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  1. Been posted a million times but I never get sick of looking at it.
  2. As a general rule I never pee on anyone else's car, but that Delahaye is ugly and the story isn't going to sell it.
  3. Forgive me if I've posted this 10 times, but my all time favorite prewar car that Tom Barrett destroyed by painting red.
  4. I don't think you are going to get a response in this forum. It is intended for questions related to using the forum. You might try the technical forum, but you should include more information.
  5. The Muhammad Ali provenance is important because otherwise it is a 4500 car. A more knowledgeable seller would spell it out in the ad. Although, proven celebrity ownership is highly debatable as far as value is concerned.
  6. Nope. They told me they had them and when I placed the order it was immediately backordered which sort of annoyed me since I asked before placing the order. They don't have the stems.
  7. I think I liked it better with painted wheels and black walls.
  8. This is the 500K Innenlenker that came out of Spain sans blower. Wonder if it ever sold? Anyone know?
  9. I have about 6 great quips queued up but I don't want to push things too far...
  10. I have a collection of photographs, magazines and other period material that my Uncle and Dad started accumulating in the 50s and I have been adding to for 30 years. I'm happy to share it with my friends and other researchers like Joe and Walt that I have a relationship with. I will occasionally post something on here understanding that once it is up, the world will be copying it.
  11. I have a huge collection of Packard parts that I can't give away. I'm going to guess that you are better off clearing space than hanging on to that.
  12. The car on the street is a Chevy Monte Carlo.
  13. Steve, I don't own any Mustangs anymore but this thread made gave me a bit of nostalgia. I've had 4 Mustang/Shelbys and 2 Cougars (which are identical save sheetmetal). This was one of the nicest. It was originally sold new to California and a guy from Mass bought it in the 80s and took the motor out to build a drag car. It sat for years and years until Lib bought it. It had the nicest floor pans of any musclecar I've ever seen. It brand new. Like an IDIOT I begged Lib to sell it to me for years and once he did I spent a small fortune putting it all back together. I
  14. Probably the 14k miles, but they are still too high - I agree.
  15. Talk about a rare car. Don't know that it will ever get put back together. The motor is a work of art.
  16. Mark, Where did you get the unobtainable pressure carburator from? Also, that blower is good for 6lbs? or I am confusing it with Mercedes and it is 4.5? Motor looks great.
  17. I don't know the history. If it is real, then I'm gonna guess 4 -5 MM ish.
  18. This is the ornament my dad had on his car. No headlights though.
  19. I can tell you. One. Yes that car looks good in Yellow. But would be spectacular in any other less loud color. The original B&W Murphy photo give you an idea.
  20. Given the colors and the age of the restoration he is going to be asking that price for a very long time. Maybe a 35-40k car? Maybe?
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