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  1. Last car looks to be about a 1926 Studebaker Big Six?
  2. My first set of wheels that I could actually drive....
  3. Ford.
  4. The reflectors and bulbs behind the lenses may interchange with other Chrysler products of the era.
  5. Women dressed like men to survive a desert crossing....
  7. People get on this forum just to identify parts so they can sell them. Don't fell bad about joining a John Deere site to do the same thing. You can unsubscribe afterwards.
  8. keiser31

    Unknown Grill

    Nope. I just pay attention when I look at car details.
  9. Headlamps on the Nash are too far forward to match the car in question. Plus there is no step in the lower front fender like on the Nash.
  10. Can you provide a photo of the cap you have/need?
  11. keiser31

    Unknown Grill

    Looks like a Glasspar grille 1952-55....
  12. More than likely there was no step plate on the driver's side.
  13. Doesn't look like a Chrysler product unit to me. What is the lug pattern? Are there 5 or 6 lugs?
  14. The two bent rod and 90 degree brackets look like short table legs.
  15. Thanks for the added photos.