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  1. I really like the style of the 90 series Buick. Have never driven one or even sat in one so other thinking they look good I can't say much. Although, the Buick mafia may be the loyal group there is, so something good must be going on.
  2. Walt, looks like a typical Pierce Arrow body to me!
  3. There are no build sheets to my knowledge. Packard is not like Cadillac. And the histories of every car are not tracked like Duesenberg. The 4 cars in question are known back 50 years or so to get past the body builder phase in the 70s and 80s were new coachwork started to pop up. In some cases the original owner may be known, but in others probably not.
  4. You just need the right kind of go-kart.
  5. Agree with all, but it is not going to go flying around a tight little road course designed for cars with 200 cubic inch engines.
  6. Your garden variety American straight roads. A Duesenberg will get to 50 mph faster than anything else in era, and will still be going past 100... assuming you don't own the Father Devine car. For an urban setting a go-kart is probably better. I'll admit my biases. "Little", "Nimble" "Quick" were things I've never been in to. Although I do like Amusement Park cars.
  7. I prefer to the 29 Packard styling to the Cadillac. I always defer to Ed on mechanics - sometimes is esthetic taste is off. The Pierce Arrow was typically engineered to last forever, but finding really attractive coachwork is hard. Nothing in the 1930ish era touches the Duesenberg if you want to go fast. Marmom v16 maybe.
  8. I do not believe this car was ever built, but maybe it was?
  9. I was trying to research G.L. Waggoner and found out that the Waggoner Ranch was almost as big as the famous King Ranch. Did not find G.L. directly but it would make sense given how much money was spent on a car at the height of the depression. https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/showdown-at-waggoner-ranch/
  10. I got the scoop from the guy that would know. A guy named G.L. Waggoner who was a Rancher near San Antonio had it done in the 30s, then it was in the Witte Museum in San Antonio.
  11. I didn't look up the series designation, but I think it is a 26 Silver Ghost so the year is correct. The fact that the coachwork was swapped later doesn't change the 1926 designation. Craigs List is really bad idea, agreed. An auction house might not be the right place though, unless they know they have a customer for it in advance.
  12. What was the name of the family in Shrewsbury you bought it from?
  13. I agree it is probably the most expensive Springfield ghost. I’ll find out if it was ever in the Atwell collection.
  14. Anybody else notice this SS? https://www.prewarcar.com/319794-mercedes-benz-ss-710-roadster-1929 Original SS 710 Roadster from 1929 W06 Matching Numbers Car Blue Chip Car. Car is in many books, also in very well known „ mighty Mercedes“ with all Numbers and Pictures. Mille Miglia Car. Concours Condition. Details an technical report on Request. Car is located in Germany. Buyers are welcome.
  15. A better advertisement for the car is on prewar.com. I interpret the sellers comments as thinking this is a 7 figure car. https://www.prewarcar.com/319894-1926-rolls-royce-silver-ghost-special-newmarket-permanent-sedan UP FOR SALE IS A RARE AND VERY IMPORTANT ROLLS ROYCE SILVER GHOST PERMANENT SEDAN , ONE OF ONLY FIVE BODY EVER MADE BY THE AMERICAN COACH-BUILDER BREWSTER , THEY WHERE MADE ORIGINALLY FOR PHANTOM TWO CHASSIS , THREE OF THOSE BODIES WERE MOUNTED ON P II CHASSIS , ONE WAS MOUNTED ON P I CHASSIS AND LAST ONE WAS MOUNTED ON THIS GHOST LEFT HAND DRIVE CHASS
  16. They people you bought it from do not know who they bought it from????
  17. If somebody wants to pay the 85 bucks to the RROC we can get the full accounting of the car. 1935 sounds about right for Brewster to use a leftover PII Special New Market body on an earlier car.
  18. This is what I thought. But the customer service interaction led me to believe otherwise.
  19. 10 years ago Ed would lecture me about cars to avoid and always mentioned prewar Rolls. Then he got his hands on a few cars and changed his tune. On the plus side: 1. Very strong club support. 2. Almost all parts are available. 3. Build quality is through the roof. On the negative side: 1. Complex systems
  20. If I remember correctly, each of the 4 is painted something that would never be found on any other Packard which would naturally make you wonder to begin with. AND to further muddy the waters, when I saw the phaeton behind it I assumed it was this new coachwork car: https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/sj15/motor-city/lots/r147-1933-packard-twelve-individual-custom-sport-phaeton-in-the-style-of-lebaron/180427
  21. Since I can't find a picture of one in the trunk lid I'll retract my last statement. A prewar Rolls Royce probably carries the most extensive tool kit of any prewar car. Part of why they were 20k bucks and a Duesenberg was 12-14.
  22. The Lee car is Green with that radiator treatment so I guess the percentages went way up. I'm surprised by that treatment and would like to see a period picture.
  23. Yes the below car is real. There are 4 of the "runabout" speedsters. Each in very large collections. The article states that both cars are owned by the Lee collection which would make it one of the real ones.
  24. The tool kit goes in the lid which wouldn't work if it was hinged the other way.
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