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  1. Thanks for the lesson. I knew they had some kind of relationship. A friend of mine owned this Chrysler Ghia bodied car....for some reason, he removed the gunsight taillights and installed 1963 Riviera taillights in the rear panel.
  2. Saw this up the street at a local pizza place. Cool little cars and Ghia was VERY influential in a lot of Chrysler dream car designs.
  3. You can search the property on Google Earth and see if the cars are still there.
  4. Around the corner from my house....I have always love this rocket seems to have an extra chrome piece on each quarter panel along with that silly bumper strip down each side.
  5. No way of knowing since we cannot see into everyone's garage. Some may tell you how many were made or there are so many in a club or so many known to exist, but nobody knows how many are left unknown, languishing.
  6. The item with two tabs belonged to someone else.
  7. I just posted the photos to be certain which one you needed. I have sold the one I posted photos of, but will keep a lookout for one. The one you posted a photo of is the one I had.
  8. Looks like a mop/brush on the end of that wand.
  9. Helped out my 80+ year old friend today. He needed to remove a flat tire from one of his all original CarterCars so he could have a guy fix it....easy, peasy. He was afraid he would have to remove the whole wheel with hub and all. I educated him.
  10. Do you need the one that has the three tabs or two tabs on the bottom?
  11. I was just thinking that my Plymouth/DeSoto ad printing block would be in the same category as the Hupp item.
  12. Try here if you need the parts....
  13. Try here....
  14. I tried for a better shot or two, but the yard is so overgrown, even I could not get closer.