Being in southern Oregon, I live in a "black hole" of parts, old car guys and information. I am SO grateful to this forum for allowing me to remedy all of those things. I especially like it when someone on this forum is passing by our home and stopping in for some coffee, beer or conversation. I have learned many things from this forum. I have made many friends on this forum. I have gotten help in so many ways. Once, my son broke his back while teaching English in Japan and the forum members helped by donating to his cause. I count on this forum to maintain my sanity. I thank you all for letti
  7. More photos and location may help determine a value. Is the car in New Jersey?
  8. I have that very question in mind.
  9. This 1932 Studebaker grille looks more like the truck in question....
  10. Always looking for good lugnuts from a 1931. Got a photo of them? How much are they?
  11. The grille does not look like GMC to me from all of the photos of them I have found.
  12. The movie says, "metalbird".
  13. Isn't that a 1932?
  14. You will have to remove the light switch at the base of the column. After that, you should be able to pull the horn button and inner wire tube from the column. You may have to drop the steering column from the column drop under the dashboard in order to take the tube all of the way out of the column.
  15. That instrument cluster is 1932 Dodge.
  16. 1953 and 1954 Plymouth are nearly identical.
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