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  1. Try here....
  2. Check out 1941-18 Chrysler product three window is a 1941 Dodge business coupe....
  3. Looks like Model T Ford to me.
  4. Those look like spoiler ends for a Camaro or Firebird.
  5. 1946-48 Dodge nose piece.
  6. It might work like that if there wasn't so much stress on it as there is.
  7. The black and white Wills has a winterfront over the radiator and possibly a pancake horn or badge attached to the headlamp bar.
  8. WOW! That beats anything I have seen on the street that I have posted.
  9. Private message sent. John
  10. How much for the Chrysler Royal cap?
  11. So very sorry to hear of bill's passing. I hope someone on this forum can help you out. John
  12. I was raised a few miles north of Detroit and I used to go to Hershey. I think I went four times total. Maybe five. When I tell folks about it, I always say, "it reminds me of ten football fields long and ten football fields wide full of old cars, old parts and people".
  13. I will be replacing the master and wheel cylinders, so it's just the lines I will be dealing with.
  14. Those panels look GREAT and thank you so much for posting. I will hopefully be doing the exact procedure for my 1931 DB floor panels.
  15. I love it! I used to have a similar 1965 short bed step side Dodge D100.
  16. Thank you all for your input.
  17. What do you folks do for a clean or not too messy brake line draining when you start out with new fluid on a rebuild? When you blow out the lines do you use some sort of cover over the ends so as not to blow fluid EVERYWHERE? I would like to know your cleanest technique, please.