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  1. It is funny but true. I'm SHOCKED by the number of people that come up to my dad to complement him on his 84 LTD Wagon with the optional wood side decal treatment.
  2. No. I think that the car culture that existed from about 1950 to 1985 is gone. What we have now is a specialized subset.
  3. Since it is easy for me to spend Matt's money, I'll relay the practice of Tom Crook, who I consider one of the greatest classic car salesmen of the last 40 years. It is hard to get anyone to say anything bad about Tom. He would buy any car he sold back within a year no questions asked for what the buyer paid for it (minus the transportation and misc costs of transaction). He did swallow a few over the years but over the long haul did REALLY well.
  4. Since my dad still has many of his cars that he had 40/50 years ago I can tell you first hand that when you drove down the street with either that Auburn, or the Cord in one of my pictures EVERYBODY in 1970 turned to look at it. These days I can drive the same car around all day long and most people pay zero attention. My GT500 would get some of the kids to pay attention, but even that could be driven practically anonymously.
  5. I learned that lesson trying to bribe my son to play hockey. It didn't work but one of my daughters ended up being the hockey player. You can't control what the kids get interested in. Plus times change. When I was in HS, your car was everything. Today, kids don't even care about their license. One thing though, my son and I both think Saab Sonnet's are interesting. I should probably get one for a father/son project but I have a feeling it won't go anywhere.
  6. When you say "two door coupe" do you mean the town coupe or the 3 window? I would guess there is a 2x difference between those two.
  7. I could go on and on in this thread. I learned at an early age that you can wear a suit during the day still should have a full blown shop at home. Compressor, torches, paint gun, the works. It was weird to me that the other dads on the block didn't have a shop.
  8. My dad started in the 50s with Auburns and went on to have lots of big Classics. I’ve pretty much followed in lock step except I appreciate more esoteric stuff and he always went flashy.
  9. it was at the salon which was at the Biltmore not in the tent.
  10. The guy is an idiot but I understand why you might buy it back... minus your expenses. Being a dealer with a good reputation is not easy but this is one of those things that separates the hood guys from the mercenaries.
  11. All American delivery cars were LHD. I have paid attention to these for years and have never seen a RHD in the US. I'm sure they are around but there are lots more of LHD here.
  12. Hyman was selling this car for 60 something grand. He is full retail plus 25% for nice cars. That means that 30-35k buys a decent car. At best a few parts from the subject car will make it in to a restoration. More likely it ends up scrap. Keep in mind it is a Standard Eight, not a Super or a 12.
  13. Here is a driving video of the Cab B with Hugh Grant. That is a really really nice car. I would expect it to be top of the market for "C" & "B" cars.
  14. Ed, they are talking about the Cab B for 600. The last time the Melton car was for sale they wanted north of 2 BIG ones.
  15. The Melton Cab A is for sale again. Interesting car. Pebble Beach BOS. One off. etc. They have put tires on it since RM offered at Amelia way back when. It is a Tom Barrett respray from the 80s on top of the original Pebble restoration. Cool, but needing quite a bit of refreshing. To translate to the uninitiated, "refreshing" a 540k means $400,000. Full restoration is probably at least double these days. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26617/lot/126/
  16. I'm confused by this "no contact policy" you guys are talking about. Where is that? I was swapping messages with an ebay seller 2 days ago. Personally I think you are insane if you spend 50k or more on a car sight unseen without talking to the seller in some form. Btw, this ebay member has only bought items, he has a single sale to his record has far as I can tell.
  17. ? you can directly message the seller from the auction. I have not done it in a while but you could always get a phone number if the seller wanted to give it out.
  18. The problem is not eBay but the seller. I would be very careful.
  19. Most period pictures are BW but I’m not so sure those colors were ever used.
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