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  1. You will never in a million years get 100k for this car. Very cool? Yes. 100k cool? No. There are eight cylinder Packards with better looking European coachwork that struggle for only a little more than that.
  2. I finally got around to reading the newspaper articles on Robert D. Stayton. The propagation of myths around steam cars was alive and well 80 years ago. 100mph? Looks like Mr. Stayton might have moved back to Casey Creek in the 1970s? He was still alive as of Dec 1972. He would have been around 80 years old judging by his sister's age.
  3. I'm thinking it is cut off at the fender and wrapped around like a sidemount cover.
  4. Those 36-37 120 conv coupes are great. I wish the senior cars used the same windshield. This might be a good car for eBay.
  5. Reo had a "self shifter" system as early as 1933. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/almost-classic-1935-reo-royale-75
  6. I'm not sure the non comp-sci guys are gonna know what Kludge is, but I don't disagree with what you are saying. No idea why Packard would being putting a 5 main engine in any of their senior cars. Of course they had started the death spiral.
  7. Often sales like these are estate situations or a widow. Cars that have sat for 8 years usually means 10-15 which usually means lots of needs.
  8. Doesn't Shawn have a KB with the same body for sale? I believe Dick Shappy does also. Very pretty body in "I was restored in the 80s" color scheme and whitewalls. I think a big discount for the non-running motor.
  9. Cord 810/812 dash. Most likely an assemblage of parts to build a "speedster".
  10. I find that a stock 327 with the automatic cruises at 60/65 pretty easily. That is the crappy two speed auto also.
  11. I know somebody with a complete manual shift setup for the 51-54. With overdrive. But he needs to get over the idea of putting it in his 53 Caribbean.
  12. I'm cool with the Paxton setup. But did they really make a 9-main 327? You sure someone didn't swap in the 358? Easy thing to do would be to get a 4-barrell manifold from a Caribbean.
  13. George, you are not wrong. But the Tucker has really out run the graph of the other cars. And a flat floor external latch E-Type is attractive AND iconic.
  14. I thought about it, but the comment was provocative enough.
  15. I’m not showing that to my old man. White walls and a chrome cap for the hood peak and we are back to my youth. I agree with you that the 472 was a mans motor.
  16. I only consider myself weird because I want a steam car and I’m friends with Ed. But now you have piqued my curiosity. What is the difference between 67 and 68? I have fond memories of lighting the front wheels up on a 69 outside my girlfriend house back around 1982.
  17. Close but no cigar. 80 vs 79, wrong secondary color and in 80 you had optional wheels. There are lots of them but I’ve only seen a single example of the one.
  18. Not everybody was Duesenberg. The biggest spread was Mercedes Benz. In 1937 Mercedes built something like 100k cars. 100 of them were stuff that we think of in the first picture, but 99,900 were like the last picture.
  19. I always liked them too. Too bad they never made a LHD for the American market.
  20. This is keeping me from jumping in to the Tucker market. That and the fact that I hate them.
  21. He was much better looking back in 1945.
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