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  1. I see the curves in the bow's centers. Did you have to stretch the top bows outward in order to get them to mount on the brackets? If so,THAT is probably causing the downward curve in the bows. I do not think a piece of flat steel will make in any straighter.
  2. If mobileparts does not have them try Rare Parts.
  3. Yes, I think you are correct. The 1937 is a little bit more narrow, I believe.
  4. 1937 LaSalle. NOT a Ford V8 emblem.
  5. You say, "split windshield", but I see a reveal for the one-piece frame and a couple of indentations for brackets in the middle. Does it have a few screw holes underneath the header in order to hold a piano-hinged windshield frame?
  6. I have seen that style with the piano hinge/standard hinge combination. I just cannot remember on what. Must be getting old and feeble.
  7. Nope. Those were hinged at the rear edges of all of the doors....i.e. suicide door style.
  8. Those piano hinged doors will be the tell along with the lack of cowl lamps.
  9. Maybe it goes to something like this....
  10. You may need to start your own post about what you want. Your request may get lost here.
  11. Yep. That little circular badge on the front fender trim designates it as a V-200.
  12. It is a 1961 Plymouth Valiant V-200.
  13. A friend of mine by the name of Galen Govier reconnects MoPar muscle car engines found with the rightful car. It is so cool to see a HEMI go back into the car it was built with.
  14. Hey, Roger....maybe I should send you my Continental Mark II so you can get my lights working....
  15. Google is your friend....
  16. Here is a 1914 Studebaker. Maybe one similar....
  17. Kinda like the terms convertible and roadster. Somehow, they have morphed into something other than what they were originally called.
  18. Those types of holes started out as exhaust ports on race cars, originally, so I guess I can see where the term may have mutated into portholes.
  19. Buick fender portholes. This ad says this is for a 1953....
  20. Did you find them at Legendary?
  21. Try this place....Legendary Interiors....
  22. Yes....very interesting wood in the top.
  23. I don't see much trash IN the Graham....just around it.
  24. Just a side note....the headlamps on the Buick are incorrect for that car. They should look like these. Also....try to get in touch with thehandleman here on the forum. He may have all of the door handles and window cranks for the Graham. Here you go....