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  1. In fairness to most estate sales, the families don't know anything about the cars. We take for granted we know all this stuff inside and out, but even I tend to overvalue projects. Ed usually comes around and takes my number and divides by 2. He is usually closer than me to final selling price.
  2. I don't want anyone to say I don't add value around here. This is a picture from the Tapon Springs show.
  3. I think it is a 5k car sadly. As always, take a look at my handy graph to determine a project cars value.
  4. I hate to nit pick but the show wasn't canceled because of Covid, it was canceled due to the Covid response.
  5. There are lots of good "Beast of Turin" videos on YouTube.
  6. I don't like green or notch backs but I would approve of this one. You could probably trade your mercedes twoards it. https://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/DEN/591/1965-Ford-Mustang-K-Code
  7. Part of being young is not realizing how bad something is. I bought my GTO vert in HS because I liked the color and the dash tach. My dad and I welded up the entire car with gas torches. I mean the ENTIRE car. It looked good done but I wonder what someone thought 30 years later when they went to restore it and saw what was underneath.
  8. Does it have to be a first generation? If you spread your wings a bit you will quadruple your choices.
  9. That last sentence is depressing. In the photo we have a successful business person sitting on his custom car, less than 10 years later he will die in a hell hole half way around the world.
  10. I'll put it this way, I almost always prefer spokes, with the exception of cars that you NEVER see with wood wheels. Then the uniqueness overcomes my preference.
  11. Btw, if you are having trouble finding your wallet, I would settle for an A code.
  12. I can't find my login to get the price but this would be a good start. EDIT: Just sits a little high in the back. https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1965-FORD-MUSTANG-GT-K-CODE-223622
  13. There are some similarities in looks, but I doubt Hermann Ahrens was stealing from Alexis de Sakhnoffsky but who knows. The set back radiator, swooping fenders and low windshield were all MB staples even before the Hayes coupe was built.
  14. Allow me to say two words "Torque boxes". Actually.... Steve I will spend my own time to spend your own money to find you the right car. It needs to be a 65 K code fastback with the 4 speed and never rusted history. Otherwise I've lost interest 😁
  15. Probably. Enjoy being 36. At that age I would go to CCCA meets and think to myself, I'm the youngest guy here by 10 years. Then at 46 I thought the same thing. I'm 56 now and it might still be true. Right around my age you start to figure out all the stuff you thought you were going to get done in life probably isn't gonna happen.
  16. Everybody here should recognize Abe Jenkins in the middle. Note the vents on the transmission cover.
  17. 50 years ago the number of guys with real mechanical skills was probably 10-20 times what it is now. Hard to be a restorer when you don't have any skills. The number of Bodymen, mechanics, machinists, etc is dramatically less than it was in 1970. Even a mechanic today is typically called a "technician" and they work by plugging a computer in to a port on the car to diagnose issues.
  18. Stutz was the first or one of the first cars with "safety glass". In fact, their marketing was "Saftey Stutz". I think the performance angle would have served their marketing better.
  19. I'm sure I posted this already? Lebaron bodied Lincoln that has not been seen in 60 years.
  20. I know this is down in the CCCA thread on Lincoln, did it make it here? Fantastic body by Lebaron on 32 Lincoln chassis.
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