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  1. Curt, I was trying to be diplomatic!
  2. Eddy, That is the “starter” tank. There is a trailer with the 100 gallon main tank.
  3. All the body modifications were simply bolted on to a Murphy Convertible Sedan. This is the car with the modifications removed. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/gc19/the-guyton-collection/lots/r0035-1930-duesenberg-model-j-convertible-sedan-by-murphy/750677
  4. Ed knows this story. A few years ago I was test driving a car for a restoration shop. The owner had just paid north of 7 figures for a beautiful roadster at auction. The shop was doing minor sorting before it got shipped to the new owner. I was out driving it at 45 mph and the top blew off. The hold downs on the windshield had never been tightened. Fortunately for me it landed in a nice stack on the rear deck and did zero damage other than to my underwear. From now on I check the front bow hold downs on any convertible that is not mine that I'm going to drive.
  5. Nice car. The 41 Mopar business coupes are unique to that year and are the best looking of the 40-51 era (to me). The color may be open to debate, but it looks pretty good for two tone (which I believe is not factory). When you put it up for sale you should list it here. There were a couple of guys looking for a 41 business coupe on here.
  6. Actually. I was thinking of my PAS magazines. 😀
  7. I’m embarrassed to post my magazine piles.
  8. I thought there was another thread. I was searching for "bookshelf" and maybe that word is not in your thread?
  9. Sounds like the adventure I had with the Caddy. Did it fold or fly off?
  10. Paul, I'm out on that. Crate motor installs are just lazy. I would appreciate it more if they at least stayed in brand and put a nail head in it
  11. J555 was once owned by a friend of mine. I got to drive it. It was pretty cool and I don't like new coachwork.
  12. So I thought there was a thread on this already. I counted yesterday and I have 8 bookshelves across 3 different physical locations with twice as much stuff stacked on the floor. I've started a program of organization and pulled all my decent hardcover books on to a single shelf. The books only took up this small shelf. The lesser books, binders, magazines, etc take up all the other space. Got a picture of your books?
  13. I would either consign it to Jerry or put it on eBay with a great description and link to the auction from here and HCS site.
  14. Bob, the maroon one is a Walker LeGrand and the white one is a JN Rollston.
  15. Fair enough. I was thinking "production bodies". There are lots of exceptional one off cars that probably trump it.
  16. Agreed, except I would take the SJ version of it which I believe is no longer with us.
  17. The stone guard is the first tip off that the car needs a 75k radiator. And yes, this is definitely a first series special roadster.
  18. Agreed. I said in my first post that finally somebody asked for help and actually provided some information and pictures.
  19. How are you going to keep your Don Fannuci Hat on driving this? Plus I know how you operate. I have to pay you to take the car.
  20. Hopefully not bad karma but instead of starting a new thread I want to continue the discussion with a nice one. I don't really like the advertisement because I feel like there is a lot of talking for a little info. But the pictures are not horrible. A few of the underneath would help the sales process. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Dodge-Wayfarer-/324435849727 DRIVE THIS RARE LITTLE BEAUTY INTO THE NEW YEAR! 1949 DODGE WAYFARER CONVERTIBLE IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. A 3 ON THE TREE FLUID DRIVE TRANSMISSION THAT SHIFTS SMOOTH AS BUTTER. A SIX CYLINDER FLATHEAD ENGIN
  21. I really like the Darrin and it is one of the 1950s cars I would consider if one was thrown at me. But 36k for that car seems insane. I'm no expert on them, but wouldn't 99k for this one be 10 times a better deal? https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/kaiser/darrin/2437097.html 1954 Kaiser Darren, number 317 of 435, original-has never been restored, 22.032 miles with original motor, everything works, garage kept, lime green, very good condition original car. $99,000 John 480-226-5111 Price: $99,000 Negotiable
  22. Your context is spot on. There were a number of the greatest cars all available around the same time for 8500 bucks. That seemed to be the going rate for the top cars. This included the Round Door Rolls (which was gold at this time) and the Lebaron DC Packard (currently in the Bahre collection. More context was my dad sold his 852 Auburn Speedster in 1959 at the reunion for 2500 bucks. Probably a worlds record right then. He didn't want to sell it but offer was too god to refuse. The buyer bought him a plane flight home.
  23. Did everybody see Chris Summer's great article on the Bird sale on the CCCA magazine? I contributed about 6 pictures taken by my dad and Ted Billings. They went armed with cash and all they got was a telephone from the mansion (which I still have). Btw, the Rollston body on the Hispano was originally one of two built on Stutz DV32.
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