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  1. Or French lake Auto Parts....
  2. Try Wildcat auto in Oregon.
  3. Photos or it didn't happen. Hahahahaha.
  4. These instructions may be of some help....
  5. Or you may need this tool....
  6. Try vintage furniture upholstery shops.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Depends on what sort of parts you might need. There are a lot of different suppliers for different items. Can you show us a list of things needed? We also LOVE to see photos of cool cars like yours. John
  8. Try French Lake Auto Parts....
  9. Have you tried French Lake Auto Parts?
  10. Could you be looking for the "U" shaped trim on the vent window itself on a 1934 Plymouth?
  11. I agree. Here is one with that dashboard. That cowl "vent" looks more like it was added later to me on the car in question.
  12. Nobody said it was a "DeSoto". That is the guy's avatar name.
  13. It needs the side support brackets. The number....634249.
  14. I still have this 1935 DB radiator for sale if you need may be adaptable to fit your car....
  15. So very sorry to be missing Hershey....color me jealous of anyone who is attending.
  16. Congratulations on a job VERY well done! May you enjoy the car for many years to come.
  17. It's a woody, but that weird curve around the window isn't familiar.
  18. Looks to be a draft tube, but I have never seen one with the canister on it.
  19. It does have some Maxwell features, but the crisp hood top edges are different. The Maxwell truck hoods were more rounded. I also find the Maxwells all have six lugs on the wheels and not eight as the truck in question has.
  20. Cool car. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  21. Maybe a 1967 Dodge Dart deck lid trim piece....