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  1. It would be good to report that as many cars are sold by fraud.
  2. My least favorite task is asking someone for help when I need it. That is probably why neither of my cars are finished.
  3. Yes. The welting goes on three sides of the running boards.
  4. As stated, the car is a Packard.
  5. Apple Hydraulics.
  6. It certainly looks to be a Saxon Duplex.
  7. EXCELLENT information! Thanks. Now that you mentioned that tube, it does bring back memories of seeing them on that car years ago. It was a very original car. I have never seen them on any other make or model.
  8. I have seen it around for a few years. The guy gets a lot of use out of it....
  9. ^^I guess the ladies liked the Apperson Jackrabbit!
  10. I am guessing a late teens Packard on the right. It seems to have the Packard red spot in the centers of the hub caps.
  11. I know the closed cars have the wipers mounted above the windshield, so there was always downward pressure on the arm. I seem to remember years ago when I was a kid, my Dad took me to look at one of those 1936 Airstream 8 convertibles and it had springs holding the wiper arms to the windshield. Have never seen any since then. I guess the only way to find out what they are is to peruse the 1936 Chrysler factory parts book to see if the brackets or springs are mentioned.
  12. Now I am all stressed again. Too many pages to keep up with.