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  1. Look on the door pillar....
  2. The Model DD is similar and my book shows that it takes 1 1/2 gallons (5.678 liters) of oil. More than likely without a filter as they were an accessory at the time.
  3. Looks like a Dodge Brothers by the curved lower front of the rear fenders.
  4. Perhaps someone here has a good wheel for you. If it is only one, chances are you may find another to replace it.
  5. At a Thunderbird show in Sacramento....
  6. This may be for you....
  7. Back to the original question....what is a Braun? It would be the owner of a castle where Vlad the Impaler lived. I am related to the Braun family and I learned of this recently. Braun castle is a beautiful place. It is also the name on my Grandfather's lumber business in Detroit. He sold lumber to the car manufacturers in Michigan. You can see the BRAUN name across the street from these Chryslers....I am a Braun....
  8. is for a 1931 Dodge Brothers.
  9. I could use that. What do you want for it?
  10. Yes. No mistaking the Hotel del Coronado. Yes, my honey helps me in the shop if I need help. She also was my wheel cover washer for when I was selling wheel covers on Ebay....
  11. It says, "199. and shipping".
  12. I would prefer to sell to members here.
  13. I would prefer to buy from members here, but good luck finding 1931 DB parts here.
  14. If you want to send the photos to me, I may be able to post them for you.
  15. Here you go....
  16. Looks like an early Dodge Brothers gas cap to me. About a 1918 I believe.
  17. Looks like you are not locked out right now.
  18. What I want to know is...will he change his name to "Auburn Finder" if he gets one?