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  1. Agreed. Although I always worry about having a stories car and it being mixed up in peoples minds with the real cars.
  2. I honestly don't know what you do with a car like this. Even as a parts car I'm not sure there is a home for it.
  3. I never follow my own advice but I expect everyone else to listen to me. Black on black 68 is the way to go. For 16K this is the one you missed unless you want to pay an extra 30k for the vinyl delete. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/fl17/fort-lauderdale/lots/r0157-1968-cadillac-eldorado/562798
  4. Not me, but the typical DC you see was a Phaeton that had the second cowl added. It is not that bid deal to make a deck and cast the windshield. There are a few other "secret" changes that I can't give up that would give it away but it is not a hard change to get a perceived 30-40% bump in value.
  5. Looking at this a second time I think I actually like the colors and the top. Usually vinyl delete is my choice. Also, I'm reminded that I like the hidden headlights which are only 68 & 69. But I believe Matt or one of you guys mentioned 68 got the big motor, so then I guess the one to have is a 68 vinyl delete in a good color.
  6. Interior issues makes me question the mileage but otherwise a fantastic car that I would buy as an every day summer driver.
  7. I think this is a very attractive car that sold last time for less than wholesale. For a real deal dual cowl to me, wholesale would be 75k -85k and retail would be 125-135k for a nice car. Assuming real deal. Condition, colors, etc also make a difference, but the biggest issue is realness. Matt, what do you think no questions real 840 DC is retail these days?
  8. Just to puff my chest, I was laying in bed on my phone when I did that ID. This morning on my computer I can see Jay in the rear view mirror so it is pretty easy then. I figured Jay because I don't know of any other turbines that run?
  9. Chrysler turbine? Jay Leno?
  10. It might be worth the 35k to someone that had to have it but I would advise paying 75k for a fully restored one - if you even had to spend that much. edit: meaning I’m not sure it would even bring the 75k fully restored.
  11. On ebay now at a very optimistic opening bid of 2750. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Gebr-Ihle-KSA-Kindersport-Auto-amusement-park-kiddie-car-by-Hot-Rods-Inc-/174619829705 Vintage Gebr Ihle KSA Kindersport Auto amusement park kiddie car by Hot Rods Inc. Condition is "Used". Vintage amusement park Junior Hot Rod kiddie ride car, 1950's, metal body. Mainly just surface rust on the body, some small rot spots on the floor, all trim is complete including original glass headlights. Pictures show one missing wheel and hub, but I have one to include. Nice candidate
  12. If not for the fact that car was available with a factory turbo the Judson add on would be pretty cool. I like period speed equipment, but in this case the factory car would probably be a lot faster...
  13. To further my comment on tedious posters, is it just me or can you tell if you are going to like someone in person after 1/2 dozen or so posts on an internet message board? There must be 40 guys on here that post regularly that I can tell I would like - in fact I've met many in person and did like them. There are also a few of you that I know wouldn't like. And its not politics cause I like Matt.
  14. I'm 100% on board with keep this place free of politics, even the stuff I agree with. My buddy Matt and I are diametrically opposed on the political front, but I completely enjoy talking cars with him. My observation is the problems start when we get off topic - MOSTLY about the future of the auto industry and electric cars. I have no problem with electric cars, its the posters promoting them I find tedious. It is really hard not to comment in those threads - and the comments always have a political undertone.
  15. I'll have to continue later when I'm done snowblowing and shoveling. We got 12-16 last night in the People's Republic. So, last April when I tucked the Cord in to my spot in the garage I was thinking no problem leaving the truck outside for the summer. Of course, most posters on here new what was going to happen. Instead of jumping in my clean warm truck this morning, I had to go out the back door which led to the first problem. Then out back to my truck which led to the second problem.
  16. It is a Delahaye 135. Probably a Chapron body.
  17. Before you can actually look at the interlock switch you have to remove the bumper and the transmission cover. I assume if Cord had made it in to 1938 they would have designed an access cover. That would have been a good idea. With the cover off and someone in the car you can observe the shift arm moving as the interlock fires the solenoids for the two vacuum assemblies. There is one on top and one on the side. The chart down in the left corner of the schematic shows which gear you are in by where the lever is.
  18. People are intimated by the Cord 810/812 transmission and shift mechanism. Like a lot of things, it is not so complicated after put in 100 hours of studying it. 😄 The Cord being front wheel drive has an electro-pneumatic gear shift mechanism operated by a small shift mechanism on the steering shaft. I attached a picture of the dash in a sedan, but the open cars are the same. The shifter is actually a "preselector" where you preselect the gear you want to go in and when you push in the clutch it closes the circuit which closes contacts on the "interlock switch"
  19. So last spring I drove my dad's 812 Cord to get a new top. The one on the car was done in 1966 and it was starting really look the part. The car was restored in the mid 60s by my dad, drove from Boston to Auburn twice for the reunion and one a first in class on one of those trips. The odometer shows 6700 miles (setback at restoration) and 6500 of those happened before 1975. The car has probably gone 20 miles in the last 20 years. Never a good thing. The drive was about 12 miles through 2 towns in February. It was nice day, about 40 degrees. Cool for the top down,
  20. A real L88 with that much documentation is going to bring a LOT of money.
  21. Sold for 60k at Mecum. Cool car. Although keep in mind that 50% of all Sport Phaetons are Phaetons someone put a second cowl on. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0120-407830/1931-packard-840-dual-cowl-sport-phaeton/
  22. I guess I’m struggling with how banning someone means all their content has to be deleted along with a bunch of other posters. I don’t see the connection. The thread in question was started by the poster and he was a cheerleader but had little to do with the GREAT content posted by others.
  23. I don't look at a lot of the conversations I'm having as "everyday". In fact a lot of them are "once in a lifetime" as far as some of the wisdom being imparted by guys much wiser than I. If that wisdom gets lost, it won't be long before the cars are not running. My question is simply "Why would we lose content, minus a MAJOR catastrophe?". And since I assume the forum is utilizing a 3rd party backup service, a disk failure is not a catastrophe.
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