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  1. Sorry, but I am having a tough time figuring out how these wheels could possibly fit THREE size bolt patterns. I see only TWO positions to use.
  2. Look closer to see the split in the roof about a foot back of the windshield.
  3. ET Unilug. Made to fit two sizes of lug patterns.
  4. Found this in a little "junk" shop in Cheboygan, Michigan a few years ago. Looks like it was never mounted....
  5. We need to see it. Got any photos of it to share?
  6. Nice car! Welcome. Try scrolling down to the Buick section of the forum for a lot more response. Those guys know their stuff.
  7. Not sure about what compression it should be.
  8. Yep....looks like a 1931 Dodge Brothers cab and dash....
  9. Can't tell if it's an automatic or a "stick" shift....
  10. They are standard cables for a 6 volt car. That is to say, they look no different than any other car.
  11. I agree with Detroit Electric. The hood and trunk contours and hub caps match.
  12. It is NOT electric. It is about a 1903 or so curved dash Oldsmobile.
  13. Digging a trench around my garage in order to replace some rotted wood and paint the place.
  14. Thank you very much, Howard! Don't need it, but it sure looks good with my other stuff!
  15. Similar rod and battery tray on my 1931 DH6 DB coupe.
  16. The CHRYSLER script caps are the correct items.
  17. Don't know if any of this will help you....
  18. I see a modern car in the background, so it was not taken when the Duesenberg was new.
  19. If that is a 1927 Chrysler, it is a "Finer 70" with those drum style headlamps. The other models had bullet style lamps.
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