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  1. someone who should not have been allowed to choose colors.
  2. Those cabs were built to take a beating. Their styling was always interesting (until the post war model) and there are almost none of them because they were run in to the ground.
  3. Whenever I see crappy photos for a car advertisement I just can't wrap my head around why. Most garden variety 80 years have grand kids or even kids in the vicinity with a good to GREAT camera attached to them with their phones. Within 1-2 minutes you could snap a couple dozen good shots of any car. I just don't understand...
  4. It would be insanity to nut and bolt that car when 60-70k buys the nicest one in the world. Btw, “resale red” has been dead for 20 years.
  5. We need to find one for the 29 Show - Nov 1928.
  6. I think the 48 is worth 10-15k as a parts car. 300K might get it restored if you can do a bunch of your own work. The shops I have experience with would take the 300k and ask when you are making the second installment.
  7. Your point is valid and I agree, but there is a big difference between a Model 48 and an 880.
  8. For sale on facebook for 48K. Model 880.
  9. Now there is something you don't see too often. I have a 8 cylinder Loco thread going down in the CCCA forum that I will have to cross post this in.
  10. Has this been posted yet? I scanned it just for you guys.
  11. So Thanks Walt. It is weird that I can find no reference to Lee S. Collins Inc. 1928-1930 in LA. I'm wondering if there was a lot of name changes going on. Perhaps they were doing business as someone else by then but still had a lot of Collins-Lusby plates hanging around in the shop for oil changes.
  12. LA Times, May 1928.
  13. In Feb 1928, the distributor seems to be J.W. Leavitt & Company. This is the LA Evening Express.
  14. Agree with both of you. They should drive the car in the video also. Trying to sell a Cab "B" or "C" these days is not easy. The Hebmuller bringing 9 something hammer pre-coronoa tells you everything you need to know about the 500/540k market.
  15. My car has the same tag on it. What is strange is that there are lots of newspaper mention of Collins-Lusby prior to 1927 in the LA Times and zero after.
  16. I'm gonna start a thread on Classic era hood lengths.
  17. I've been a very lucky boy and have been able to drive a couple of different 30 V16 Roadsters. Smooth, easy to drive, don't make you look stupid trying to shift it. But the one thing that stood out to me was the hood did not feel very long, relative to other "titan" level cars. The 32 hood looks a little longer, is true? I really like this convertible coupe.
  18. Mark, how did you know it was bought new in LA? This picture is from the LA Times. Could be your car?
  19. This dude is the spitting image of Hugh Grant, except with a German accent. Very nice Cab B that Car Gold has been trying to sell for a while.
  20. I always wince when I see those Denham tires. Need to budget 2k for new tires and tubes all around. If that cars sells for under 40k I'm in the no harm no foul group. A DC is not a phaeton and assuming it is real, you see 10 phaetons for every DC. Btw, our buddy Steve Pugh just bought a similar car in the last year or so.
  21. That is really cool. Lets hope some idiot didn't turn it in to a speedster.
  22. 100K would get you a reservation spot in the shop's customer list. I'm thinking more like 10-15k on the value. But they do say best offer so maybe the 55k is just their starting point.
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