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  1. Since that picture was taken just before I drove over for our first date I’d say she knows my style.
  2. I see I have rubbed off on you.
  3. Personally, the 32 is my favorite.
  4. Cars are like any other collectible except worse. If you are spending real money you need to know what you are doing. Pricing is based on a million factors. Also, a dealer will have a higher price because they usually need to stand behind the car, so the buyer is getting some level of comfort you wouldn't get from an auction or private seller. Does everybody understand why this is 3 times the subject car of this thread? https://www.tomlaferriere.com/listings/1932-packard-904-sedan/
  5. I believe they are 17” wheels but Ed can confirm. That is as far as can be from a street rod.
  6. There are no bad looking Dietrichs. I would lose the red and the whitewalls, but again, no bad looking Dietrichs.
  7. Chrome Depends on the car. A radiator on a 540k can be a 75k job (including core). I could see 100k on some 50s cars.
  8. Back around 1976 I was with my family at the Larz Anderson for Jaguar day. I think you got to tour the museum as part of entry to the show. I saw the biggest coolest car in the world (to a 12 year old).
  9. In this day of ever present cameras, I find it hard to believe pictures needed to be sources from a long ago auction. Scam?
  10. I've always had my eyes open for a boattail. You see almost zero Greater Eights.
  11. I got admonished for a similar response in a similar thread. I get the buck, but how did you come up with the 100k?
  12. Ed deserves a lot of credit for this thread. Documenting what he was doing was not trivial and he manages to do it in an entertaining way. On the other hand, the White was distracting him from more important stuff he had to work on, so I might lean towards Walt's thread.
  13. Just think. If he had just done a decent job of storage and not touched it he would probably be looking at a 30-40k car.
  14. They will get 55k about the same time I hit the lottery. I don't play the lottery.
  15. If I don’t watch things you will bolting trippe lights on the car. And pointing them backwards at the knight.
  16. Crash? I thought it was dismantled for restoration. I would agree it is probably long gone.
  17. I know somebody that will trade you a Knight for that cap.
  18. Unfinished projects are bad, unfinished disasters are worse. That is shame.
  19. Hey Pete, Merry Christmas! It take it the very cool Marmon is now sitting in your barn? I love the car. I wish I could help.
  20. Nice Xmas present! Darryl, what are you using for the radiator, cap or ornament? Ed is supposed to be driving around PB today in the Stearns wearing his Santa outfit.
  21. Merry Christmas but you are supposed to be in the garage working on the Stearns.
  22. Wow. I'm happy to see that there are guys that still sign up for a full boat job on an a tricky car. Does the customer have some sentimental attachment to this particular car or does he just want one done "right"?
  23. There is nothing wrong with this laying around for posterity. When you create your new thread over there, reply to this thread with a link to it.
  24. The reason he doesn’t list the coach work is because he doesn’t know. There were lots of tiny builders and the plates get lost or tossed over the years. Inevitably stuff gets attributed to Glaser or Graber because the name is recognizable when it was originally something obscure.
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